UK and Eire based label that releases compilation albums, ostensibly owned by Dino Entertainment (UK) Ltd.

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Diving for PearlsVarious ArtistsCD12INDCD 15018271000181
That Loving Feeling, Volume IIIVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15DIN CD 115018271000396
The Summer of LoveVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 105018271000365
Leather & Lace: The Second ChapterVarious ArtistsCD17DIN CD 125018271000426
Rock 'n' Roll Love SongsVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DIN CD 135018271000457
Bacharach & David: They Write The SongsVarious ArtistsCD18DIN CD 165018271000549
Leather & LaceVarious ArtistsCD17DIN CD 95018271000334
Leather & Lace: The Second ChapterVarious ArtistsCassette17DIN MC 12
The Tracks of My Tears: The Best OfSmokey RobinsonCD185018271000570
Love SupremeVarious ArtistsCD18DIN CD 195018271000709
Energy Rush 2Various ArtistsCD20DINCD 555018271002574
Hardcore EcstasyVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 295018271001171
Essential Hardcore: 20 Crucial Dance CutsVarious ArtistsCD20DIN CD 335018271001454
Essential Hardcore: 20 Crucial Dance CutsVarious ArtistsCassette20DINMC 33
That Loving Feeling Volume IVVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15DIN CD 185018271000600
Rhythm DivineVarious Artists2×CD16 + 16DIN CD 225018271000808
Their Greatest HitsRose Royce & ChicCD18DIN CD235018271000839
LA FreewayVarious ArtistsCD18DIN CD 255018271000891
We Will Rock YouVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15DIN CD 265018271001089
Rhythm Divine 2Various Artists2×CD18 + 16DINCD 275018271001119
More Rock’n’Roll Love SongsVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DIN CD 305018271001201
The Rhythm RomanceMari WilsonCD14DIN CD 315018271001287
Party Mix (over 100 non stop hits)Various ArtistsCD12DIN CD 325018271001386
Their Finest CollectionThe JuddsCD16
HeartlandsVarious ArtistsCD18DINCD375018271001706
PreciousVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 385018271001751
Midnight CruisingVarious ArtistsCD18DINCD 405018271001850
The OriginalsVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 435018271001980
Greatest VoicesVarious ArtistsCD18DINCD 445018271002017
The Best of Shirley BasseyShirley BasseyCD22DINCD 495018271002208
Cold SweatVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 36
Memories... Are Made of This: 40 Timeless ClassicsVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD 475018271002147
The Best of Andy WilliamsAndy WilliamsCD22DINCD 505018271002239
Stompin PartyVarious Artists2×CD19 + 21DINCD52
Energy RushVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 535018271002529
Let's Talk About LoveVarious ArtistsCD20DINTV 395018271001768
The Rhythm RomanceMari WilsonCD16TOCP-7340
Energy Rush Level 3Various ArtistsCD20DINCD 575082710026353
The Very Best of Randy CrawfordRandy CrawfordCD18DINCD 585018271002659
Heart Full of SoulVarious ArtistsCD19DINCD 635018271004028
Energy Rush Phase 4Various ArtistsCD20DINCD 65
That Loving Feeling, Volume VIVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15DINCD645018271005025
More Than UnpluggedVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 695018271030027
The Very Best of That Loving FeelingVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD 785018271130024
Love in the 60sVarious ArtistsCD245018271310020
Blues Brother Soul SisterVarious ArtistsCD209548-31921-2095483192120
Promo: Not for SaleBrian ConleyCD4BCCD1[none]
Blues Brother Soul SisterVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 565018271002604
Energy Rush Presents Dance Hits 93Various ArtistsCD20DINCD 595018271003021
Blues Brother Soul Sister, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD20DINCD615018271002826
Energy Rush: Factor 5Various ArtistsCD20DINCD 665018271010029
Rock the ’90s With Planet RockVarious ArtistsCD17DINCD 675018271009023
Rave GenerationVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD 685018271020028
Energy Rush: Hits of the YearVarious ArtistsCD22DINCD 705018271040026
Energy Rush Safe SixVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 74
Keep On DancingVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD 805018271150022
Energy Rush presents Dance Hits 93 2nd DimensionVarious ArtistsCD205018271007029
Start: The Best of BritishVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 925018271450023
The Ultimate Jungle CollectionVarious Artists2×CD16 + 16DINCD 1055018271580027
Rock AnthemsVarious Artists2×CD19 + 19DINCD 1015018271550020
It's Electric: Classic Hits From an Electric EraVarious ArtistsCD19DINCD 735018271330028
Energy Rush – 7th HeavenVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 79
SoulmateVarious ArtistsCD19DINCD 825018271320029
That Loving Feeling, Volume VIIVarious Artists2×CD16 + 16DINCD 835018271340027
Energy Rush 8 - Xtermin8Various ArtistsCD20DINCD 84
Blues Brother Soul Sister, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD20DINCD 855018271360025
When a Man Loves a WomanVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD885018271390022
The Very Best of the Electric Light OrchestraElectric Light OrchestraCD18DINCD 905018271410027
Pure SwingVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 975018271500025
Pure Swing TwoVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 985018272000227
Rave AnthemsVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD 1045018272000623
Sax MoodsBlowing FreeCD18DINCD1065018272000722
Drive Time 2Various Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD 995018272000326
Pure Swing IIIVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 1095018272001026
Pure Swing IVVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD1165018272001828
Drive Time 3Various Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD1195018272002122
Pure Swing VVarious ArtistsCD20DINCD 1175018272001927
The Best of All WomanVarious Artists2×CD19 + 19BOWOCD0015018272001224
The Greatest Dance Album of All TimeVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD1085018272000920
Spiritually IbizaVarious ArtistsCD14DINCD 1115018272001323
The Soul of Lennon and McCartneyVarious ArtistsCD18DINCD1125018272001422
The Greatest Soul Album of All TimeVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD 1135018272001521
The Very Best of Blues Brother Soul SisterVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD1155018272001729
Ska ManiaVarious ArtistsCD24DINCD 86
Dance Massive 95Various Artists2×CD19 + 19DINCD 875018272000128
Reggae Massive: 38 Classic & New Reggae HitsVarious Artists2×CD19 + 19DINCD 93
Eighties Soul WeekenderVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD 1225018272002924
Pure Swing 96Various ArtistsCD20DINCD 1205018272002221
Drive Time 4Various Artists2×CD18 + 18DINCD1285018272003525
The Very Best of Buddy HollyBuddy HollyCD28DINCD1335018272004829
Rock Anthems, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD19 + 19DINCD 110
Voices of TranquilityHypnosisCD20DINCD123
AlternatorVarious ArtistsCD21DINCD 1255018272003228
Pure Jazz MoodsVarious Artists2×CD17 + 17DINCD1265018272003327
We Will Rock YouVarious Artists2×CD15 + 15DIN CD 26 A, DIN CD 26 B5018271001089
Godver godverLaan van MeerdervoortCD2DNCS 23218712195732124
Eighties Soul Weekender 3Various Artists2×CD20 + 18DINCD1385018272005321
We Are CLINAH!Clinah(unknown)5
The Best of All Woman, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD19 + 19BOWOCD002501827204720
Pride & PassionVarious Artists2×CD20 + 20DINCD1215018272002320