Prelude Records (76-86 New York-based dance independent)

~ Label


Turn On to LoveJumbo12" Vinyl6
PRL 12142
Why Not TodayThe 9th Creation7" Vinyl2
PRL 71085
Bill BrandonBill BrandonVinyl11
Smooth As SilkSilk12" Vinyl9
PRL 12145
Reaching For The TopThe 9th Creation12" Vinyl9
PRL 12146
MastermindMastermind12" Vinyl7
PRL 12147
SilkSilk12" Vinyl9
PRL 12152
Come On Dance, DanceSaturday Night Band12" Vinyl3
PRL 12155
Perfect Love AffairConstellation Orchestra12" Vinyl4
PRL 12156
Keep On Jumpin’Musique12" Vinyl4
PRL 12158
I’m a ManMacho12" Vinyl3
PRL 12160
LemonLemon12" Vinyl6
PRL 12162[none]
In The BushMusique12" Vinyl2
TDS - 027
Ven a mi (Come to Me)France Joli7" Vinyl2
Fire Night DancePeter Jacques Band12" Vinyl4
PRL 12163
Bad Bad BoyTheo Vaness12" Vinyl5
PRL 12165
Disco CircusMartin Circus2×12" Vinyl2 + 2
PRL 12167, PRL D 502, PRL D 503
U.N.U.N.12" Vinyl4
PRL 12168
Musique IIMusique12" Vinyl4
PRL 12172
I'm Caught Up (In a One Night Love Affair)Inner Life12" Vinyl5
PRL 12175
PRL 12176
Come to MeFrance Joli7" Vinyl2
PRL 8001
Dancin' at the DiscoLAX12" Vinyl2
PRL D 504
Gayle AdamsGayle Adams12" Vinyl6
PRL 12178
All My LoveLAX12" Vinyl6
PRL 12182
NeverCenter Stage12" Vinyl2
PRL D 600
I Hear Music in the Streets / In the MiddleUnlimited Touch12" Vinyl2
PRL D 605[none]
TonightFrance JoliVinyl7
Hi-GlossHi-Gloss12" Vinyl6
PRL 12185
You'll Never KnowHi GlossVinyl6
PRL 12185
The StrikersThe StrikersVinyl6
PRL 14100
Who's Been Kissing You? / All Fired UpHot Cuisine12" Vinyl2
PRL D 531
Body MusicThe Strikers12" Vinyl2
PRL D 608
Gonna Get Over YouFrance Joli12" Vinyl2
PRL D 610
Must Be the MusicSecret Weapon12" Vinyl2
PRL D 614
Give It to Me (If You Don't Mind)Conquest12" Vinyl2
PRL D 615
Come Let Me Love YouJeanette "Lady" Day12" Vinyl2
PRL D 619
EmpressEmpress12" Vinyl6
PRL 14102[none]
Love FeverGayle Adams12" Vinyl8
PRL 14104
Redd HottSharon Redd12" Vinyl7
PRL 25056
Beat The Street: Hot Mixes By Francois KevorkianVarious Artists12" Vinyl6
PRL 32253
Don’t Stop My LovePassion12" Vinyl2
PRLA 13 2704
Never Give You Up / Beat the StreetSharon Redd12" Vinyl3
PRLA 13 2755
On a Journey (I Sing the Funk Electric)Elektrik Funk12" Vinyl2
PRLD 622
Lay It Down on MeGerald Mallory12" Vinyl2
PRL D 627
Groove It to Your BodyMichael Wilson12" Vinyl2
PRL D 637
Ya MamaWuf Ticket12" Vinyl2
PRL D 644[none]
MusicD‐Train12" Vinyl7
PRL 14109
The Music Got MeVisual12" Vinyl2
PRL D 650
C’mon StopBlack Gold12" Vinyl2
PRL D 651
The KeyWuf Ticket12" Vinyl2
PRL D 662
Another Knife in My BackOne Two Three12" Vinyl2
PRL D 664
What I Got Is What You NeedUniqueVinyl2
TA 3707
You're a Winner / ActivateSharon Redd12" Vinyl2
TA 4127
Something's on Your MindD‐Train12" Vinyl7
PRL 14112
Nobody (Can Take You From Me)Wardell Piper12" Vinyl2
PRL D 413 DJ
You Are the OnePilot12" Vinyl3
PRL D687
I Want to Know What Love IsThe New Jersey Mass Choir12" Vinyl8
I Want to Know What Love IsThe New Jersey Mass Choir12" Vinyl8
PRL 14113
I’m the BossAmazing Kid & Cut Master Lee12" Vinyl3
PRL D701[none]
"D" Train (Theme) (dub) / Tryin' to Get Over"D" Train12" Vinyl3
Can You Handle ItSharon Redd12" Vinyl4
Musique IIMusique IICD11SPLK-7296068381729620