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MigrationNitin SawhneyCD8CASTE 01CD
MigrationNitin Sawhney12" Vinyl8CASTE 01LP
Migration RemixesNitin Sawhney12" Vinyl3OUT 004
Displacing the PriestNitin SawhneyCD10CASTE 02CD5030688000158
I Am That Type of Badmarsh EPBadmarsh12" Vinyl3OUT 005
Untouchable Outcaste Beats, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD14CASTE 03CD
Drum the BassShriCD9CASTE 04CD5030688000189
Outcaste New Breed UKVarious ArtistsCD12CASTE 11CD740042021129
Talking Tablas / Dah-Din BeatsGes-e & Usman12" Vinyl2OUT 17X
Dancing DrumsBadmarsh & ShriCD11CASTE 05CD5030688000301
Outcaste New Breed UKNiraj Chag / Ges-e & Usman / Mo Magic3×12" Vinyl4 + 4 + 4CASTE 11LP
Outcaste Too UntouchableVarious ArtistsCD12CASTE6CD5030688000639
Air I BreatheBadmarsh & ShriCD3OUT 12CD5030688001223
Air I BreatheBadmarsh & Shri12" Vinyl3OUT 12X
Emotional Breakdown / DowntownMo Magic12" Vinyl2OUT 13X5030688001308
Walk Alone / SanatanNiraj Chag12" Vinyl2OUT 14X5030688001407
Beyond SkinNitin SawhneyCD12CASTE9CD5030688000349
Introducing Nitin SawhneyNitin SawhneyCD12CASTE 10CD
Broken Skin / HomelandsNitin SawhneyCD2
Introducing Nitin SawhneyNitin Sawhney(unknown)12
Bollywood Funk: Funky Tunes From 60's and 70's Bollywood MoviesVarious ArtistsCD15CASTE 8 CD5030688703080
Outcaste Presents > The First Five YearsVarious ArtistsCD15CASTE 18CD5030688703189
Outcaste Presents > The First Five YearsVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl7 + 8CASTE 18LP
SignsBadmarsh & Shri feat. UK ApacheCD5OUT 999CD5413356793925
Bollywood BreaksVarious ArtistsCD8CASTE 19CD5030688703196
SignsBadmarsh & ShriCD11CASTE 07CD5030688702076
SignsBadmarsh & ShriCD11CASTE 07CD5030688702076
SignsBadmarsh & ShriCD11CASTE7CD5030688702076
The Very Best Bollywood Songs IIVarious ArtistsCD15CASTE 25 CD5030688703257
Futuro FlamencoVarious ArtistsCD14CASTE 26 CD5030688020019
Essential Asian Flavas: Hits, Beats & New GroovesVarious ArtistsCD14CASTE 27CD5030688100001
Essential Asian Flavas, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD14CASTE32CD530688100032
Laughter Through TearsOi Va VoiCD10CASTE29CD5030688100063
Laughter Through TearsOi Va VoiCD10CASTE29CD5030688100063
Laughter Through Tears: SamplerOi Va VoiCD4CASTE 29CDSP
Indica BrazilicaVarious ArtistsCD14CASTE 31CD5030688100025
The Classical Indian CollectionVarious Artists2×CD13 + 13CASTE 35CD5030688100070
Throw Me a RopeKT Tunstall7" Vinyl2OUT56
Brazilian Love SongsVarious ArtistsCD17CASTE 38CD5030688100124
Essential Asian R&BVarious ArtistsCD14CASTE48CD5030688100209
Archaeology of the FutureVadoinmessicoCD14CASTE52