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Fono Ltd is a Russian record label specializing in Metal music mainly. Fono Ltd was founded in spring 2000. To date over than 800 titles released under the license exclusively for the territory of Russia. It's a releasing label in Russia and in some other post-Soviet states of legendary acts such as Slayer, Fates Warning, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Mercyful Fate, Napalm Death, Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Sentenced, Finntroll, Immortal, Enslaved, Dark Tranquillity, Amon Amarth, Nevermore, Iced Earth, and highly successful artists of a new generation such as Job For A Cowboy, As I Lay Dying, just to name a few. At the present time Fono Ltd is an independent label with offices in St.Petersburg and Moscow, a distributor for both physical and digital music, and an online shop of the label new and back catalog titles available for delivery only across Russia. The online shop also stocks a wide range of other label products and releases of Metal bands from Russia available for delivery worldwide.

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Ecliptica Sonata Arctica CD 10 FO11CD
Ecliptica Sonata Arctica Cassette 10 FO11MC
Shades of... Shape of Despair CD 5 FO004CD [none]
Damned in Black Immortal CD 7 FO107CD [none]
Hatebreeder Children of Bodom CD 9 FO10CD [none]
Отчизна Северные врата CD 6 FO344CD
Something Wild Children of Bodom CD 8 FO9CD [none]
Silence Sonata Arctica CD 13 FO57CD
Silence Sonata Arctica Cassette 13 FO57MC
Absolute Purity ALAS CD 10 FO043CD
New Obscurantis Order Anorexia Nervosa CD 8 FO166CD
Pure Therapy Ram-Zet CD 8 FO18CD
Gone Entwine CD 8 FO28CD
Wishmaster Nightwish CD 11 FO2CD
Jaktens tid Finntroll CD 13 FO30CD
На войну Северные врата CD 11 FO345CD
Altum Silentium CD 9 FO34CD
20 Years Ago: A Night of Rehearsal King Diamond & Black Rose CD 12 FO40CD [none]
The Crusher Amon Amarth CD 10 FO42CD
Urkraft Thyrfing CD 12 FO45CD
The Secret Kingdom Avrigus CD 10 FO51CD
Midnattens widunder Finntroll CD 9 FO55CD [none]
Verehrt und angespien In Extremo CD 13 FO67CD [none]
Over the Hills and Far Away Nightwish CD 10 FO70CD
Bitter Suites to Succubi Cradle of Filth CD 10 FO71CD
Electric Ministry DC4 CD 11 FO863CD [none]
Angels of Distress (Digipak) Shape of Despair CD 5 FO88CD [none]
Condition Red Condition Red CD 8 FO89CD
SI.VM E.T A.V.VM / Infinita Plango Vulnera Silentium CD 14 FO97CD
Back From the Grave Grave CD 10 FO187CD
Abigail II: The Revenge King Diamond CD 13 FO118CD [none]
Voimasta ja kunniasta Moonsorrow CD 6 FO119CD [none]
Dreams of Endless War Norther CD 9 FO121CD [none]
Battles in the North Immortal CD 10 FO129CD
Vansinnesvisor Thyrfing CD 8 FO147CD
Damage Done Dark Tranquillity CD 12 FO177CD
Skeleton Skeletron Tiamat CD 10 FO184CD
Irreligious Moonspell CD 11 FO185CD
How to Measure a Planet? The Gathering 2×CD 9 + 5 FO188CD
Sinnocence Seducer's Embrace CD 9 FO190CD
Darkness and Hope Moonspell CD 11 FO193CD [none]
Clouds Tiamat CD 8 FO195CD
Wolfheart Moonspell CD 8 FO199CD
Versus the World Amon Amarth CD 9 FO202CD
A Deeper Kind of Slumber Tiamat CD 13 FO207CD
Nighttime Birds The Gathering CD 9 FO212CD
Winterheart's Guild Sonata Arctica CD 10 FO250CD
Projector Dark Tranquillity CD 10 FO209CD
Evilized (Reissue) Dream Evil CD 12 FO215CD [none]
Wildhoney Tiamat CD 10 FO221CD
Strapping Young Lad Strapping Young Lad CD 10 FO227CD
Venomous Barathrum CD 10 FO231CD
In the Sign of the Raven Mithotyn CD 11 FO233CD 039841415421
Dahmer Macabre CD 26 FO234CD
Правь Северные врата CD 12 FO235CD
In Harmonia Universali Solefald CD 10 FO237CD
Sea of Dreams / Shadow's Dance Godgory 2×CD 11 + 8 FO239CD [none]
Visor om slutet Finntroll CD 11 FO251CD
Eaten Back to Life Cannibal Corpse CD 12 FO260CD
Hate Crew Deathroll Children of Bodom CD 9 FO286CD
Suffer Our Pleasures Tarot CD 10 FO287CD
Delirium Veil Twilightning CD 9 FO288CD
The Sceptre of Deception Falconer CD 10 FO289CD
Blood Vader CD 7 FO290CD
Wizard Beto Vázquez Infinity CD 11 FO294CD
Barilari Barilari CD 11 FO297CD [none]
Harbinger of Metal Reverend Bizarre CD 7 FO300CD
Suden uni Moonsorrow CD 8 FO302CD
Angels of Distress (jewel case) Shape of Despair CD 5 FO88CD [none]
Widdershins (2004 Pagan Metal release from Russian band, Wolfsangel) Wolfsangel CD 8
Djinn Melechesh CD 10 FO312CD
Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism Immortal CD 7 FO314CD
Tangled The Lust CD 11 FO315CD
Anthems of Rebellion Arch Enemy CD 13 FO318CD [none]
The Antidote Moonspell CD 10 FO319CD
Prey Tiamat CD 13 FO320CD
diEversity Entwine CD 11 FO322CD
Death Unlimited Norther CD 12 FO323CD [none]
Trollhammaren Finntroll CD 5 FO324CD
Wages of Sin Arch Enemy CD 12 FO335CD
Mandylion The Gathering CD 8 FO336CD
DragonSlayer (Reissue) Dream Evil CD 12 FO337CD [none]
Empiricism Borknagar CD 10 FO338CD
Waiting for the Dawn Kotipelto CD 12 FO339CD
Nemo Nightwish CD 4 FO340CDS
Nattfödd Finntroll CD 10 FO341CD
The Olden Domain Borknagar CD 8 FO342CD
The Archaic Course Borknagar CD 8 FO343CD
Scream Bloody Gore Death CD 14 FO352CD [none]
Once Nightwish CD 11 FO361CD
Unstoppable Force Agent Steel CD 9 FO374CD
The Book of Heavy Metal (Reissue) Dream Evil Enhanced CD 13 FO384CD [none]
2econd Skin Moonspell 2×CD 4 + 7 FO387CD [none]
Exposures: In Retrospect and Denial Dark Tranquillity 2×CD 12 + 19 FO392CD
Illusion's Play Shape of Despair CD 6 FO405CD [none]
Wound Creations Amoral CD 10 FO407CD [none]
Fate of Norns Amon Amarth CD 8 FO414CD
Ceremony of Opposites Samael CD 10 FO435CD
Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing Strapping Young Lad CD 10 F0439CD
Alien Strapping Young Lad CD 11 F0479CD