Millennium Records (UK techno label)

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Work My MindHeadmanCD4MILL 005-CD5028557000521
The Philadelphia ExperimentHeadmanCD8MILL 007-CD5028557000729
Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Volume 1Various Artists2×CD12 + 11MILL 031-CD5028557003126
UK Space Techno, Volume IVarious Artists2×CD11 + 12MILL 020-CD5028557002020
Acid Attack, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD11 + 11MILL 033-CD5028557003324
MoonstompMax ReichCD9MILL 021-CD5028557002129
Behind The SunThe StarseedsCD6MILL-025-CD
A Nite at Strawberry Sundae Round 1Various Artists2×CD12 + 13MILL 028-CD
Techno BalladsVarious Artists2×CD11 + 11MILL 032-CD5028557003225
DJ Wildchild Presents the London Update of Drum & BassVarious ArtistsCD16MILL 039-CD
Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD14 + 13MILL 038-CD5028557003829
Acid Attack, Volume 3Various Artists2×CD12 + 12MILL 042-CD5028557004222
Strawberry Sundae: Round IIVarious Artists2×CD14 + 15MILL 040-CD5028557004024
ZartZartCD11MILL 029-CD
Parallel LifeThe StarseedsCD9MILL 030-CD600704401525
Parallel LifeThe Starseeds2×12" Vinyl4 + 4MILL 030 LP
UK Space Techno, Volume IIIVarious Artists2×CD11 + 11MILL 037-CD
ImpactBlue Food12" Vinyl3MILL 041-TW
Swedish WorkoutMax ReichCD14MILL 044-CD
TimequakesThe StarseedsCD5MILL 046-CD
Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Volume 3Various Artists2×CD13 + 12MILL 052-CD5028557005229
Jungle TalkVarious ArtistsCD17MILL055CD5028557005526
OneAnimal ZenCD10MILL 079-CD5028557007926
FuzeMarzipan & MustardCD8MILL 061-CD5028557006127
Voices Of Drum & Bass Vol.2Various ArtistsCD12MILL 070-CD5028557007025
Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Volume 4Various Artists2×CD13 + 12MILL 063, MILL 063-CD5028557006325
HeavensairportcoffeeshoprestaurantThe StarseedsCD5MILL 065-CD
PlaygroundMarzipan & MustardCD14MILL 073-CD
Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Volume 5Various Artists2×CD11 + 11MILL 078-CD5028557007827
The Best of Atmospheric Drum & BassVarious ArtistsCD15MILL 082-CD5028557008220
Aquatones - Deeper Shades Of HouseSteve TravellCD12Mill 085-CD5028557800855
ExposedVarious ArtistsCD15MILL 091-CD5028557009128
There Is Enough For EveryoneThe StarseedsCD11MILL 090-CD
Progressive TranceVarious Artists2×CD9 + 9MILL 066-CD5028557006622
WreckageSurgeCD11MILL 087-CD
Ambient Soho, Volume 1Various Artists2×CD10 + 10MILL 088-CD5028557008824
StarmanThe StarseedsCD3MILL 089-CD
Atmospheric Drum & Bass, Volume 6Various Artists2×CD10 + 10MILL 094-CD
Ambient Soho, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD10 + 9MILL 095-CD5028557009524
CityFull Moon FashionsCD9MILL 097-CD
Ambient DubVarious ArtistsCD12MILL 099-CD
Nu EnergyMark SinclairCD14MILL 101-CD5028557010124
Killing TimeSandspiderCD9MILL 111
Ambient Soho, Volume 3Various Artists2×CD10 + 11MILL 107-DCD5028557010728
SuíSuí VesanCD13834013-0
AvenueTen MadisonCD10MILL 113-CD5028557011329
Watch That SoundFreddy FreshCD12Mill 110-CD5028557011022
Chemical LoversVarious Artists2×CD9 + 9MILL 122-CD
From Lust to DustTen MadisonCD11MILL 121-CD5028557012128
Save EarthFünf DCD10MILL 120-CD5028557012029
Sonic CubeSonic CubeCD9MILL 123-25028557012326
Music for an Imaginary FilmSandspiderCD16MILL 114
Pressure PointPeter GunCD10MILL 116-2
MilkTen MadisonCD11MILL 128-CD5028557012821
AngelheartFünf DCD8MILL 127-CD
Progressive Goa Trance, Volume 2 (disc 1)Various ArtistsCD95028557104021
RoboterwerkeRoboterwerkeCD15MILL 126-25028557012623
Trouble in RioTen MadisonCD12MILL 130-CD5028557013026
Inclination for ComposureEn VoiceCD12MILL 131-25028557013125
Thicker than BloodPeter GunCD10MILL 129-CD5028557012920
TransformersVarious ArtistsCD10
Friendly FirePeter GunCD11MILL 135-25028557013521
Hall of DreamsEn VoiceCD12MILL 138-2-CD
GroundedTen MadisonCD13MILL 136-2
TravellingTen MadisonCD12MILL 140-CD
DreamsVarious ArtistsCD10MILL 142-CD
NocturnesFull Moon Fashions2×CD8 + 8MILL 139-2-DCD
Goa 2008, Volume 1Various Artists2×CD9 + 9
Electronic Ladyland (disc 2)Various ArtistsCD9Mill 143-DCD
Goa Beach, Volume 9DJ Banel2×CD9 + 9YSE 186-2-DCD5028557118622
Goa Beach, Volume 10DJ Tulla & Der Bus2×CD9 + 11YSE 196-2-DCD5028557119629
Chill House, Volume 13Various ArtistsCD12MILL 956
Goa 2011, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD9 + 95028557125026
Goa Trance Volume TwentytwoVarious Artists2×CD9 + 9
Goa Trance, Volume 23Various Artists2×CD9 + 9[none]