Magnet (UK)

~ Label


My Coo Ca ChooAlvin Stardust7" Vinyl2
MAG 1[none]
Jealous MindAlvin StardustVinyl2
  • -1973
So Much LoveChris Rea7" Vinyl2
  • GB1974-05-31
MAG 10[none]
The UntouchableAlvin Stardust12" Vinyl11
MAG 5001
Gee BabyPeter Shelley12" Vinyl10
MAG 5003[none]
Red DressAlvin Stardust7" Vinyl2
MAG 8[none]
Earthquake!Zenda Jacks7" Vinyl2
MAG 31
Guys 'N' DollsGuys 'N' Dolls12" Vinyl11
MAG 5005
Doing It Her WaySusan Cadogan12" Vinyl12
MAG 5006
Girls And PlacesPeter Shelley12" Vinyl11
MAG 5008[none]
Life Is a FightJ.A.L.N. Band12" Vinyl10
MAG 5017[none]
MAG 5020
Chicago BlueYoung & Moody7" Vinyl2
1C 006-98 893[none]
Young and MoodyYoung & Moody12" Vinyl9
MAG 5015[none]
TogetherGuys 'n' Dolls12" Vinyl12
MAG 5016
Just Another Lonely NightJ.A.L.N. BandVinyl8
MAG 5018[none]
Come Back My LoveDarts7" Vinyl2
MAG 110
Fool (If You Think It’s Over)Chris Rea7" Vinyl2
  • GB1978-03-17
MAG 111[none]
Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?Chris Rea12" Vinyl10
MAG 5021[none]
Whatever Happened to Benny Santini?Chris Rea7" Vinyl2
  • GB1978-06-16
MAG 121[none]
The Amazing DartsDarts12" Vinyl20
The Amazing DartsDarts12" Vinyl20
5C 062-61889[none]
The Boy From New York CityDarts7" Vinyl2
MAG 116
Everyone Plays DartsDartsVinyl13
MAG 5022
Movin’ City HighJ.A.L.N. Band12" Vinyl9
MAG 5023[none]
DiamondsChris Rea7" Vinyl2
  • GB1979-03-23
MAG 144[none]
Buzz Buzz a Diddle ItMatchbox7" Vinyl2
1A 006-63679[none]
Get ItDartsVinyl2
5C 006-62338
For Why You Kicka My Donkey?Brakes12" Vinyl11
6.24179 AP
MatchboxMatchbox12" Vinyl12
6.24181, 6.24181 AP
Deltics (black vinyl)Chris Rea12" Vinyl11
Deltics (blue vinyl)Chris Rea12" Vinyl11
MAGL 5028[none]
For Why You Kicka My Donkey?Brakes12" Vinyl11
MAGL 5029
Ne‐Ne Na‐Na Na‐Na Nu‐NuBad Manners7" Vinyl2
  • GB1980-02-22
MAG 164[none]
Ska ’n’ BBad Manners12" Vinyl12
MAGL 5033[none]
Lip Up FattyBad Manners7" Vinyl2
  • GB1980-05-23
MAG 175[none]
Special BrewBad Manners7" Vinyl2
  • GB1980-09-12
MAG 180[none]
TennisChris Rea12" Vinyl12
242 370‐1022924237010
Midnite DynamousMatchboxCD13
LorraineBad Manners7" Vinyl3
MAG 181[none]
Just a FeelingBad Manners7" Vinyl2
MAG 187[none]
When You Ask About LoveMatchbox7" Vinyl2
MAG 191[none]
TennisChris Rea12" Vinyl12
MAGL 5032[none]
Loonee Tunes!Bad Manners12" Vinyl12
MAGL 5038
MechanicalThe Quarks12" Vinyl2
12 MAG 212
Gosh! It’s…Bad Manners12" Vinyl12
1A 064-64601
Chris ReaChris Rea12" Vinyl11
242 371-1022924237119
Buona SeraBad MannersVinyl2
6.13 327
Doll by DollDoll By Doll12" Vinyl12
6.24731 AP[none]
Doll by DollDoll By Doll12" Vinyl12
6.24731 AP[none]
Can CanBad Manners7" Vinyl2
MAG 190
Walking in the SunshineBad Manners7" Vinyl2
MAG 197[none]
Flying ColoursMatchboxVinyl12
Chris ReaChris Rea12" Vinyl11
Wall Street CrashWall Street Crash12" Vinyl10
6.25 112
Crossed LineMatchbox12" Vinyl12
6.25399 AO
My Girl LollipopBad Manners7" Vinyl2
Cry Boy CryBlue Zoo7" Vinyl2
MAG 234
Grand PassionDoll By Doll12" Vinyl12
  • -1982
MAGL 5047[none]
Forging AheadBad Manners12" Vinyl12
MAGL 5050
The Last FilmKissing the Pink12" Vinyl3
12KTP 3
The Height of Bad MannersBad Manners12" Vinyl16
205 493
European AffairWall Street Crash12" Vinyl10
Water Sign (DMM)Chris Rea12" Vinyl10
6.25533 AO[none]
Water SignChris Rea12" Vinyl10
823 077‐1042282307712
NakedKissing the Pink12" Vinyl12
825 327-1042282532718
The Last FilmKissing the Pink7" Vinyl2
KTP 3[none]
Somewhere in the World There's a Cowboy SmilingBlue Zoo7" Vinyl2
M 7211
I Can Hear Your Heart BeatChris Rea7" Vinyl2
MAG 244
Wall Street CrashWall Street Crash12" Vinyl10
MAG 33201
Rat RappingRoland Rat Superstar7" Vinyl2
RAT 1[none]
Wired to the MoonChris ReaCD9
CD MAG 50575014918505729
Water SignChris ReaCD10
823 077‐2042282307729
Wired to the MoonChris Rea12" Vinyl9
MAGL 5057[none]
The Cassette of the AlbumRoland Rat SuperstarVinyl11
Shamrock DiariesChris ReaCD10
  • JP1985-07-21
Shamrock DiariesChris Rea12" Vinyl10
825 539-1042282553911
Shamrock DiariesChris ReaCD10
825 539-2042282553928
Shamrock DiariesChris ReaCD10
CD MAG 50625014918506221
Take Me To The FireThis Island Earth12" Vinyl3
MAGT 275
You Can Win If You WantModern Talking12" Vinyl3
MAGT 282[none]
On the BeachChris Rea12" Vinyl10
  • JP1986-07-21
Wired to the MoonChris ReaCD9
  • JP1986-10-21
Driving Home for Christmas / Hello Friend (Re-Recorded)Chris Rea7" Vinyl2
108 712
On the BeachChris ReaCD13
242 375-2022924237522
On the BeachChris Rea12" Vinyl10
829 194-1042282919410
On the BeachChris ReaCD13
829 194-2042282719423
Certain Things Are LikelyKissing the PinkCD10
CD KTP 10034007192578092
On the BeachChris ReaCD13
  • -1986
On the BeachChris ReaCD13
On the BeachChris ReaCassette13
ZCMAG 50695014918506948
Water SignChris ReaCD10
  • JP1987-09-01
Dancing With StrangersChris Rea12" Vinyl11
  • JP1987-09-15
Dancing With StrangersChris ReaCD14
242 378-2022924237829
NakedKissing the PinkCD12
825 327-2042282532725
Dancing With StrangersChris Rea12" Vinyl11
833 504-1042283350410
Dancing With StrangersChris ReaCD14
833 504-2042283350427
PlayedThe BodinesCD10
833 922-2042283392229
Skankin Queens A Thousand TimesThe Bodines7" Vinyl2