This isn't a label or division/subsidiary actually listed on CA-based Madacy Entertainment LP's site, but could be this imprint or have been a generic reference to the group itself or to one or more of its music sub-divisions. On such releases, the following may often be seen on the back cover:
Made in Canada
Distributed by the Madacy Music Group, Inc. (or alternatively Madacy Entertainment Group, Inc.) — both probably former names.
© (year) Madacy Music Group, Inc.

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Best of Johann Strauss Jr.: The Waltz King101 Strings OrchestraCD16
Truck Driving FavoritesBoxcar WillieCD12
A New Age ChristmasVarious Artists2×CD16 + 16
NAX2-8300-1, NAX2-8300-2056775830021
A Christmas Voyage: Dawning of a New AgeThe Outland Synthesizer2×CD13 + 10
100 Golden Classics / 25 Golden ClassicsVarious Artists4×CD25 + 25 + 25 + 25