Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Sicko Doug Stanhope CD 15 SUR002 609461003423
Something to Take the Edge Off Doug Stanhope CD 21 SUR003
The White Album Lewis Black CD 12 SUR001 609461003126
Animal Instincts Jimmy Shubert CD 14 SUR004
Die Laughing Doug Stanhope CD 21 SUR007 609461004420
Revolver Lewis Black CD 3 SUR005
Not Sold Out Marc Maron CD 12 SUR017 609461005427
The End of the Universe Lewis Black CD 10 SUR006 609461004024
The Burning Bridges Tour Maria Bamford CD 21 SUR011 609461005021
Let's Roll! René Hicks CD 14 SUR010
Poppin' the Hood The Sklar Brothers CD 17 SUR012 609461005120
It's Not Funny David Cross Vinyl 12 SUR014
Judith's Roommate Had a Baby Judy Gold CD 26 SUR015
Rules of Enragement Lewis Black Vinyl 13 SUR016
In Stink John Bowman CD 21 SUR013
Pandemonium Jimmy Shubert CD 17 SUR018
Hot Sweet Ass Tom Rhodes CD 12 SUR019
Dumb It Down for the Masses Andy Andrist CD 15 SUR020
Tickets Still Available Marc Maron CD 18 SUR021
Europa Tim Slagle CD 16 SUR026
Luther Burbank Performing Arts Center Blues Lewis Black Vinyl 12 SUR022
Live in Paris Tom Rhodes CD 17 SUR023
Morbid Obscenity The Unbookables CD 18 SUR024
Something to Sell at Edinburgh Sean Rouse CD 10 SUR025
Caffeinated Jonathan Katz CD 15 SUR027
How to WIN! Maria Bamford CD 21 SUR029
Houston, We Have a Problem Greg Proops CD 10 SUR028
Joke Book Greg Proops CD 12 SUR032
Spilled Milk Sean Rouse CD 18 SUR033
Sklar Maps The Sklar Brothers CD 13 SUR 068
Eat Here and Get Gas Jim David CD 15 SUR034
Deadbeat Hero Doug Stanhope CD 27 SUR031
Unconditional Love Rick Shapiro CD 22 SUR036
Live From Jimville Jim David CD 12 SUR037
Feelin' Kinda Patton Patton Oswalt 12" Vinyl 28 SUR035 609461008015
Please Buy My Jokes Jamie Kilstein CD 12 SUR041
Evil Monkey Dwight Slade CD 10 SUR038
Busy Being Awesome Chad Daniels CD 19 SUR039
Get Off My Property Dan Naturman Digital Media 18
Final Engagement Marc Maron 2×CD 11 + 14 SUR 044 609461002129
Half Breed Al Madrigal CD 18 SUR046
Screaming from the Cosmos Chris Porter Digital Media 17
Zombie Jesus Jamie Kilstein CD 18
From Across the Street Doug Stanhope CD 14 SUR 055 609461009203
I Guess We'll Never Know Matt Kirshen CD 16 SUR043 609461002228
Notorious F.A.G. Jim David Digital Media 16
OK Karma Mike DeStefano CD 17 609461000316
My Name Is Hannibal Hannibal Buress CD 15 B6543782-09
My Name Is Hannibal Hannibal Buress Digital Media 15 [none]
Alive & Kickin' Jimmy Shubert Digital Media 20
Hendersons and Daughters The Sklar Brothers Digital Media 15
Libel, Slander & Sedition Jamie Kilstein CD 11
Dilation Rory Scovel CD 11 SUR080 609461002501
Catalyst for Change Rick Shapiro Digital Media 14
Live Robert Kelly Digital Media 38
Comedy Wonder Town Ryan Singer CD 24 SUR 097
Comedy Wonder Town Ryan Singer Digital Media 24
Blind Ambition Darryl Lenox CD 16
Paul & Oates Paul Varghese Digital Media 15
What Alive People Do Jamie Kilstein 2×CD 11 + 8 SUR 116 609461007421
What Alive People Do Jamie Kilstein 2×Digital Media 11 + 8 SUR 116
The Most Bees Ever Tim Harmston Digital Media 12
This Will Make an Excellent Horcrux Jackie Kashian Digital Media 18
Hard to Swallow Jim David Digital Media 12
魔法のチョコレート伝説 (通常盤A) アフィリア・サーガ CD 4 YZPB-5083 4562412124065
それだけが、生きる意味なんだ (通常盤B) 純情のアフィリア CD 4 YZPB-5109 4562412124324