Epic Records (J-Pop label since 2001; a subsidiary of Sony Music Labels (JP); use ONLY for releases by Japanese domestic artists!)

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Epic Records Japan is an imprint established by SonyMusic (Japan) dating back to 1978. (Both the imprint and the parent record company have nothing to do with the US-based Sony Music. The independence of this label is currently reflected in its logo and artist signings being different from those currently seen in the New York-based Epic.)

International artists were once handled by the Epic/Sony label group and appeared under one of several different labels, such as this Epic label, a separate "Epic International" label (defunct 1991), or the artist's original non-Japanese label. The international artists using this label (probably because they were under Columbia outside Japan) remained so until May 2001, when they were moved to a new division. Since May 2001, the only releases under this label should be by Japanese domestic artists.

Note that the "Epic" brand was introduced to Japan in 1971 by CBS/Sony Inc. as a different label, but the artists appearing under that brand have nothing to do with this label and Japanese artist roster started in 1978.

Using Sony Music Distribution (Japan) as a label reference,
"エピックレコードジャパン" -> this label is correct
"エピックレコーズ インターナショナル" -> Epic Records Int'l
"Epic Records('06.09〜)" -> Epic (US)

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Stained ClassJudas Priest12" Vinyl9
Clean/CleanBruce Woolley & The Camera Club7" Vinyl2
06 5P-88
Do You Believe In Mazikスーザン12" Vinyl9
  • JP1980-09-21
27 3H-24
HarmotopiaSOAP12" Vinyl10