A Live OneLoudon Wainwright III12" Vinyl13
SPL 1032[none]
Stronger SilenceThe Reds(unknown)12
  • US1981-12-30
Fatal SlideThe Reds(unknown)9
  • US1982-11-01
Anything You WantBim12" Vinyl11
SPL 1044[none]
Midnight SunSir Douglas QuintetVinyl11
Rio MedinaSir Douglas Quintet12" Vinyl11
SPL 1078
Silent PassageBob Carpenter12" Vinyl10
  • -1984
SPL 1081[none]
Bringing' It All Back HomeJohnny Copeland12" Vinyl9
CowboyographyIan TysonCD11
SPCD 1102772532110228
I Turned My Nights Into DaysJim Byrnes12" Vinyl8
SPL 1107
It's Been So LongDownchild12" Vinyl9
SPL 1113[none]
Old Corrals And Sagebrush & Other Cowboy Culture ClassicsIan TysonCD18
Tripping Up the StairsSpirit of the WestCD10
SPCD 10985016364300224
Tripping Up the StairsSpirit of the WestCD10
SPCD 1098772532109826
Labour DaySpirit of the WestCD9
Bop RapThe Shuffle DemonsCD13
Gone FishingDownchild Blues BandCD11
SPCD 1139772532113922
Old Material 1984 - 1986Spirit of the WestCD10
SPCD 1141772532114127
You Were on My MindSylvia Tyson12" Vinyl13
SPL 1140[none]
What Do You Want?The Shuffle DemonsCD12
SPCD 1152
Too Dumb To QuitJr. Gone Wild(unknown)14
SPCD 1160[none]
One Job TownGrievous AngelsCD12
SPCD 1162
I Make My Home in My ShoesAmos GarrettCD10
SPCD 1132
It Still Ain't EasyLong John BaldryCD14
Let's Lose ItBarrence Whitfield And The SavagesCD12
SPCD 1165772532116527
And Stood There AmazedIan TysonCD11
One Jump Ahead of the Devil (Reissue)Ian TysonCD11
  • CA1992-10-06
You Can't Have EverythingDutch MasonCD11
  • CA1992-11-10
SPCD 1182772532118224
Road RocketsRita ChiarelliCD12
SPCD 1173772532117326
On Stage Tonight - Baldry's Out!Long John BaldryCD12
SPCD 1192772532119221
Prime Minister of the BluesDutch MasonCD10
Eighteen Inches of RainIan TysonCD12
  • CA1994-02-08
SPCD 1193772532119320
Just Gettin StartedRita ChiarelliCD10
  • CA1994-11-08
SPCD 1197772532119726
JazzabelleMaria MuldaurCD12
SPCD 1188772532118828
Duke's BluesDuke RobillardCD15
SPCD 1195772532119528
Jesse WinchesterJesse WinchesterCD11
SPCD 1198772532119825
Third Down, 110 to GoJesse WinchesterCD13
SPCD 1199
Train a Comin’Steve EarleCD13
  • CA1995-05-30
SPCD 1215772532121521
That RiverJim ByrnesCD11
  • CA1995-10-17
SPCD 1219772532121927
The Real Ellen McIlwaine / Everyone Needs ItEllen McIlwaineCD23
  • CA1995-11-21
SPCD 1213772532121323
Lotto Land (Original Soundtrack Recording)The Holmes BrothersCD12
SPCD 1223772532122320
Fess' GumboProfessor LonghairCD14
  • CA1996-10-01
SPCD 1214772532121422
Cindy ChurchCindy ChurchCD13
  • CA1996-11-19
SPCD 1235772532123525
Off the Floor Live!Amos GarrettCD13
SPCD 1225772532122528
20 Years of Stony PlainVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20
SPCD 1230772532123020
Right to Sing the BluesLong John BaldryCD13
SPCD 1232772532123228
'What a Night Live!'Rita ChiarelliCD11
  • CA1997-03-11
SPCD 1236772532123624
Hootie's Jumpin' BluesJay McShann And Duke Robillard BandCD12
  • CA1997-04-22
SPCD 1237
Let It RainShirley MyersCD10
  • CA1997-10-14
Jimmy Witherspoon With the Junior Mance TrioJimmy Witherspoon With The Junior Mance TrioCD11
SPCD1231, SPCD 1231772532123129
Blue ShadowsLowell FulsonCD11
SPCD 1233
The Best of Gary FjellgaardGary FjellgaardCD18
SPCD 1241
Secrets of the HeartBobby CharlesCD12
  • US1998-01-27
Burning / I Turned My Nights Into DaysJim ByrnesCD19
  • CA1998-05-19
SPCD 1248772532124829
Pasture PrimeAsleep at the WheelCD14
  • US1998-10-13
SPCD 1251772532125123
Gust of WindRay BonnevilleCD11
  • CA1999-06-08
SPCD 1256772532125628
There Will Come a DayShirley Myers(unknown)12
  • CA1999-06-08
Conversations In Swing GuitarHerb Ellis & Duke RobillardCD7
SPCD 1260
Blue DiamondSonny RhodesCD14
ContendersValdy and Gary FjellgaardCD11
  • CA2000-01-11
Rhythm of LoveDavid WilcoxCD12
  • CA2000-10-06
Memphis, TennesseeRosco GordonCD13
  • CA2000-10-31
SPCD 1267772532126724
LiveLong John Baldry TrioCD14
SPCD 1268772532126823
Remembering LeadbellyLong John BaldryCD18
SPCD 1275772532127523
Boogie N ShuffleBilly Boy ArnoldCD13
  • CA2001-04-10
SPCD 1266772532126625
Richland Woman BluesMaria MuldaurCD14
SPCD 1270
A Good Day to Play the BluesSonny RhodesCD13
Live at LongviewIan TysonCD17
  • CA2002-02-05
SPCD 1282772532128223
Five Dollar BillThe Corb Lund BandCD13
  • CA2002-06-11
Living With the BluesDuke RobillardCD12
SPCD 1277772532127721
Roll It DownRay BonnevilleCD12
  • CA2003-01-01
SPCD 1285772532128520
Goin' to Kansas CityJay McShannCD18
  • US2003-09-23
SPCD 1286772532128629
Exalted LoverDuke RobillardCD10
  • CA2003-09-23
STN 1293
Blues From the MiddleBig Dave McLeanCD14
Rockin' the BoogieDavid WilcoxCD15
SPCD 12830772532128322
Blues in My HeartChris Flory With Duke Robillard and FriendsCD9
SPCD 1288772532128827
More Conversations in Swing GuitarDuke RobillardCD6
SPCD 1292772532129220
Now My SoulRonnie Earl and the BroadcastersCD13
  • CA2004-06-01
SPCD 1298772532129824
The Return of the Formerly BrothersAmos GarrettCD14
  • -2004-10-26
Acoustic AlbumAmos GarrettCD12
Sweet Lovin' Ol' Soul: Old Highway 61 RevisitedMaria MuldaurCD12
  • CA2005-08-02
SPCD 1304
Hair in My Eyes Like a Highland SteerCorb Lund & The Hurtin' AlbertansCD13
  • CA2005-09-06
Hootie BluesJay McShannCD9
  • US2006-04-25
SPCD 1315
30 Years of Stony PlainVarious Artists2×CD19 + 17
  • CA2006-05-18
SPCD 1317772532131728
Guitar Groove A RamaDuke RobillardCD14
SPCD 1316772532131629
Praising Peace: A Tribute to Paul RobesonLeon Bibb & Eric BibbCD14
It’s Tight Like ThatJeff Healey & The Jazz WizardsCD11
Contenders Two - Still in the RunningValdy and Gary FjellgaardCD11
  • CA2007-04-03
SPCD 1321772532132121
Adventures in JazzlandJeff HealeyCD15
  • GB2007-04-09
In Good We TrustHarry Manx & Kevin BreitCD11
  • CA2007-04-10
SPCD 1320772532132022
Naughty, Bawdy & BlueMaria MuldaurCD12
  • -2007-04-24
SPCD 1319772532131926
World Full of BluesDuke Robillard2×CD12 + 11
  • US2007-06-26
Everything Stops for TeaLong John BaldryCD16
  • GB2007-10-16
Hope RadioRonnie Earl and the BroadcastersHDCD11
  • CA2007-11-06
SPCD 13240772532132428
Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!Corb Lund & The Hurtin' AlbertansCD15
  • CA2007-11-13
SPCD 1327772532132725
PostcardsTom Landa & the PaperboysCD12
SPCD 1264
Boy in the BoatDavid WilcoxCD12
SPCD 1325
Mess of BluesJeff HealeyCD10
  • CA2008-04-15
SPCD 1333
ShiversNew Guitar SummitCD11
  • CA2008-07-08
Bush Pilot BuckarooTim HusCD12
  • CA2008-09-02