Legendary UK independent label set up by Alan McGee. Famously signed Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine and Oasis, along with many acts that failed to set the charts alive, before forming a business alliance with Columbia/CBS due to impending bankruptcy. Creation is now part of the Sony/BMG empire.

Some barcode conventions:
CRE XXXX = 5017556 1 XXXX Y (7" singles)
CRE XXXXT = 5017556 2 XXXX Y (12" singles)
CRELP XXXX = 5017556 3 XXXX Y (LPs)
CRECD XXXX = 5017556 6 XXXX Y (CD albums)
CRESCD XXXX = 5017556 7 XXXX Y (CD singles)
CRECS XXXX 5017556 8 XXXX Y (Cassette singles)
CRE(S)CD(X|L) XXXX = 5017556 9 XXXX Y (CD remixes and limited editions where the usual number is already used by a standard release)
Where XXXX is the 2 or 3 digit cat number preceded by one or two zeros to pad it out to 4 digits and Y is a checksum digit. You can calculate the last digit here if you know the cat number but please google the resulting barcode to double check it before entering it into Musicbrainz.

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Something Going OnThe Pastels7" Vinyl2
Flowers in the SkyThe Revolving Paint Dream7" Vinyl2
CRE 002[none]
There Must Be a Better LifeBiff Bang Pow!7" Vinyl2
007, CRE007
Million TearsThe Pastels12" Vinyl3