High ProfileLouis ArmstrongCD10HP 75702779836757029
Christmas SpiritVarious ArtistsCD12AN 81372779836510822
On Christmas MorningThe Northstar SingersCD10AN 81612779836805126
Midnight BluesVarious ArtistsCD10BC 75982779836759825
Classical Relaxation: Mozart with Ocean SoundsMozart; The Northstar OrchestraCD2CL 75792779836757920
PortraitsCeltic MoodsCD10CM 80072779836800725
Celtic Moods: ReflectionsVarious ArtistsCD10CM-80082779836800824
Meet the Classics: StraussVarious ArtistsCD7MC 76992779836769923
New HorizonsNature's RetreatCD8NR 60412779836604125
Women in Music: Feminine CharmsVarious ArtistsCD10WM 75912779836759122
Steel BluesVarious ArtistsCD10BC 76032779836760326
Best of the 70s: Hits of 1970Various ArtistsCD10BS 61102
Best of the 70's: Hits of 1971Various ArtistsCD10BS 61112
Best of the 70's: Hits of 1972Various ArtistsCD10BS 61122
Country Pride-A Special Brand Of CountryVarious ArtistsCD10CP 60062779836600622
Country Pride-Back To The CountryVarious ArtistsCD10CP 60072779836600721
Country Pride-Golden CountryVarious ArtistsCD10CP 60082779836600820
Golden LegendsBillie HolidayCD10GL 61342779836613424
Sweet InspirationNature's RetreatCD8NR 603432779836604323
Gentle PersuasionNature's RetreatCD8NR 60392779836603920
Redbook Relaxers: DreamscapeVarious ArtistsCD10RB 64762779836647627
Swing Parade: Swing, Jump & JiveThe BBC Big BandCD9SW 62102779836621023
Lively Up YourselfBob Marley & The WailersCD12ADT 36222779836362223
Soul RebelBob Marley & The WailersCD12ADT 36232779836362322
Best of the 70’s: Hits of 1972 (There is a similar release with 10 tracks. This release has 12.)Various ArtistsCD12BST 30472779836304728
Mozart's Greatest Hits - Volume 1Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCD11CM 78382779836783820
Mozart's Greatest Hits - Volume 2Wolfgang Amadeus MozartCD12CM 78392779836783929
Coffee Time Classics, Vol 1Various ArtistsCD12CMT 36362779836363626
Coffee Time Classics, Vol 2Various ArtistsCD12CMT 36372779836363725
Classic Rock 1967Various ArtistsCD10CR 75142779836751423
Reason to Be JollyThe Mistletoe Swing OrchestraCD10LA 56602779836566027
Let it Rock... 1992Various ArtistsCD12LR 65362779836653628
Night Cap Jazz Volume OneVarious ArtistsCD12QT 33982779836339829
Time Out Classics Vol 1Various ArtistsCD11QT 34132779836341327
Sunday Morning Classics, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD11QT 34182779836341822
Quiet Moments Classics, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD11QT 34202779836342027
Soul FeverVarious ArtistsCD12SOT 36302779836363022
Bob MarleyBob Marley & The Wailers2×CD12 + 12TWP 10192779836101921
Classical Piano: Musical MasterpiecesVarious ArtistsCD20779836837028
Denim BluesVarious ArtistsCD10779836760128
High ProfileJohn Lee HookerCD10779836756824
Bandstand HerosVarious ArtistsCD12WW 85352779836853523
Tribal Beats #2Art PhillipsCD1035672779836356727
14 Great HitsThe DriftersCD14ADT 50452779836504524
Remember Pearl Harbor (Borders)Various ArtistsCD12BO 13142779836131423
Blast From The PastThe AnimalsCD12BPT 13092779836130921
Classical Music for People Who Hate Classical Music, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD12CMT 16782
70s Joy RideVarious ArtistsCD12GRT 23962779836239624
Road Trippin' Blues, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD12GS 10592779836105929
Road Trippin' Blues, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD12GS 10602779836106025
Big Band Legends: Cab CallowayCab CallowayCD12LGT 144020779836144027
Bill Haley & His CometsBill Haley & His CometsCD12PST14562779836145628
Star PowerPerry ComoCD12PST14632779836146328
Road Trippin' Blues (2 Compact Discs)Various Artists2×CD12 + 12TWP 10552779836105523
Mozart's Greatest HitsWolfgang Amadeus Mozart2×CD11 + 12TWP 35512779836355126
A Merry Little ChristmasRosemary ClooneyCD10XMS91042
Classic Country: ChristmasVarious ArtistsCD10XMS 91152779836911520
The Best of R&B ChristmasVarious ArtistsCD10XMS 91182779836911827
Christmas Party TimeVarious ArtistsCD10XMS 91232779836912329
Roots of the Blues, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD11
Roots of the Blues, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD12
The Very Best of Classical MasterpiecesVarious ArtistsCD12VB 12362779836123626
Highlights from Tchaikovsky's NutcrackerПётр Ильич ЧайковскийCD18XMS 19582779836195821
Baby's First Nursery RhymesBaby NotesCD27BF 26782779836267825
On the RocksDean MartinCD10AD 31242779836312426
Legendary PerformersVarious ArtistsCD12BBT 26402779836264022
It's All in MelodyVarious ArtistsCD12BBT 26412779836264121
That's EntertainmentVarious ArtistsCD12BBT 26422779836264220
Baby Bedtime StoriesBaby NotesCD12BF 26752779836267528
The Greatest Classical Composers - BachJohann Sebastian BachCD15CLU 27442779836274427
The Greatest Classical Composers - BrahmsJohannes BrahmsCD6CLU 27492779836274922
The Greatest Classical Composers - SchubertFranz SchubertCD8CLU 27502779836275028
The Greatest Symphonies - Volume 2Joseph HaydnCD12CLU 27542779836275424
Alive & KickingNazarethCD10ITEM # RK 28902779836289025
Sax All Night LongThe Jazztown TrioCD10LO 22962779836229625
Yoga[unknown]4×CD1 + 10 + 1 + 7779836366924
Les Grands classiques de NoëlLes CamaradesCD10FC38722779836387226
RastamanBob MarleyCD10AD 43322779836433220
Baby Bunny Classics: Sleepy Time BabyVarious ArtistsCD15BAB 443320779836443328
A Christmas PartyVarious Artists3×CD13 + 13 + 14DIGI-3-40812-1, DIGI-3-40812-2, DIGI-3-40812-3
Elevator Music for People Who Hate Elevator Music: Elevate Your MusicThe Top FloorCD10EZ 44942779836175809
Elevator Music for People Who Hate Elevator Music: Smooth OperatorThe Top FloorCD10EZ 44952779836175809
Coca-Cola Collector's Edition: Santa's Holiday CheerVarious ArtistsCD10LA 38322779836383228
Peaceful Classics, Volume 4Various ArtistsCD12QT 37752779836377524
The Most Soothing Soul MusicVarious ArtistsCD10RLX 41082779836410825
Vintage Vaults, Volume 1Bob MarleyCD12VAU 36562-VIN779836365620
Vintage Vaults, Volume 2Bob MarleyCD12VAU 36572-VIN779836365729
Vintage Vaults, Volume 3Bob MarleyCD12VAU 36582-VIN779836365828
Vintage Vaults, Volume 4Bob MarleyCD12VAU 36592-VIN779836365927
A Christmas SongbookVarious Artists3×CD14 + 13 + 13779836408228
The Roqueville Orchestra Performs: The Hits of The Rolling StonesThe Roqueville OrchestraCD12
Georgia on My MindRay CharlesCD10AD53302
Hit the Road JackRay CharlesCD10AD53312
Mess AroundRay CharlesCD10AD53322
Calming ClassicsVarious ArtistsCD13CLA 50692779836506924
GospelEtta JamesCD10GO 45142779836451422
Vintage VaultsPatsy Cline4×CD12 + 12 + 12 + 12VAU 49842, VAU 49852, VAU 49862, VAU 49872779836498427
A Very Celtic ChristmasCeltic LoreCD13779836517227
Glenn Miller (Two CD Set (Moonlight Seranade + Stairways to the Stars))Glenn Miller2×CD10 + 10
Today and ForeverPatsy ClineCD10