Vodka Likes Smoke (The Damned Poets)OutofsightCD8RAGE 51
Great Desired UtopiaSectCD15RAGE 58
ReportCold FusionCD8RAGE 56
ElegyAcross the RubiconCD10RAGE 59
Insane RealityInner Vision LaboratoryCD9[none]
In Our Last TimesThe Well of SadnessCD12RAGE 54
DeoraRukkanorCD9RAGE 55
March for GloryMarch of HeroesCD9Rage 57
AlgorithmsCyclotimiaCD11RAGE 52
[A2982][haven]CD10RAGE 60[none]
Bastion intouchableInfestationCD11RAGE 65[none]
Despartica: Face TwoRukkanorCD11RAGE 64[none]
WunderwaffeCold Fusion and RukkanorCD8RAGE 50[none]
Wunderwaffe + New ApocalypseCold Fusion & Rukkanor2×CD8 + 7RAGE 50
Rites of Genesis (Equinox Tremendum)Ad OmbraCD15RAGE 53
Silk RoadCold Fusion and RukkanorCD9RAGE 62
In the CubeCompulsive Shopping DisorderCD7RAGE 63[none]
Magna Charta IllusorumAd OmbraCD12RAGE 66
In ComaAethereCD6RAGE 61
Requiem for K-141 KYPCKRukkanorCD12RAGE 67
Caustic SmokeOsokaCD1RAGE 685908256880009
ImperativeSectCD12RAGE 695908256880016
DischordAnalog AngelCD12RAGE 715908256880023
Fragments of DustLiyrCD10RAGE 725908256880047
Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt ICold FusionCD11RAGE 735908256880054
The Empty Circle, Part III: AnityaThe Joy of NatureCD11RAGE 745908256880061
LiberationMarch of HeroesCD10RAGE 755908256880078
KallistiSon of ErisCD9RAGE 765908256880085
Who Doesn't Listen to the Song, Will Hear the StormAcross the RubiconCD10RAGE 705908256880030
Triumph of the PastThe True WillCD8RAGE 775908256880108
BasementVoidWorkCD16RAGE 805908256880122
UnveiledPale RosesCD11RAGE 795908256880115
Sub Terra InferisLiyrCD10RAGE 815908256880146
ArchitectureCold FusionCD11RAGE 825908256880139
AuctoritasSectCD14RAGE 845908256880153
Forgotten Taste of the ProvinceOutofsight / Hotel de PrusseCD12Rage 785908256880092
Almost EternityAd OmbraCD10RAGE 835908256880160
VanguardSuveränaCD15RAGE 855908256880177
Chrisma crucifixorumAntikatechonCD6RAGE 875908256880207
Europa RexLegionariiCD7RAGE88[none]
Il sole a mezzanotteL'effet c'est moiCD12RAI905908256880238
Iron LegionLegionariiCD11RAGE955908256880252
Under Mournful HorizonsDay Before Us / NimhCD5RAGE915908256880245
The Living Forces Of EvilOrganisation TothCD + CD-R8 + 4RAGE 89[none]
The Living Forces Of EvilOrganisation TothCD8RAGE 895908256880269
Breath BeyondManasunaCD10RAGE 925908256880306
Gentile PeasantryHarvest RainCD13RAGE935908256880221
Epi ThanatonDark AwakeCD9Rage 945908256880276
Hierophanie - Prelude to a War of the FutureVir MartialisCD11Rage 965908256880283
Out Hunting for TeethNimh & AntikatechonCD5RAGE 975908256880313
EvolvingI.R.O.N.CD9RAGE 995908256880290
EvolvingI.R.O.N.Digital Media9Rage 99[none]
Disciples of the StateLegionariiCD10RAGE1005908256880337
Disciples of the StateLegionariiCD + CD-R10 + 3RAGE 100[none]
Pagan TheoryAuswalhtCD9RAGE 1015908256880344
Misty Shroud of RegretsDay Before UsCD10RAGE985908256880320
The Sword Of CreationOrganisation TothCD8RAGE 1035908256880351
Typhon RisingSatanismo Calibro 9CD8RAGE 1075908256880382
Re-Forge: Metalized, Mechanized & UpgradedI.R.O.N.CD9RAGE 1045908256880368
Rundfunktechnische Versuchsanstalt act ii - ORP OrzełCold FusionCD8RAGE102[none]
LabyrinthosHorologiumCD9RAGE 1065908256880191
Woe Is the RewardAntikatechonCD6RAGE 1055908256880375
Autour des ombresLiyrCD14RAGE 108[none]
Dura Lex, Sed LexAuswalhtCD9RAGE 109
Circles of the Vain PrayersNimhCD4Rage 110[none]
Villanelle du diableTrèfle NoirCD9RAGE113[none]
Nihil InteritDay Before UsCD8RAGE114
Necrofolk - Like The Silken Shrouds Of DeathLarrnakhCD11RAGE116[none]
Cross My HeartCold FusionCD11121[none]