Blueprint (UK jazz/rock, sublabel of Voiceprint)

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Live in Osaka ’92Asia2×CD11 + 9BP-252-CD604388106424
Live in Koln-Germany 1994Asia2×CD11 + 5BP-254-CD604388404926
Tank Battles: The Songs of Hanns EislerDagmar KrauseCD36BP1380604388107827
Staircase InfinitiesPorcupine TreeCD5BP 217 CD5020522388528
AnthologyAnthony PhillipsCD17BP201CD
Private Parts and PiecesAnthony PhillipsCD12BP202CD604388107629
SidesAnthony PhillipsCD11BP210CD604388100521
Vox HumanaGeoffrey Downes & The New Dance OrchestraCD13BP214CD5020522389525
Live at Les CousinsRoy Harper2×CD8 + 8BP220CD604388101726
The Giants DanceDavid Thomas & Ronnie GunnCD18BP223CD
Live at the ParadisoSoft MachineCD13BP139CD604388102822
Private Parts and Pieces IX: Dragonfly DreamsAnthony PhillipsCD18BP229CD
Private Parts and Pieces III: AntiquesAnthony PhillipsCD12BP204CD604388101825
Private Parts and Pieces V: TwelveAnthony PhillipsCD12BP206CD604388100125
Private Parts and Pieces VI: Ivory MoonAnthony PhillipsCD10BP207CD604388100224
Private Parts and Pieces VII: Slow Waves, Soft StarsAnthony PhillipsCD18BP208CD604388100323
Missing Links Volume 1: Finger PaintingAnthony PhillipsCD22BP209CD604388100422
EvolutionGeoffrey DownesCD14BP215CD604388101023
The 'Living Room' ConcertAnthony PhillipsCD10BP218CD604388115327
TarkaAnthony Phillips & Harry WilliamsonCD4BP219CD5020522384926
Chasing the DragonJohn WettonCD15BP227CD604388103928
Faster Than the Speed of LightArthur Brown / Vincent CraneCD12BP228CD[none]
Battle LinesJohn WettonCD11BP240CD
Please Leave My MindHerbal Mixture feat. Tony McPheeCD16
Missing Links, Volume 3: Time and TideAnthony Phillips & Joji HirotaCD29BP272CD604388111329
Parrot FashionsJohn GreavesCD9BP233CD604388104222
HugeHopper / KramerCD11BP248CD604388106028
Mazlyn Jones and Guy Evans with Nik Turner and Friends LiveMazlyn Jones and Guy Evans with Nik Turner and FriendsCD9BP250CD604388106226
Live in Philadelphia: Chestnut Cabaret - 21st November 1992Asia2×CD12 + 7BP-255-CD604388405022
ReflectionsLes Fleur de LysCD24BP256CD604388106820
Razors EdgeThe GroundhogsCD8BP270CD604388111121
Claws (Hybrid Kids 2)Morgan FisherCD14BP273CD
The Archive Collection, Volume 1Anthony Phillips2×CD23 + 4BP 279 CD604388112128
Reed, Whistle and SticksAnthony MooreCD99BP281CD
Chasing the DeerJohn WettonCD6BP282CD
The Work TapesGlenn Hughes / Geoff DownesCD10BP285CD604388112722
Live 1970Soft MachineCD11BP290CD604388112920
The Complete BBC SessionsFish2×CD11 + 12BP297CD604388113927
Private Parts & Pieces X: SoiréeAnthony PhillipsCD20BP319CD604388116324
Can I Play You Something?Peter BanksCD22BP301CD604388114320
Dawn of HawkwindHawkwindCD13BP309CD
Abelard and HeloiseThird Ear BandCD6BP310
RevengeRobert CalvertCD5BP320CD604388116423
The World ServiceGeoff DownesCD30BP331CD604388117529
SnoooJohn MartynCD4
The Only ChoiceAnthony MoreCD10BP311CD604388115525
World ServiceAnthony MoreCD11BP313CD604388115723
Sort OfSlapp HappyCD13BP318CD604388116225
The Tide of the CenturyTim Blake(unknown)7BP340CD604388118427
D.S. al CodaNational HealthCD9BP129CD604388103621
One WorldWetton ManzaneraCD11BP-241-CD604388105427
PhilentropyJohn MartynCD8
Pieces From the Cloudland BallroomAnthony MooreCD3BP327CD604388119127
Secrets of the Blue BagAnthony MooreCD3BP328CD604388119226
From the Banks of the River IrwellMax BaconCD16BP353CD604388120123
Now Nottingham LiveAsiaDigital Media13[none]
Radio ClydeAnthony PhillipsCD10BP354CD604388120222
The Collection (Remastered)Geoffrey Downes and The New Dance OrchestraCD19BP356CD, BP401CD604388120420
Battle of the BirdsAnthony Phillips & Harry WilliamsonCD15604388120727
Archive Collection, Volume IIAnthony Phillips2×CD24 + 21BP360CD604388120826
Live 1963Daevid AllenCD7BP122CD604388119028
Field DayAnthony Phillips2×CD29 + 32BP362CD604388121021
Shadows and ReflectionsGeoff DownesCD2BP355CD
Private Parts & Pieces II: Back to the PavilionAnthony PhillipsCD20BP203CD604388107728
Private Parts and Pieces IV: A Catch At The TablesAnthony PhillipsCD13BP205CD604388100026
MainstreamQuiet SunCD7BP246CD604388105922