Electronics Arts, Inc. (parent company):
- Created the music publishing label E.A.R.S. (EA™ Recordings) in 2005
- Succeeded this with the new music label EA Music in 2016. The rights holder for these credits is sometimes listed as Electronic Arts Music.

Is reissuing most of its back catalogue online using the EA Music label - watch for the EA Music logo added onto artwork, and for these releases see if you can find the reissue date (e.g. post-2015) using a tool like

Lakeshore Records releases and reissues game soundtracks for/with Electronic Arts, Inc. since 2018.

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Origin Soundtrack Series Volume 2: The Music Of Ultima 7 And Strike CommanderVarious ArtistsCD19
Road RashVarious ArtistsCD14
31454 8052 2
Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure (PC, US)Philippe VacheyMixed Mode CD10
Road Rash (Sega-CD)Electronic ArtsMixed Mode CD2
Theme Park (Sega CD, Europe)[unknown]Mixed Mode CD25
  • -1995
GeneWarsRussell ShawMixed Mode CD5
BFX05100345D, BFX05100345IF
蒼穹紅蓮隊 (Sega Saturn)Various ArtistsMixed Mode CD52
  • JP1997-02-07
Dungeon KeeperRussell ShawMixed Mode CD7
EA 762407
Battle Garegga (Sega Saturn)Various ArtistsMixed Mode CD33
  • JP1998-02-26
The EyeQueen5×Mixed Mode CD15 + 15 + 14 + 10 + 11
  • GB1998-04-03
Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit: The AlbumVarious ArtistsCD14
  • US1998-04-09
Need for Speed III: The AlbumVarious ArtistsCD14
  • US1998-04-09
Small SoldiersMichael GiacchinoCD20
  • US1998-09-30
Need for Speed: High StakesVarious ArtistsCD14
  • -1999-04-12
Hot Wheels Turbo RacingEAMixed Mode CD14
  • CA1999-08-31
  • US1999-08-31
Music From SimCity 3000Jerry MartinCD10
Hot Wheels Turbo RacingEAMixed Mode CD14
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed SoundtrackVarious ArtistsDigital Media29
  • US2000-02-29
Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed (Sony PlayStation, US)Various ArtistsMixed Mode CD15
  • US2000-03-21
Command & Conquer Soundtrack CollectionFrank Klepacki4×CD22 + 15 + 16 + 16
  • US2000-10-23
899607, 899610, 899617, 899627, 899637014633089967
Road Rash Jailbreak: The MusicVarious ArtistsCD12
Emperor: Battle for DuneFrank Klepacki, David Arkenstone & Jarrid MendelsonCD13
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault SoundtrackMichael GiacchinoCD17
  • -2002-01-22
NBA Livestyle 2003Various ArtistsCD8
  • US2002-08-10
SimCity 4: Rush Hour: The SoundtrackJerry MartinDigital Media11
  • XW2003-11-23
Music From SimCity 4Jerry MartinCD13
Need for Speed: Porsche: 40 Jahre 911Various ArtistsCD18
SimCity 3000: The SoundtrackJerry MartinDigital Media15
The Sims: Superstar Original Game SoundtrackVarious ArtistsDigital Media14
007: Todo O Nada (Banda Sonora Original)MýaCD6
The Sims 2: NightlifeVarious ArtistsDigital Media29
  • US2005-09-13
Fight Night Round 3 SoundtrackVarious ArtistsOther12
  • US2006-02-20
The Sims 2: Open for BusinessVarious ArtistsDigital Media15
  • US2006-03-03
The Sims 2: PetsVarious ArtistsDigital Media21
  • US2006-10-18
The Sims 2: SeasonsVarious ArtistsDigital Media26
  • US2007-03-01
Def Jam IconVarious ArtistsDigital Media29
  • XW2007-03-06
The Streets of SimCityJerry MartinDigital Media16
  • -2007-03-27
Crysis Special Edition Soundtrack (Disc 2: Music)Inon ZurCD22
  • -2007-11-13
SimCity SocietiesTrevor MorrisCD15
  • US2007-11-20
The Sims 2: Apartment LifeVarious ArtistsDigital Media24
  • US2008-08-25
Medal of Honor: 10th AnniversaryMichael GiacchinoCD14
  • US2008-09-22
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3Various ArtistsCD44
  • US2008-10-28
BattleForge: Original Videogame SoundtrackTilman Sillescu, Alexander Röder, Alex Pfeffer & Markus SchmidtCD21
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3Various ArtistsCD44
Skate 2Various ArtistsDigital Media51
  • XW2009-01-21
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3Various Artists2×Digital Media19 + 22
  • GB2009-08-04
Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360 collector's edition)Inon ZurDigital Media18
  • XW2009-11-03
Dragon Age: Origins (Playstation 3 collector's edition)Inon ZurDigital Media18
  • XW2009-11-03
The SaboteurChristopher YoungDigital Media3
  • -2009-12-08
SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition (Steam game release)Jerry Martin2×Digital Media25 + 10
  • US2010-07-20
Dragon Age II (Signature edition)Inon ZurDigital Media29
  • US2011-03-08
The Sims Medieval Ingame SoundtrackJohn DebneyCD41
  • US2011-03-25
Shadows of the DamnedAkira YamaokaDigital Media12
  • US2011-06-21
Star Wars: The Old RepublicVarious ArtistsCD17
  • US2011-12-20
Mass Effect 3: N7 Collector’s Edition SoundtrackClint Mansell & Sam HulickDigital Media25
  • XW2012-03-06
FIFA 14 SoundtrackVarious ArtistsDigital Media37
  • US2013-09-24
Battlefield 1 Official ThemeEADigital Media1
  • US2016-08-31
FIFA 18 SoundtrackVarious ArtistsDigital Media41
  • XW2017-09-29
Need For Speed: PaybackVarious ArtistsDigital Media47
  • XW2017-11-10
Play With LifeHwaSaDigital Media2
Play With Life화사Digital Media2
  • KR2021-01-29
SimCity 4: Deluxe Edition (Steam game release; original filenames)Jerry Martin2×Digital Media25 + 10