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An Electric StormWhite Noise12" Vinyl7
Five Leaves LeftNick Drake12" Vinyl10
Country Gazette LiveCountry GazetteVinyl14
BenzaitenOsamu Kitajima12" Vinyl5
AN 7016
Assalam Aleikoum Africa Volume 1 (Progressive and Popular Music of West Africa)Various Artists12" Vinyl9
Assalam Aleikoum Africa Volume 2 (Traditional And Modern Folk Music Of West Africa)Various Artists12" Vinyl10
Airs and GracesJune Tabor12" Vinyl10
AN 7043
Systems of RomanceUltravox12" Vinyl10
  • US1978-09-08
No New YorkVarious Artists12" Vinyl16
GutsJohn Cale12" Vinyl9
AN 7063
CutThe Slits12" Vinyl10
AN 7077[none]
There but for the Grace of God Go IKid Creole and the Coconuts12" Vinyl2
Drive My CarCristina12" Vinyl2
AN 803
Wheel Me OutWas (Not Was)12" Vinyl2
AN 805[none]
Me No Pop IKid Creole & the Coconuts presents Coati Mundi12" Vinyl2
AN 807
EyewitnessSteve Khan12" Vinyl5
AN 1018
Man DanceRonald Shannon Jackson and The Decoding Society12" Vinyl9
  • -1982
Special IdentityJoanne Brackeen12" Vinyl7
AN 1001
Routes to DjangoBiréli Lagrène12" Vinyl12
AN 1002[none]
Brotherly LoveThe Heath Brothers12" Vinyl6
AN 1003
Old Songs For The New DepressionBen SidranVinyl9
AN 1004[none]
Six Compositions: QuartetAnthony Braxton12" Vinyl6
Birds Of A FeatherThe Phil Woods Quartet12" Vinyl6
AN 1006
MandanceRonald Shannon Jackson and The Decoding Society12" Vinyl9
AN 1008
SwinGrass '83Swingrass12" Vinyl8
AN 1014
Of Human FeelingsOrnette Coleman12" Vinyl8
KoyaanisqatsiPhilip GlassCD6
  • -1983
422-814 042-2042281404221
KoyaanisqatsiPhilip GlassCD6
7 90626-2075679062628
Koyaanisqatsi (European release; black cover)Philip GlassCD6
814 042-2042281404221
PriestessGil Evans12" Vinyl4
AN 1010
Flight Of The SpiritZahara12" Vinyl7
AN 1011
At The VanguardThe Phil Woods Quartet12" Vinyl8
AN 1013
Barbeque DogRonald Shannon Jackson and The Decoding Society12" Vinyl8
AN 1015
To Be or Not to Be (The Hitler Rap), Parts 1 & 2Mel Brooks12" Vinyl2
AN 810[none]
KoyaanisqatsiPhilip Glass12" Vinyl6
ASTA 1[none]
Casa LocoSteve Khan, Anthony Jackson, Steve Jordan, Manolo Badrena12" Vinyl6
206 5164007192065165
Brothers And OthersThe Heath BrothersCD7
422-848 815-2042284881524
Forward MotionElementsCD6
  • -1984
422-848 820-2
Casa LogoSteve KhanCD6
  • -1984
422-848 822-2042284882224
Caribbean SunsetJohn CaleCD9
IT 8401
Of Human FeelingsOrnette ColemanCD8
  • JP1985-10-01
Big Heart: Live in TokyoThe Lounge LizardsCD7
  • US1986-02-08
314-510 089-2731451008924
Live in Tokyo – Big HeartThe Lounge LizardsCD7
257 8374007192578375
Trouble in MindMark Isham, songs performed by Marianne FaithfullCD17
7 90501-2075679050120
The Africans: Original Soundtrack Album From the Television SeriesVarious Artists12" Vinyl11
80° Below '82AirCD4
  • JP1987-05-24
The Real Deal29th Street Saxophone QuartetCD8
314 510941-2731451094125
At the VanguardThe Phil Woods QuartetCD7
Bush DanceNaná VasconcelosCD10
7 90698-2, ANCD 8701075679069825
Strange MeetingPower ToolsCD10
KilomboHelcio Milito12" Vinyl8
Out of Many, One PeopleJazz Warriors12" Vinyl5
Curse of the PheromonesStartled Insects12" Vinyl10
AN 87085014474287084
LiberationJeff BealCD9
KilomboHelcio MilitoCD8
Curse of the PheromonesStartled InsectsCD10
Angel HeartTrevor Jones feat. Courtney PineCD10
ANCD 87095014474357091
Andy SheppardAndy SheppardCD8
ANCD 87205014474357206
Out of Many, One PeopleJazz WarriorsCD5
IMCD 111042284258821
The Big Easy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Various ArtistsCassette10
ZCA 7087016253708747
DizrhythmiaDizrhythmia12" Vinyl8
AN 8727
Men From WilnauVladyslav SendeckiCD9
ANCD 8728075679091024
Tank Battles: The Songs of Hanns EislerDagmar KrauseCD26
ANCD 87395014474873928
Mood IndigoFrank MorganCD12
422-842 342-2
The Legend of TsumiLaszlo GardonyCD7
7 91250-2075679125026
Whatever NextDanny ThompsonCD8
846 145-2042284614528
Mood IndigoFrank MorganCD12
A2 91320075679132024
Perpetual MotionJeff Beal12" Vinyl9
Introductions in the DarkAndy SheppardCD5
an CD 87425014474874222
The Vision's TaleCourtney PineCD13
ANCD 87465014474874628
The Hot SpotJack NitzscheCD13
  • US1990-09-18
422-846 813-2042284681322
New FriendsFred WesleyCD11
422-848 280-2
DialoguesCharlie Haden & Carlos ParedesCD9
422-849 309-2042284930925
Soft on the InsideAndy SheppardCD4
Rootless CosmopolitansMarc Ribot12" Vinyl11
AN 87490042284257718
Selling Water by the Side of the RiverEvan Lurie12" Vinyl12
AN 8754
ElementalDanny Thompson & WhateverCD7
ANCD 8753042284634229
No Pain for CakesThe Lounge LizardsCD9
  • US1991-08-20
314-510 090-2731451009020
High Heels Soundtrack坂本龍一CD20
Kenny Drew, Jr.Kenny Drew Jr.CD10
  • -1991
Dark MetalsAnthony CoxCD13
314-510 853-2731451085321
Man DanceRonald Shannon Jackson and The Decoding SocietyCD9
422-846 397-2042284639729
The CatJohnny GriffinCD9
  • -1991
422-848 421-2042284842129
Underground29th Street Saxophone QuartetCD13
422-848 451-2042284841528
Signs of LifePeter Apfelbaum and the Hieroglyphics EnsembleCD10
422-848 634-2042284863421
Within the Realms of Our DreamsCourtney PineCD9
ANCD 8756042284824422
In Co-MotionAndy SheppardCD8
ANCD 8766731451034428
Standards: Live at the Village VanguardJ.J. JohnsonCD10
I2 10059731451005923
Quintergy: Live at the Village VanguardJ.J. JohnsonCD12
High Heels SoundtrackRyuichi SakamotoCD20
  • US1992-01-28
314-510 855-2731451085529
The Spirits of Our AncestorsRandy Weston2×CD5 + 5
  • US1992-03-17
314-511 896-2731451189623
Closer to HomeCourtney PineCD18
  • US1992-05-19
314-510 769-2731451076923
You Must Believe in SpringFrank MorganCD12
314 512 570-2731451257025
Rhythm of the EarthJackie McLeanCD8
314 517 075-2731451707520
African SunriseRandy WestonCD5
314 517 177-2
Black & BlueWolfgang Muthspiel SextetCD9
314 517 534-2731451753428
Barbeque DogRonald Shannon Jackson and The Decoding SocietyCD8
422-848 817-2042284881722
Talons AiguillesRyuichi Sakamoto & Luz CasalCD20
510 855-2731451085529
So What!Ronny JordanCD4
866 371-2, ANNCD 14042286637129
Discussions on the Spirits of Our AncestorsRandy WestonCD16
ACDP 002