Solitude Productions' catalog numbers are usually formed, using the next scheme:

SP. NNN-YY - for CDs
SP. NNNLP - for vinyls

Where SP. is a label's name abbreviation (note, there is a space after the dot), NNN is a release ordinal number, YY are the last two digits of a release year and LP refers to LP album.
This doesn't apply to the first seven releases, where the "year part" was not yet introduced.
The release dates can be usually found on the official label's web page.

Annotation last modified on 2008-04-29 13:06 UTC.


Таинство зимыОкеан печалиCD6
  • RU2005-07-16
SP. 001
  • RU2005-10-15
SP. 002
  • RU2005-12-18
SP. 003
From Cosmos to ChaosHeavy LordCD5
  • RU2006-03-22
SP. 004[none]
  • RU2006-05-08
SP. 005
Fragile MonumentsTales of DarkEnhanced CD7
  • RU2006-07-31
SP. 006[none]
Memorial to SufferingPainful MemoriesCD6
  • RU2006-09-10
SP. 007
Embrace the EmptinessEvokenCD7
  • RU2006-10-22
SP. 008-06
NarcosisComatose VigilCD3
  • RU2006-12-16
SP. 009-06[none]
Ea TaesseEaCD3
  • RU2006-12-20
SP. 010-06[none]
Beyond Good and EvilGloomy SundayCD9
  • RU2007-03-08
SP. 011-07
The TomeHierophantCD8
  • RU2007-04-10
SP. 012-07
Marble Shades of DespairОткровения дождяCD8
  • RU2007-05-17
SP. 013-07
Мраморные тона отчаянияОткровения дождяCD8
  • RU2007-05-17
SP. 013-07
Echoes Through the CatacombsCatacombsCD4
  • RU2007-05-19
SP. 014-07
Majestic Downfall / AnsiaMajestic Downfall / AnsiaCD6
  • RU2007-10-13
SP. 015-07
Chained to the WorldHeavy LordCD7
  • RU2007-11-12
SP. 016-07
Silent Veil of My DoomTears of MankindCD9
  • RU2008-02-10
SP. 017-08
Chained to the WorldHeavy LordVinyl7
  • RU2008-03-10
SP. 001LP
Liquid Dimensions ChangeAbstract SpiritCD6
  • RU2008-03-21
SP. 018-08[none]
Lost Lifeless LightsFrailtyCD9
  • RU2008-04-19
SP. 019-08[none]
...когда мёртвые ветви воспрянут от сновЕкклесиастCD14
  • RU2008-09-15
SP. 020-08
UnawakeningAstral SleepCD5
  • RU2008-09-21
SP. 021-08
Monochromes PhilosophySomnolentCD4
  • RU2008-11-30
SP. 022-08
Halfway to NowhereMöseCD7
  • RU2008-12-27
SP. 023-08
  • RU2009-02-17
SP. 024-09[none]
Откровения дождяОткровения дождяCD10
  • RU2009-02-19
SP. 025-09[none]
  • RU2009-03-13
SP. 026-09[none]
The Holy GrailHeavy LordCD7
  • RU2009-03-14
SP. 027-09[none]
Lost Lifeless LightsFrailtyDigital Media9
  • XW2009-05-15
Broken LeafMy LamentCD8
  • RU2009-06-22
SP. 028-09
From Under the TarnS:t ErikCD5
  • RU2009-08-30
SP. 029-09
Via GnosisNox AureaCD9
  • RU2009-08-31
SP. 030-09
Tragedy and WeedsAbstract SpiritCD6
  • RU2009-10-10
SP. 031-09
Rising of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute to ThergothonVarious Artists2×CD9 + 8
  • RU2009-11-14
SP. 032-09
Au EllaiEaCD3
  • RU2010-02-25
SP. 033-10[none]
Au EllaiEaDigital Media3
  • XW2010-02-25
Shadows Over the CosmosThe Howling VoidCD5
  • RU2010-06-01
SP. 034-10[none]
Withered ShadesOphisCD5
  • RU2010-06-01
SP. 035-109991702031106
Madness of My Own DesignThe Sullen RouteCD8
  • RU2010-06-05
SP. 036-10[none]
Shadows Over the CosmosThe Howling VoidDigital Media5
  • XW2010-07-26
First CommunionStoned JesusCD4
  • RU2010-08-30
SP. 037-10
Эманация ненавистиОткровения дождяCD7
  • RU2010-09-13
SP. 038-10[none]
AngelAstral SleepCD3
  • RU2010-09-13
SP. 039-10[none]
НачалоSeptic MindCD3
  • RU2010-11-30
SP. 040-10
Вitterness of the Years That Are LostWho Dies in Siberian SlushCD7
  • RU2010-11-30
SP. 041-10[none]
AbsenceShattered HopeCD7
  • RU2010-12-20
SP. 042-10[none]
...And Then, the Light of Consciousness Became Hell...HellLightCD6
  • RU2010-12-20
SP. 043-10
Solitude Productions Compilation 2010Various ArtistsCD14
  • RU2011-03-28
SP. 044-11[none]
DesireNight of SuicideCD4
  • RU2011-03-30
SP. 045-11[none]
Horror VacuiAbstract SpiritCD7
  • RU2011-04-25
SP. 046-11[none]
Balls to AllHeavy LordCD8
  • RU2011-05-09
SP. 047-11
To Mourn Is a VirtueFuneralCD9
  • RU2011-05-24
To Mourn Is a VirtueFuneralCD9
  • RU2011-05-24
SP. 048-11D[none]
EnthEnth12" Vinyl2
  • RU2011-07-31
SP. 002LP
Macabre: Il richiamo delle ombreThe Undergrave ExperienceCD-R2
  • RU2011-08-15
SP. 049-11
Fuimus, non sumus...Comatose VigilCD3
  • RU2011-09-12
SP. 050-11[none]
Истинный ЗовSeptic MindCD3
  • RU2011-10-24
SP. 051-11
Ea TaesseEaDigital Media3
  • XW2011-11-26
Boued Tousek Hag Traou Mat AllStangalaCD10
  • RU2011-12-05
SP. 052-11[none]
Sea of InfinityMare InfinitumCD5
  • RU2011-12-19
SP. 053-11[none]
Solitude Productions Compilation 2011Various ArtistsDigital Media10
  • XW2011-12-24
Funeral Doom / The Light That Brought DarknessHellLight2×CD7 + 7
  • RU2012-01-16
SP. 054-12[none]
  • RU2012-03-05
SP. 055-12[none]
EaEaDigital Media1
  • XW2012-03-05
As All Torn AsunderWhen Nothing RemainsCD9
  • RU2012-03-19
SP. 056-12[none]
The Shortest WayEvadneCD8
  • RU2012-04-02
SP. 057-12[none]
Between Two DesertsObsidian SeaCD9
  • RU2012-04-16
SP. 058-12[none]
Returning to the Primary SourceGraveflowerCD7
  • RU2012-05-14
SP. 059-12[none]
Abske FidesAbske FidesCD6
  • RU2012-06-11
SP. 060-12[none]
Leaving the Place Forgotten by GodEmbrace of SilenceDigital Media7
  • XW2012-06-25
Leaving the Place Forgotten by GodEmbrace of SilenceCD7
  • RU2012-06-26
SP. 061-12[none]
Regression to NothingnessInborn SufferingCD7
  • RU2012-07-09
SP. 062-12D[none]
Wordless HopeInborn SufferingCD8
  • RU2012-08-06
SP. 063-12[none]
A Key to PanngriebNarrow HouseCD4
  • RU2012-08-20
SP. 064-12[none]
The Womb Beyond the WorldThe Howling VoidDigital Media4
  • XW2012-09-17
The Womb Beyond the WorldThe Howling VoidCD4
  • RU2012-09-17
SP. 065-12[none]
VisionsAstral SleepCD4
  • RU2012-10-15
SP. 066-12[none]
Regression to NothingnessInborn SufferingDigital Media7
  • XW2012-10-15
Wordless HopeInborn SufferingDigital Media8
  • XW2012-10-29
To All in GravesAmilyCD10
  • RU2012-11-12
SP. 067-12[none]
Sleeping With My NameMournful GustDigital Media4
  • XW2012-11-18
In My Own AbyssDoomedCD7
  • RU2012-12-12
SP. 068-124627080610170
In My Own AbyssDoomedDigital Media7
  • XW2012-12-12
The Womb Beyond the WorldThe Howling VoidDigital Media4
  • XW2012-12-18
We Have Been Dead Since Long Ago...Who Dies in Siberian SlushCD6
  • RU2012-12-25
SP. 069-124627080610163
On the Verge…Mental TormentCD8
  • RU2013-01-21
SP. 070-134627080610187
Drunken TalesEvoke Thy LordsCD5
  • RU2013-02-04
SP. 071-134627080610286
Theomorphic DefectivenessAbstract SpiritCD6
  • RU2013-04-22
SP. 072-134627080610316
Thy Dark SerenityWhen Nothing RemainsCD8
  • RU2013-06-03
SP. 073-134627080610347
Overhead, Without Any Fuss, the Stars Were Going OutStation DysthymiaCD4
  • RU2013-07-01
SP. 074-13
No God Above, No Devil BelowHellLightCD8
  • RU2013-07-15
SP. 075-134627080610361
Once Hidden From SightVin de Mia TrixCD8
  • CA2013-08-26
SP. 076-134627080610415
March of TimeEverlastingCD4
  • RU2013-10-07
SP. 077-13
Merely the Fleshless We and the Awed ObsequyGrieving Age2×CD3 + 2
  • RU2013-11-04
SP. 078-134627080610439
Обманчивая добродетельОткровения дождяCD7
  • RU2013-11-18
SP. 079-134627080610453
NightfallThe Howling VoidDigital Media6
  • XW2013-12-02
NightfallThe Howling VoidCD6
  • RU2013-12-02
SP. 080-13D4627080610460
A Etilla (jewel case edition)EaCD1
  • RU2014-01-13
SP. 081-144627080610477