"Officially closed its doors in 2004. Its catalog was folded into Zomba, which was (then) owned by Sony BMG" - discogs.

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This Means WarTank12" Vinyl7
  • GB1983-06-10
Black MassesMercyful Fate12" Vinyl2
12 KUT 106[none]
DefenderManowar12" Vinyl2
12 KUT 102
Black FuneralMercyful Fate12" Vinyl2
  • -1983
12 KUT 106
Blondie GirlEARTHSHAKER12" Vinyl4
12 KUT 107[none]
Kill ’Em AllMetallicaCD10
CD MFN 75016583100728
Virgin SteeleVirgin Steele12" Vinyl10
MFN 1[none]
MelissaMercyful Fate12" Vinyl7
MFN 10[none]
Guardians of the FlameVirgin SteeleVinyl10
Into Glory RideManowar12" Vinyl7
MFN 6[none]
Kill ’Em AllMetallica12" Vinyl10
MFN 7[none]
  • -1983
Fistful of MetalAnthrax12" Vinyl10
MFN 14
Jump in the FireMetallica12" Vinyl3
  • US1984-02-20
12 KUT-105
Hail to EnglandManowar12" Vinyl7
MFN 19[none]
Ride the LightningMetallica12" Vinyl8
MFN 275016583102715
Art & IllusionTwelfth Night12" Vinyl5
Creeping DeathMetallicaVinyl3
  • FR1984-11-23
12 KUT 112
Ride the LightningMetallica12" Vinyl8
MFN 27[none]
Animal (F**k Like a Beast)W.A.S.P.12" Vinyl2
12 KUT 109, 12-KUT-109[none]
Creeping DeathMetallica12" Vinyl3
12 KUT 112[none]
Creeping DeathMetallicaCD6
CD 12KUT 1125016583711221
Creeping Death / Jump in the FireMetallicaCD6
CD 12KUT 112
Fistful of MetalAnthraxCD10
It's My LifeWendy O. Williams7" Vinyl2
KUT 111
Violence & ForceExciter12" Vinyl10
Live and Let LiveTwelfth Night12" Vinyl6
MFN 18[none]
MFN 21
Heart of the StormAlaska12" Vinyl10
MFN 23
Honour & BloodTank12" Vinyl7
MFN 26[none]
Ride the LightningMetallicaVinyl8
MFN 27[none]
WaystedWaysted12" Vinyl5
MFN 31
Out of the DarknessJack Starr12" Vinyl9
MFN 34[none]
Midnight FlightEARTHSHAKERVinyl8
MFN 37
Out on BailLegs Diamond12" Vinyl8
Violent BreedRox(unknown)9
Burning at the Speed of LightThrasher12" Vinyl9
MFN 45[none]
Feel the KnifeExciter12" Vinyl3
12 KUT 113
Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!MegadethCD8
CD MFN 465016583104627
Thunder in the EastLoudness12" Vinyl10
MFN 38
Steel the LightQ512" Vinyl9
MFN 39[none]
The PackAlaska12" Vinyl9
MFN 41[none]
The Good the Bad the WaystedWaysted12" Vinyl9
MFN 43
Long Live the LoudExciterVinyl8
MFN 47[none]
Welcome to the Metal ZoneVarious Artists2×Vinyl8 + 9
The Wreck-AgeTygers Of Pan Tang12" Vinyl10
MFN 50
Speed Kills (The Very Best in Speed Metal)Various Artists12" Vinyl12
MFN 54[none]
When Midnight ComesSurgin’12" Vinyl10
MFN 58
Spreading the DiseaseAnthraxVinyl9
Bonded by BloodExodus12" Vinyl9
Long Live the LoudExciter12" Vinyl8
Long Live the LoudExciter(unknown)8
Master of PuppetsMetallicaCD8
CD MFN 605016583106027
Master of PuppetsMetallica12" Vinyl8
MFN 60[none]
Mad Locust RisingAgent Steel12" Vinyl4
12 KUT 124[none]
Master of PuppetsMetallicaVinyl8
Ride the LightningMetallicaCD8
CD MFN 27[none]
Master of PuppetsMetallicaCD8
CD MFN 605016583106027
Master of PuppetsMetallicaVinyl8
  • -1986
MFN 60[none]
Unveiling the WickedExciterVinyl9
MFN 61[none]
When the Mirror CracksQ5Vinyl10
MFN 64
Kill ’Em AllMetallica12" Vinyl10
Master of PuppetsMetallica7" Vinyl2
MU 102
Screams in the NightHellion12" Vinyl9
MFN 73
Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!MegadethCD8
CDMFN 465016583104627
Feel the FireOverkillCD10
CDMFN 1275016583112721
Pleasures of the FleshExodusCD10
CDMFN 77[none]
Young and CrazyTigertailzCD11
CD MFN 78[none]
Unstoppable ForceAgent Steel12" Vinyl9
MFN 66
Young And CrazyTigertailz12" Vinyl11
MFN 78
BreakawayMichael Furlong12" Vinyl9
MFN 79
Kill ’Em All (direct metal mastered double LP)Metallica2×12" Vinyl6 + 4
MFN 7 DM5016583100735
Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!Megadeth2×12" Vinyl4 + 4
MFN 46DM5016583104634
Hail to EnglandManowarCD7
CD MFN 0195016583101923
Live Animal (F**k Like a Beast)W.A.S.P.Vinyl3
12 KUT 1095016583710903
Live Animal (F**k Like a Beast)W.A.S.P.CD3
CD 12 KUT 1095016583710927
Sirens / The Dungeons Are CallingSavatage(unknown)15
CD MFN 485016583104825
King Kobra IIIKing KobraCD9
CDMFN 865016583108625
Stand in LineImpellitteriCD9
CD MFN 895016583108922
Postcards From the AsylumHellion12" Vinyl4
MFN 825016583108212
Atomic ArenaBarren Cross(unknown)10
MFN 84
Live It While You CanSuicide Squad12" Vinyl4
MFN 85M5016583108519
Stand in LineImpellitteriVinyl9
RoadkillMeanstreak12" Vinyl8
MFN 895016583108915
TMFN 895016583108946
Fabulous DisasterExodusCD10
  • GB1989-01-30
CDMFN 905016583109028
Tales of CreationCandlemassCD11
  • GB1989-09-25
CD MFN 955016583109523
Tales of CreationCandlemass12" Vinyl11
  • GB1989-09-25
MFN 955016583109516
The Big NoiseBlue BludCD10
CD MFN 935016583109325
Perfect SymmetryFates WarningCD8
CDMZORRO 735020083107323
Fabulous DisasterExodusCD10
INT 848.5104006758485102
Tales of Creation (Picture Disc; Limited Edition)Candlemass12" Vinyl11
MFN 95P5016583109509
Prime EvilVenomCD11
  • JP1990-01-21
CSCS 50904988009509020
The Big NoiseBlue BludCD10
  • JP1990-02-21
CDMFN 1095016583110925
Busted at the BorderThunderheadCD11
CDMFN 1105016583111021
Out on Bail / Land of the GunLegs DiamondCD18
CDMFN 595016583105921