Inverse Records (Finnish metal label)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
For Rome and the Throne Kill the Romance CD 10 INV003 6430015108844
Retaliation Spirit Disease CD 11 INV007 6430015108882
The Descent Demonic Death Judge CD 8 INV013 6430015108936
Hehku Wasara CD 10 INV028 6430015109353
II Herem CD 6 INV015 6430015108998
Grave Siesta Grave Siesta CD 7 INV026 6430015109346
Fell on Black Season Rage My Bitch CD 8 INV032 6430015109384
The Last Wave Superdeathflame CD 7 INV012 6430015108929
Retrogression Retrogression Digital Media 7
Carnal Demise Carnal Demise CD 9 INV021 6430015109278
The Dividing Line Blind Stare CD 11 INV 071 6430015109988
For My Pain Saint of Disgrace Digital Media 3
Skygods Demonic Death Judge CD 8 INV075 6430015100763
Skygods Demonic Death Judge Digital Media 8 [none]
Concealed Silence Red Moon Architect CD 5 INV 023 6430015109254
Malicious Mind Godlike CD 11
The Antikythera Mechanism Standing Ovation CD 11 INV025 6430015109292
Faraday Cage Midnight Bullet CD 11 INV088
Retrogression Retrogression CD 7 INV014 6430015108943
Delusional Noise The Undivine CD 9 INV 034
Eyes World Shut Code for Silence CD 10 INV090
Dreamland Drowning My Reflection CD 12
The Long Road South Dark Days Ahead (unknown) 9
In the Eye of Death Ruindom CD 8
Verge Cardiant CD 10 INV100 6430015101524
From Delirium to Catharsis Nox Ultima CD 8 INV099
Welcome to the Den Mad Hatter's Den CD 10 INV114 6430015101876
Act III: The Dying Eve Dawn of Tears Digital Media 9
Season of Withering Dead End Finland CD 10 INV080 6430015100831
Act III: The Dying Eve Dawn of Tears CD 9 INV108 6430015101722
Kamala akka Kamala CD 11 INV096 6430015101395
The Crystal Throne Epicrenel (unknown) 12
Wither Descend CD 8 SPD-INV12
Distorted Delusions Fear of Domination CD 12 INV137 6430015102408
Collapse Khroma CD 9 INV141 6430015102644
Albinö Rhino Albinö Rhino Digital Media 4
Project Utopia Creinium CD 5 INV-123 6430015102040
Albinö Rhino Albinö Rhino 12" Vinyl 4 INVLP127 6430015102330
Desired Mythic Pride Mirzadeh CD 11 INV147 / MIRZA003 6430015102798
Lepakkomies Live Tulukset Digital Media 14
Emperor Cauldron of Hate CD 5 INV150
Longing for the Incomplete Kouzin Bedlam CD 10 INV164 6430015103252
Chakras Spiralism CD 7 INV167
Noitia on minun sukuni Hiidenhauta CD 8 INV118 6430015102507
Messera Star Insight CD 9 INV152 6430015103016
North Star Blues Dark Days Ahead (unknown) 9
Beneath Abyss Caelestia CD 10
Harvester of Shadows Godless Angel Digital Media 9
Atlantis Sinners Moon CD 11 INV176 6430015103573
Atlantis Sinners Moon Digital Media 11
Asystole Amanita Virosa CD 9 6430015103733
Pitch Black Rifftera CD 8 INV190
Sky Divided Simulacrum CD 9 INV192 6430015103818
Verisimilitude Embassy of Silence CD 8
Ei valo minua seuraa Vorna CD 7
Black Blood Black Blood (unknown) 13
Life Eternal Dark the Suns (unknown) 10
Love in Black Child of Caesar CD 10
Rotten Tongues Curse Upon A Prayer CD 9
Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare Vile Caliber CD 8
Towards The Gate Of North Wolfhorde CD 9 INV145
Only for the Blinded Eyes Among the Prey CD 9
Stasis Khroma CD 9 INV214 6430015104471
Uncoloured World Dying Subliminal Fear Digital Media 9 [none]
Atlas Fear of Domination CD 10 [none] 6430015104488
Atlas Fear of Domination Digital Media 10 [none] [none]
Syntyi talven kyynelistä Vetten Äpärät CD 13 INV212 6430015104457
Escape From Leviathan Subliminal Fear CD 10 INV218 6430015104525
Kuolemanvirta Mustan Kuun Lapset Digital Media 4
Sway for a Better Day Sintax (unknown) 8
Hallucinosis Creinium CD 12 INV222
Agonia Shadecrown CD 10 INV235 6430015104761
Slaves to the Greed Dead End Finland CD 10 INV 238 6430015104792
Exterminators of the Year 4000 Scarecrow Digital Media 13
Kärsimys kunniaan Kuoleman Galleria CD 11 INV201 6430015104181
Saatto Mustan Kuun Lapset CD 9 INV225 6430015104631
Dreadful Life Skeletal CD 8 INV246
Return of the Black Butterflies Red Moon Architect CD 6 INV253
Screaming from the Grave Narthraal CD 10 INV236 6430015104778
Satanibator Sapata CD 8 INV248
Satanibator Sapata Digital Media 8 None
Burned, Barren, Bloodstained Enragement CD 11 INV251 6430015105584
Guide My Fury Dimman Digital Media 5 [none] [none]
Ouroboros Godhead Machinery CD 7 INV262 6430015105744
The Great Old Ones Wolfhorde Digital Media 3
Kings & Queens Iamsin CD 12 INV267 6430015105874
Kings & Queens Iamsin Digital Media 12 none [none]
Pimeys saapuu pohjoiseen Kuoleman Galleria CD 14 INV269 6430015105898
Willpower Vile Caliber (unknown) 1
Anthem for Resistance Callidice Digital Media 8 None
Anthem for Resistance Callidice CD 8
Old School Killspree The Hirvi CD 8 INV290 6430015106246
Cacoëthes Dead Shape Figure Digital Media 9 [none] [none]
Cacoëthes Dead Shape Figure CD 9
Sacred Self-Deceit Skyglow Digital Media 1 [none]
Thousand Years of Terror Skyglow Digital Media 6 4061798062324
The Deluge Imperial Domain CD 8
Waiting For The Endless Dawn The Eternal Digital Media 7 none [none]
Waiting For The Endless Dawn The Eternal CD 7
Ride on Freaks Wrestling CD 11 INV293 6430015106284