A Walk Across the RooftopsThe Blue Nile12" Vinyl7
  • GB1984-05-13
Stay (Remix)The Blue Nile7" Vinyl2
LKS 1, LKS-1[none]
Carol KiddCarol KiddVinyl13
A Walk Across the RooftopsThe Blue NileCD7
  • GB1985-05-20
LKHCD 10077778646921
All My TomorrowsCarol KiddCD11
AKCD 0055020305300051
Nice WorkCarol Kidd12" Vinyl13
AKH 006
A Walk Across the Rooftops (No barcode version)The Blue NileCD7
LKHCD 1[none]
Hats (blue disc label)The Blue NileCD7
  • GB1989-10-09
LKHCD 2, LKHCD20077778647027
The Downtown LightsThe Blue NileCD3
CD 12326075021232624
HatsThe Blue NileCD7
Headlights on the ParadeThe Blue NileCD3
Victim of CircumstanceDavid NewtonCassette8
AKC 0135020305400133
Victim of CircumstanceDavid NewtonCD8
AKD 0135020305300136
The Night We Called It a DayCarol KiddCD10
AKH CD 0075020305300075
A Live RecordingPolish Chamber OrchestraCD5
CKD 0015020305600014
Sonatas and Ballade for Cello and PianoDebussy, Martin, Poulenc; William Conway, Peter EvansCD3
Mozart : Symphony no. 40 / Schubert : Symphony no. 5Mozart, Schubert; English Classical PlayersCD8
CKD 0035020305600038
Saturday NightThe Blue NileCD3
LKSCD 55012980500024
Saturday NightThe Blue NileCD3
LKSCX 55012980234523
Eye WitnessDavid NewtonCD8
AKD 0155020305300150
Change of HeartMartin TaylorCD7
AKD 016502035300167
I'm Glad We MetCarol KiddCD12
AKD 017
Symphony no. 5 in D minorDmitri Shostakovich; Leningrad Symphony Orchestra, Alexander DmitrievCD4
CKD 0045020305600045
Udite Amanti 17th Century Italian Love SongsJill FeldmanCD11
CKD 0055020305600052
The Waiting GameClaire MartinCD12
AKD 018
The Linn Collection 1992 EditionVarious ArtistsCD11
  • -1992
AKD 9925020305309924
Baroque LuteNigel NorthCD14
ckd 0065020305600069
Directed by Phillip Pickett / Music from the Time of ColumbusNew London ConsortCD19
CKD 0075020305600072
Lutosławski: Grave / Webern: Three Little Pieces / Rachmaninov: Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minorLutosławski, Webern, Rachmaninov; William Conway, Peter EvansCD8
Albinoni: Adagio for Organ and Strings / Pachelbel: Canon and GigueTomaso Giovanni Albinoni, Johann Pachelbel; Musica da Camera, Robert KingCD19
CKD 0125020305600120
ArtistryMartin TaylorCD11
Birmingham to MemphisThe Steve Gibbons BandCD13
AKD 0195020305300198
Devil May CareClaire MartinCD11
AKD 021
Elizabethan & Jacobean Consort MusicPhilip Pickett, New London Consort, Catherine Bott, Michael GeorgeCD20
CKD 0115020305600113
[Forward Motion with Terje Gewelt-Ian Froman] ReminiscenceTommy SmithCD10
AKD 0245020305300242
Return JourneyDavid NewtonCD9
AKD 0255020305300259
Crazy for GershwinCarol KiddCD14
Linn Collection 1994Various ArtistsCD13
AKD 027[none]
Old BoyfriendsClaire MartinCD12
AKD 028
Misty Morning and No TimeTommy SmithCD14
AKD 0405020305300402
Bach on the Lute, Volume 1 (Nigel North)Johann Sebastian BachCD13
CKD 013
The Winged LionPalladian EnsembleCD21
Bach on the Lute, Volume 2Johann Sebastian Bach; Nigel NorthCD14
CKD 029
Bach on the Lute, Volume 1Johann Sebastian Bach; Nigel NorthVinyl13
CKH 013
Spirit of DjangoMartin TaylorCD11
The Full FlavourThe Ray Gelato GiantsCD16
AKD 0345020305300341
The Best of Carol Kidd Volume OneCarol KiddCD19
AKD 0425020305300426
That's MeCarol KiddCD14
AKD 0445020305300440
GoldCarol KiddCD14
AKD 0455020305300457
OffbeatClaire MartinCD14
AKD 046
PortraitsMartin TaylorCD14
AKD 048
AlchemistPhilip PickettCD12
CKD 0315020305600311
The Indian QueenHenry Purcell; The Purcell Simfony, The Purcell Simfony Voices, Tessa Bonner, Catherine Bott, Rogers Covey‐Crump, Peter HarveyCD35
CKD 0355020305600359
The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD23
CKD 0475020305600472
The London Collection: A Choice Collection / Held by the EarsPalladian Ensemble2×CD25 + 36
CKD 324691062032421
Bach on the Lute, Volume 4Johann Sebastian Bach; Nigel NorthCD18
  • GB1996-09-01
CKD 0555020305600557
Jazz Not JazzHue & CryCD11
AKD 0575020305300570
Linn Classical 1996Various ArtistsCD12
AKD 0535020305300532
Beasts of ScotlandTommy SmithCD10
akd 0545020305300549
Linn Jazz 1996Various ArtistsCD15
AKD 0565020305300563
Years ApartMartin Taylor's Spirit of DjangoCD12
AKD 0585020305300587
The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD28
CKD 0515020305600519
The Golden Age, Volume 1: EuropeMagnificat conducted by Philip CaveCD11
CKD 0525020305600526
Tomás Luis de Victoria: Officium Defunctorum (1999 release)MagnificatCD12
CKD 0605020305600601
First FootingAnamCD12
CKD 135691062601351
All My TomorrowsCarol KiddCD11
  • GB1997-08-01
AKD 2105020305300686
AzureTommy SmithCD10
AKD 0595020305300594
GoldMartin TaylorCD14
AKD 0645020305300648
Make This City OursClaire MartinCD11
AKD 0665020305300662
Summer JazzVarious ArtistsCD13
AKD 0725020305300723
Enter the FireTim GarlandCD10
AKD 074
New Jack SwingJack JonesCD10
AKD 0780786051500125
Celtic Experience, Volume 1: Haunting Themes From Scotland & IrelandWilliam JacksonCD16
AKD 0805020305300808
Trios for 4Palladian EnsembleCD23
CKD 0505020305600502
The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD26
CKD 0625020305600625
Les Saisons amusantesNicolas Chédeville; Palladian EnsembleCD20
  • -1997
CKD 0705020305600700
The CelticD. C. Heath; The BT Scottish Ensemble, Clio GouldCD8
CKD 073
Music of the NightJeff Leyton(unknown)16
  • GB1998-06-01
AKD 098
The Linn Collection 1998Various ArtistsCD16
  • GB1998-10-02
AKP 198[none]
Celtic Experience, Volume 2: Haunting Themes From Scotland & IrelandWilliam JacksonCD15
AKD 0825020305300822
Ars subtiliorNew London Consort, Philip PickettCD16
CKD 0395020305600397
Componimenti musicali (1623)Lucrezia Vizzana; Musica Secreta, Catherine KingCD20
CKD 0715020305600717
ExtemporeOrlando Consort, Perfect HouseplantsCD18
CKD 0765020305600762
The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 4Various ArtistsCD22
CKD 0835020305600830
Tears of the AngelsJohn Tavener; BT Scottish Ensemble, Clio Gould, Patricia RozarioCD3
The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 5Various ArtistsCD22
CKD 0865020305600861
CKD 134691062601344
The Sun King's ParadisePalladian EnsembleCD17
  • GB1999-05-05
CKD 100
Next MoveHue & CrySACD9
AKD 131691062301312
The Golden SectionWallace CollectionCD24
  • GB1999-11-16
CKD 092
Two's CompanyMartin TaylorCD17
Take My HeartClaire MartinCD11
AKD 093
Gymnopédie: The Classical Side of Tommy SmithSatie, Bartók, Grieg, Corea, Smith; Tommy Smith, Murray McLachlanCD18
AKD 1035020305301034
Celtic Experience, Volume 3: Haunting Themes From Scotland & IrelandWilliam Jackson & Andrew WhiteCD15
AKD 1085020305301089
BlueSmithTommy SmithHybrid SACD11
AKD 136691062301367
Dvořák: Piano Quintet in A (The Schidlof Quartet Plays Dvorak)Schidlof Quartet with Martin Roscoe pianoCD8
CKD 0965020305600960
A Varietie of Lute LessonsNigel NorthCD22
CKD 097
The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 6Various ArtistsCD21
CKD 0995020305600991
The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 7Various ArtistsCD20
CKD 107691062601078
The OptimistGerard PresencerSACD7
  • GB2000-01-01