Blue Note

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One of the most important jazz label of the 50s/60s. Actual production also stretches toward various electro/remix stuff.

Activity: 1939-1965 (independent) 1965-1979 (as a subsidiary), then revived 1985-today (as a subsidiary)
Production type: original (plus a few recent reissues of subsidiary labels)
Founded by: Alfred Lion & Francis Wolff
Has/had subsidiaries: Capitol Jazz, Pacific Jazz and Roulette Jazz (as Blue Note is now the flagship EMI Group's jazz label)
Current Status:

  • Sold to: Liberty Records (1965), which was bought by United Artists (1969), which was bought by EMI Group (1979)
  • Top parent company: EMI Group
  • Distributed by: Capitol/EMI

Catalog reissued by: Some things appear on Mosaic Records
The following detailed explanations are copied from Plosin:
"The Blue Note Modern Jazz Series began in late 1951 with the following 10" monaural LPs. Some of these LPs were later reissued as part of the Blue Note 1500 Series of 12" LPs. At first, recordings were made in various studios in New York (Reeves Sound Studio, WOR Studios, Apex Studios, Audio Video Studios). Beginning in October 1953, however, most Blue Note sessions took place in Rudy van Gelder's home studio in Hackensack, New Jersey. (Van Gelder moved the studio to Englewood Cliffs in early July 1959.) The sessions were produced by Alfred Lion and engineered by Van Gelder, and many LP covers featured photographs by Lion's childhood friend Francis Wolff.
Blue Note made the change to 12" LPs late in 1955. The Modern Jazz Series continued with the following 12" LPs. Most of these were issued in both monaural versions (BLP series) and artificial stereo versions (BST 81000 series). Beginning in 1956 with BLP 1509, Reid Miles designed most of the Blue Note LP covers. Together with Alfred Lion's production, Rudy van Gelder's engineering, and Frank Wolff's photography, Miles' designs defined the Blue Note look and sound. The Blue Note 4000 series began in the mid-1950s with many of the same artists. The 1500 series has been systematically reissued by Toshiba in Japan ("Blue Note Works 1500" series, 20-bit K2 CDs); the catalog numbers are TOCJ-1501, etc. In addition, originally unissued material from these late 50s dates was made available on Toshiba's 1600 series (20-bit K2 CDs).

Toshiba/Blue Note 1600 series
These CDs make available originally unissued material from the sessions which gave us the 1500 series of Blue Note LPs. They are manufactured by Toshiba and employ 20-bit, 88.2 KHz recording technology."

Catalog attempt at the remainder of

The label was founded as Blue Note Records and is still called Blue Note Records.

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Port of Harlem Blues / After Hour BluesPort of Harlem Jazz Men / Frank Newton Quintet12" Shellac2
Boogie Woogie Stomp / Boogie Woogie BluesAlbert Ammons12" Shellac2
Mighty Blues / Rocking the BluesPort of Harlem Jazz Men12" Shellac2
Chicago in Mind / Twos and FewsAlbert Ammons / Meade “Lux” Lewis, Albert Ammons12" Shellac2
Weary Land Blues / Daybreak BluesJ. C. Higginbotham Quintet / Frank Newton Quintet10" Shellac2
Pounding Heart Blues / SummertimePort of Harlem Seven / Sidney Bechet Quintet12" Shellac2
Blues for Tommy / Basin Street BluesPort of Harlem Seven / J. C. Higginbotham Quintet12" Shellac2
Lonesome Blues / Dear Old SouthlandSidney Bechet’s Blue Note Quartet12" Shellac2
Saturday Night Blues / Bechet’s Steady RiderSidney Bechet’s Blue Note Quartet10" Shellac2
Bass Goin’ Crazy / Suitcase BluesAlbert Ammons12" Shellac2
Ike Quebec Tenor SaxIke Quebec3×10" Shellac2 + 2 + 2
BN 102
Weird Lullaby / Dob‐Bla‐BliBabs’ 3 Bips and a Bop10" Shellac2
Oop‐Pop‐A‐Da / Stomping at the SavoyBabs’ 3 Bips and a Bop10" Shellac2
Lop‐Pow / Pay Dem DuesBabs’ 3 Bips and a Bop10" Shellac2
Babs’ Dream / Runnin’ AroundBabs’ 3 Bips and a Bop10" Shellac2
’round About Midnight / Well You Needn’tThe Thelonious Monk Quintet / The Thelonious Monk Trio10" Shellac2
Blue HarlemIke Quebec & His Quintet10" Shellac2
Evonce / Off MinorThe Thelonious Monk Sextet / The Thelonious Monk Trio10" Shellac2
In Walked Bud / EpistrophyThe Thelonious Monk Quintet / The Thelonious Monk Quartet10" Shellac2
I Should Care / All the Things You AreKenny "Pancho" Hagood with the Thelonious Monk Quartet10" Shellac2
I Mean You / SymphonetteThelonious Monk Quartet / Tadd Dameron SextetVinyl2
Dance of the Infidels / 52nd Street ThemeBud Powell's ModernistsVinyl2
Ruby My Dear / EvidenceThe Thelonious Monk Trio / The Thelonious Monk Quartet10" Shellac2
Humph / MysteriosoThe Thelonious Monk Sextet / The Thelonious Monk Quartet10" Shellac2
Un Poco Loco / It Could Happen to YouBud Powell TrioVinyl2
Ask Me Now / Willow Weep for MeThelonious MonkVinyl2
Mellow the MoodVarious Artists10" Vinyl7
BLP 5001
Genius of Modern Music (mono)Thelonious Monk10" Vinyl8
BLP 5002[none]
The Amazing Bud PowellBud Powell10" Vinyl8
BLP 5003
Fats Navarro Memorial AlbumFats Navarro10" Vinyl7
BLP 5004[none]
Dixieland ClambakeArt Hodes's Hot Seven with Max Kaminsky and Bujie Centobie10" Vinyl8
LP 7015
Chance It / YesterdaysThe Miles Davis Sextet / Miles Davis10" Shellac2
Skippy / Let’s Cool OneThe Thelonious Monk Sextet10" Shellac2
James Moody With StringsJames Moody10" Vinyl8
BLP 5005
James Moody and His ModernistsJames Moody and His Modernists With Chano Pozo10" Vinyl8
BLP 5006
Overture to Dawn, Volume 1Erroll Garner10" Vinyl3
BLP 5007
Overture to Dawn, Volume 2Erroll Garner10" Vinyl4
BLP 5008[none]
Genius of Modern Music, Volume 2Thelonious Monk10" Vinyl8
BLP 5009
New SoundsMax Roach/James Moody/Art Blakey10" Vinyl6
BLP 5010
Wizard of the VibesMilt Jackson10" Vinyl8
BLP 5011
Howard McGhee All StarsHoward McGhee All Stars / Howard McGhee10" Vinyl8
BLP 5012
Young Man with a HornMiles Davis10" Vinyl6
BLP 5013
Young Man With a HornMiles Davis10" Vinyl6
BLP 5013
New Faces - New Sounds (original 10" release)The Horace Silver Trio10" Vinyl8
BLP 5018[none]
New Faces - New SoundsLou Donaldson10" Vinyl8
BLP 5021
Jazz Festival Concert, Paris 1952, Volume 2Sidney Bechet10" Vinyl6
BLP 7025[none]
Overture to Dawn, Volume 3Erroll Garner10" Vinyl4
BLP 5014
Overture to Dawn, Volume 4Erroll Garner10" Vinyl4
BLP 5015
Overture to Dawn, Volume 5Erroll Garner10" Vinyl4
BLP 5016
Horn of PlentyDizzy Gillespie10" Vinyl8
BLP 5017, LP 5017
New Faces – New SoundsGill Mellé10" Vinyl8
BLP 5020[none]
Miles Davis, Vol. 2Miles Davis10" Vinyl6
BLP 5022[none]
New Faces – New Sounds, Introducing the Kenny Drew TrioKenny Drew Trio10" Vinyl8
BLP 5023
Howard McGhee Volume 2Howard McGhee10" Vinyl6
BLP 5024
New Faces – New SoundsWynton Kelly10" Vinyl8
BLP 5025
Jay Jay Johnson with Clifford Brown, Jimmy Heath, John Lewis, Percy Heath, Kenny ClarkeJay Jay Johnson with Clifford Brown, Jimmy Heath, John Lewis, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke10" Vinyl6
BLP 5028
New Faces - New SoundsLou Donaldson, Clifford Brown10" Vinyl6
BLP 5030
New Star on the HorizonClifford Brown10" Vinyl6
BLP 5032[none]
Horn of PlentyDizzy Gillespie7" Vinyl4
BNEP 202
Vol. 2Horace Silver Trio And Art Blakey10" Vinyl8
BLP 5034[none]
Sal Salvador QuintetSal Salvador Quintet10" Vinyl6
BLP 5035
Vol. 3Miles Davis10" Vinyl6
BLP 5040[none]
The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume 2Bud Powell10" Vinyl8
BLP 5041
Elmo Hope QuintetElmo Hope Quintet10" Vinyl6
BLP 5044
Clifford Brown QuartetClifford Brown Quartet10" Vinyl6
BLP 5047[none]
Gigi Gryce Clifford Brown SextetGigi Gryce Clifford Brown Sextet10" Vinyl4
BLP 5048
New Faces – New SoundsJulius Watkins Sextet10" Vinyl4
BLP 5053
Lou Donaldson Sextet, Volume 2Lou Donaldson Sextet10" Vinyl4
BLP 5055
New Faces - New Sounds From GermanyJutta Hipp Quintet10" Vinyl8
BLP 5056[none]
Horace Silver Quintet (Volume 3)The Horace Silver Quintet10" Vinyl4
The Swinging Fats Sadi ComboThe Swinging Fats Sadi Combo10" Vinyl8
BLP 5061[none]
Here Comes Frank Foster / George Wallington: ShowcaseFrank FosterVinyl17
Tal Farlow QuartetTal Farlow10" Vinyl6
Miles Davis, Volume 1Miles Davis12" Vinyl12
BLP 1501[none]
The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume OneBud Powell12" Vinyl12
BLP 1503
The Amazing Bud Powell, Volume 2 (mono)Bud Powell12" Vinyl12
BLP 1504
The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Volume 1Jay Jay Johnson12" Vinyl10
BLP 1505
The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson, Volume 2Jay Jay Johnson12" Vinyl10
BLP 1506
Milt JacksonMilt Jackson12" Vinyl12
BLP 1509
Milt Jackson With John Lewis, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke, Lou Donaldson and the Thelonious Monk QuintetMilt Jackson With John Lewis, Percy Heath, Kenny Clarke, Lou Donaldson And Thelonious Monk Quintet12" Vinyl12
BLP 1509[none]
Horace Silver and the Jazz MessengersHorace Silver & The Jazz Messengers12" Vinyl8
BLP 1518
Hank Mobley QuartetHank Mobley Quartet10" Vinyl6
BLP 5066[none]
Miles Davis, Volume 2Miles Davis12" Vinyl11
BLP 1502[none]
A Night at Birdland, Volume 1The Art Blakey Quintet12" Vinyl5
BLP 1521[none]
Whims of ChambersPaul Chambers Sextet12" Vinyl7
  • US1956-09-21
BLP 1534
And Spotlight on Drums: Art Blakey - SabuHorace Silver12" Vinyl12
BLP 1520[none]
A Night at Birdland, Volume 2The Art Blakey Quintet12" Vinyl5
BLP 1522[none]
Profoundly Blue / Blue HarlemCharlie Christian With Ed Hall Quartet / Ike Quebec7" Vinyl2
Tempus Fugit / Lazy SusanMiles Davis7" Vinyl2
The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia, Volume 1Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers12" Vinyl6
BLP 1507[none]
The Jazz Messengers at the Cafe Bohemia, Volume 2Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers12" Vinyl6
BLP 1508[none]
Genius of Modern Music, Volume One (mono, remastered)Thelonious Monk12" Vinyl12
BLP 1510[none]
Genius of Modern Music, Volume 2Thelonious Monk12" Vinyl12
BLP 1511
A New Sound, a New Star: Jimmy Smith at the Organ, Volume 1 (mono)Jimmy Smith12" Vinyl9
BLP 1512
Detroit-New York JunctionThad Jones12" Vinyl5
BLP 1513
A New Sound, a New Star: Jimmy Smith at the Organ, Volume 2Jimmy Smith12" Vinyl7
BLP 1514
At the Hickory House Volume 1 (mono)Jutta Hipp12" Vinyl10
BLP 1515
At the Hickory House Volume 2Jutta Hipp12" Vinyl10
BLP 1516
Patterns in JazzGil Mellé12" Vinyl6
BLP 1517[none]
Herbie Nichols TrioHerbie Nichols Trio12" Vinyl10
BLP 1519