Fuzz FaceSex MuseumCD10
  • ES1987-01-04
Cerebros Exprimidos / Wipeout SkatersCerebros Exprimidos / Wipe Out Skaters7" Vinyl4
TFOSR 7013[none]
Bye Bye Sweet CreamDoctor Explosion7" Vinyl4
TFOSR 7014
Sometimes I Wantcha for Your MoneyThe Young Fresh Fellows7" Vinyl2
Losing Touch With Your Mind...Spacemen 312" Vinyl9
MR 011
Somos Los MejoresThe Young Fresh FellowsVinyl + CD16 + 16
MR 015
Losing Touch With Your MindSpacemen 3CD9
MR CD 011
HammerheadPenelope Trip7" Vinyl4
TFOSR 7016[none]
OverdreamParkinson DCVinyl10
MR 035
Strum Und Bang, Live?!The Mr. T Experience7" Vinyl3
I Can Destroy All Your LoveThee Headcoats7" Vinyl2
We Are YouFlop7" Vinyl5
PolitomaniaPenelope Trip12" Vinyl8
MR 022[none]
An Invitation to SuicideVarious ArtistsCD16
  • ES1993-10-10
MR CD 040098265604026
Cat’s ClauseGerms10" Vinyl10
MR 025
Flock, Colibri, OilCancer MoonCD11
MR CD 023
1987 - 1992Cerebros ExprimidosCD29
MR CD 029[none]
Thru the Trash Darkly 1982/1992White FlagCD34
MR CD 033
It's Gonna Be a Wild WeekendLa SectaCD11
MR CD 043
Just Because We Love You: A Very Cheap Munster Records SamplerVarious ArtistsCD18
MR CD 045098265604521
Nothing HurtsSator7" Vinyl2
Your Invitation to Suicide: A Tribute to the Songs of Martin Rev - Alan VegaVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl12 + 14
MR 040
Usted morirá en su nave espacialPenelope Trip12" Vinyl14
MR 054
Green FieldsParkinson DCVinyl11
MR 055
Directo a los CojonesLa Banda Trapera Del RíoCD16
MRCD 060
Laugh While You Can Monkey BoySickoVinyl12
  • ES1995-05-19
MR 079[none]
Denim DemonTurboneger7" Vinyl2
La 1ª InternacionalVarious ArtistsCD20
MR CD 062[none]
Workd Under WaterLos Valendas(unknown)13
MRCD 070[none]
El Vez Is AliveEl VezCD20
MR CD 081
Alone in a Furniture Warehouse Scaring You Away Like a Hotel MattressFastbacksCD8
  • ES1996-08-19
MRCD 087098265008725
Flying ColorFlying ColorCD13
MRCD 104[none]
Yo nunca me lavoLos PerrosCD19
This Sounds Like GoodbyeKen StringfellowCD10
MR CD 123
Factory 16: Munster Jukebox HitsVarious ArtistsCD24
Soho AffaireAtom RhumbaVinyl2
City SlangThe HellacoptersVinyl2
Rock & Roll Radio: A Ramones Tribute CompilationVarious ArtistsDigital Media25
  • US1998-10-10
MaybeFastbacks7" Vinyl4
Hormonal RiotAtom Rhumba12" Vinyl10
MR 145
Supersonic SpacewalkRossCD14
MRCD 125
Hormonal RiotAtom RhumbaCD11
Metallic 2×’KOIggy and The Stooges2×12" Vinyl6 + 5
MR 150 1/2
10% WeirdThe MeaniesCD14
MR CD 072
Thunder ExpressMC5CD8
MR CD 1498435008814922
Metallic 2×’KOIggy and The StoogesCD11
MRCD 1508435008815028
The Purple Knif ShowVarious ArtistsCD25
MR CD 151
I ♥ New YorkAngel Corpus ChristiCD8
MRCD 1618435008816124
The Day That Didn't ExistFastbacksCD24
MRCD 1648435008816421
Vive La Revolution!Johnny Thunders & The HeartbreakersCD20
Dirt ShotsAtom RhumbaDigital Media6
  • XW2000-03-03
LIVE in NY/'72: For the Heavy Metal Kids and the YardbirdsBlue Öyster CultCD4
MRCD 1688435008816827
MRCD 1788435008817824
Hell’s KitchenSonny VincentCD16
MRCD 189
Panic on Sunset StripJohnny ThundersCD18
The 24 Kilate SoundGolden ZombiesCD9
Bowery ButterfliesSylvain Sylvain & The Criminals(unknown)14
  • -2000
Casanova SnakeThee Michelle Gun ElephantCD18
Dirt ShotsAtom RhumbaCD6
Dirt ShotsAtom RhumbaVinyl6
Chasin' the OnagroAtom RhumbaDigital Media11
  • XW2001-03-03
Girl you Won't Succeed / I Just Wanna Make Love To YouLos MockersVinyl2
Jerden Years 1966-69The SonicsCD30
MR CD 2048435008820824
...Let's Start a Beat!The MonksCD18
MR CD 2078435008820725
Chasin' the OnagroAtom RhumbaVinyl11
Chasin' the OnagroAtom RhumbaCD11
Shutdown 2002 BCThe NeanderthalsCD14
MR CD 2518435008825126
Aprenda alemán en 7 díasDerribos AriasVinyl2
En la guía, en el listínDerribos AriasVinyl12
Ain't Coming Back / JuvenileBlack Lips7" Vinyl4
Big Rock Candy MountainDemolition Doll Rods7" Vinyl2
Backbone RitmoAtom Rhumba12" Vinyl10
LP-MR 261
Buy / Off WhiteJames Chance and the Contortions / James White and The BlacksCD18
MRCD 2308435008823023
Naked BluesThe Legendary Tiger ManCD10
MR CD 2528435008825225
Backbone RitmoAtom RhumbaCD10
  • ES2004-02-12
MR CD 2618435008826123
At the Trucks!Wayne County & The Electric ChairsDigital Media14
  • XW2004-10-10
Space Lines: Sonic Sounds for SubterraneansVarious ArtistsCD23
MR CD 260
In SpaceThe NeanderthalsCD15
MR 250 CD8435008825027
Concrete MixerAtom RhumbaCD10
Concrete MixerAtom RhumbaVinyl10
Buzz Around With The Hi-RisersThe Hi-Risers7" Vinyl4
1978/1982 Grabaciones completasLa Banda Trapera Del Río2×CD17 + 14
MR 2768435008827625
American RudenessWhite FlameCD12
  • ES2007-07-30
MR CD 2848435008828424
Traffic SoundTraffic SoundCD7
Black Sugar IIBlack SugarCD9
Black SugarBlack SugarCD9
El viaje: 1966-1974Los York’sCD21
  • GB2008-04-28
The Original RecordingsThe Detroit CobrasCD15
  • ES2008-06-20
CSDCD 1208829707120824
¡¡¡Viven!!!Wau y los Arrrghs!!!CD11
MR CD 2868435008828622
Bump Pow!Bob Log IIIVinyl2
  • ES2008-11-27
¡¡¡Viven!!!Wau y los Arrrghs!!!12" Vinyl11
MR 286
I Don't Think This IsThe Young Fresh FellowsCD13
  • ES2009-07-14
MRCD 2908435008829025
Fair ExchangeThe Young Fresh Fellows7" Vinyl4
  • ES2009-09-08
MR 72238435008872236
Live at El SolMudhoneyCD21
  • US2009-10-20
Live at El SolMudhoneyCD21
  • GB2009-11-02
¡Nadaismo A Go-Go!Los YetisCD21
MR 2898435008828929
¿A qué venimos sino a caer?Jonathan RichmanCD12
MR CD 2878435008828721
The Story of an ArtistDaniel Johnston6×CD20 + 18 + 18 + 18 + 30 + 27
  • ES2010-06-14
MR CD 298
Magical NightsThe Plastic People of the Universe2×CD15 + 16