Rough Trade (pre-2000)

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Emerged from the Rough Trade Shop in 1978, went bankrupt in 1991, then was run by One Little Indian Records and finally relaunched in 1999/2000.

Don't file any post-2000 release here.

Click here for "new" Rough Trade (2000 - present, LC-11945).

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Paris maquisMétal Urbain7" Vinyl2
RT 001[none]
Suspect DeviceStiff Little Fingers7" Vinyl2
  • GB1978-02-04
RT 006[none]
The Murder of Liddle TowersAngelic Upstarts7" Vinyl2
Alternative UlsterStiff Little Fingers7" Vinyl2
  • GB1978-10-17
RT 004[none]
AmbitionSubway Sect7" Vinyl2