Maverick (WMG subsidiary, founded by Madonna, Veronica "Ronnie" Dashev, and Frederick DeMann)

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founders:Frederick DeMann (in 1992)
Madonna (American singer-songwriter, actress, businesswoman, “Queen of Pop”) (in 1992)
Veronica “Ronnie” Dashev (in 1992)
Tantric (until 2006-03)
Candlebox (from 1992 until 1999)
Bad Brains (US hardcore punk band) (from 1994 until 1995)
Story of the Year (from 2002-10 to ????)
WONHO (from 2020-05-06 to present)
parent label:Time Warner (was briefly AOL Time Warner from 2001/01–2003) (from 1992 until 2004-06-13)
Warner Music Group (Holding Co. — File NO releases) (from 2004-06-14 until 2009)
distributors:Warner Bros. Records Inc. (not for release label use, company behind the “WB Records” imprint)
Warner Music Canada Co. (subsidiary of WMG, formerly Warner Music Canada Ltd until 2004)
imprint of:Maverick Recording Company (not for release label use, for copyrights use only)
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