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Piano MoodsTeddy Wilson10" Vinyl11
B 07625 R[none]
In de haven van ArdanoOlympia Zusjes7" Vinyl2
Er is geen trouwer hartJoop de Knegt7" Vinyl4
422 234 PE
Jazz-PartyDutch Swing College Orchester10" Vinyl8
P 10008 R
Boogie at All / Paul's BoogieFrank Folken und sein Orchester10" Shellac2
PH 4099
Am I Blue? / I Never Knew (I Could Love Anybody Like I'm Loving You)Erroll GarnerShellac2
Skin DeepDuke Ellington And His Orchestra Featuring Louis Bellson10" Shellac2
B 21204 H
Le Gorille / La Mauvaise RéputationGeorges Brassens et sa guitare10" Shellac2
N 72 083 H[none]
Le Gorille / Le Mauvais Sujet repentiGeorges Brassens et sa guitare10" Shellac2
N 72.083 H
Ma petite folieHenri Salvador avec Jo Boyer et son orchestre10" Shellac2
N 72.106 H
Je vous aimeHenri Salvador10" Shellac2
N 72.109 H
Juliette Gréco chante ses derniers succèsJuliette Gréco10" Vinyl8
N 76.000 R[none]
RikketikHelma & Selma10" Vinyl2
P 17291 H
Thee, Toast en Tomaten / Juke Box BoogieLouis Baret10" Shellac2
P 19009 H
BonpapaKleine Janneman10" Shellac2
P 19073 H[none]
High Society / Stealin' the BluesThe Orchestra Of The Dutch College10" Shellac2
P 34149 H
By The Light Of The Silvery MoonDoris Day With Paul Weston And His Orchestra12" Vinyl8
  • NL1953-03-13
B 07618 R
La Foire / Il y aJacques Brel10" Shellac2
P 19.055 H[none]
Un jour, tu verrasMouloudji7" Vinyl2
  • FR1953-11-26
N72.213 H
Blowing Wild / Te AmoFrankie Laine10" Shellac2
B25511H, P.B.207
Nº1 : Georges Brassens chante… les chansons poétiques (… et souvent gaillardes) de… Georges BrassensGeorges Brassens10" Vinyl8
N 76.061 R[none]
Istanbul (Not Constantinopel) / Hey Joe! (Golden letters)The Four Lads / Frankie Laine7" Vinyl2
300 504 BF
Istanbul (Not Constantinopel) / Hey Joe!The Four Lads / Frankie Laine7" Vinyl2
300 504 BF
Het lied van het pierementAnnie de Reuver7" Vinyl4
422 061 PE
When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along / Beautiful Music to Love ByDoris Day10" Shellac2
B 21047 H
What a Little Moonlight Can Do / I'll Never Say "Never Again" AgainBenny Goodman and His Orchestra10" Shellac2
B 21051 H
Palladium Party / RubyHarry James and His Orchestra10" Shellac2
B21.066 H
Palladium Party / RubyHarry James and His Orchestra10" Shellac2
B21066H, P.B. 165
Hey Joe / Sittin' in the SunFrankie Laine With Paul Weston And His Orchestra And Norman Luboff Choir10" Shellac2
Istanbul (Not Constantinople) / I Should Have Told You Long AgoThe Four Lads10" Vinyl2
B 21129 H[none]
Rags to Riches / I’ll GoTony Bennett with Percy Faith & His Orchestra10" Shellac2
B 21151 H
O, mein Papa / SerenataHarry James M. Paul Weston U. S. Orchester10" Shellac2
B 21159 H
By the Light of the Silvery Moon / Let It RingDoris Day10" Shellac2
B21836H, PB.560
A Purple Cow / This Too Shall Pass AwayDoris Day10" Shellac2
B25520H, P.B.221
Kiss Me Again, Stranger / Choo Choo TrainDoris Day10" Shellac2
B25534H, P.B.264
A Woman's Touch / 'Tis Harry I'm Plannin' To MarryDoris Day10" Shellac2
B25549H, P.B.308
Plus bleu que tes yeux / Mon hommePatachou10" Shellac2
N 72.050 H[none]
La Fille de Londres / Paris canailleCatherine Sauvage avec Michel Legrand et son orchestre10" Shellac2
N 72.148 H[none]
Le petit IndienHenri Salvador10" Shellac2
N 72.191 H
Patachou… chante BrassensPatachou… chante Brassens10" Vinyl8
N 76.010 R[none]
Juliette Gréco chante… – 2e sérieJuliette Gréco avec André Grassi et son orchestre10" Vinyl8
N 76.020 R
Oh HeideroosjeOrkest Zonder Naam10" Vinyl2
P 17320 H
’k Heb mooie tulpenHelma & Selma10" Vinyl2
P 17384 H
Sijtje / VeldbouquetDe Zaankanters10" Shellac2
P 17793 H
Answer Me / Ramblin' ManFrankie Laine10" Shellac2
P25509H, P.B.196[none]
Tea for Two / Ich werde jede Nacht von ihnen träumenOrchester Kurt Wege7" Vinyl2
P 84 0047 F
Die Schönste vom Ball / Blauer HimmelWilly Berking und sein Orchester7" Vinyl2
P 84 004 F
Istanbul (Not Constantinopel) / Hey Joe!The Four Lads / Frankie Laine7" Vinyl2
P 84 069 F
Your Cheatin' Heart / I BelieveFrankie Laine10" Shellac2
Look at That Girl / Wise Man or FoolGuy Mitchell10" Shellac2
I Let Her Go / Where the Wind BlowFrankie Laine10" Shellac2
PB 167
Hey Joe! / Sittin' in the SunFrankie Laine10" Shellac2
LentekindOrkest Zonder Naam10" Vinyl2
N°1 : Jacques Brel et ses ChansonsJacques Brel10" Vinyl9
N 76.027 R[none]
Catherine Sauvage chante Léo FerréCatherine Sauvage10" Vinyl8
N 76.024 R[none]
My Friend / The Lord Don't Treat His Chillun That WayFrankie Laine With Paul Weston And His Orchestra And The Norman Luboff Choir / Frankie Laine With Carl Fischer And The Norman Luboff Choir10" Shellac2
Catherine Sauvage n°1: La Fille de LondresCatherine Sauvage7" Vinyl4
432.001 NE[none]
Catherine Sauvage chante ses derniers succèsCatherine Sauvage10" Vinyl8
N 76.018 R[none]
Tacka vet jag gubben far / Väst och blusArne Domnérus Orkester / Bengt-"Ludde" Wallin, Arne Domnérus Orkester10" Shellac2
P 50 062 H
King Porter StompSidney Bechet Und Das Dutch Swing College Orchester7" Vinyl4
422 005 PE
Kurt Edelhagen spieltKurt Edelhagen Und Sein Orchester7" Vinyl4
423153 PE
Young at HeartDoris Day7" Vinyl4
429 055 BE
Symphonie Nr. 8Mahler; Rotterdamer Philharmonische Orchester, Eduard Flipse2×12" Vinyl2 + 2
  • -1954
A 00226/27 L[none]
Teen-age Dance SessionDan Terry and His Orchestra10" Vinyl8
B 07677 R
Comedy in MusicVictor Borge10" Vinyl2
B 07732 R[none]
Stardust / CaravanBenny Goodman and His Orchestra10" Shellac2
B 21091 H
Secret Love / The Deadwood StageDoris Day10" Shellac2
B21165H, P.B.230[none]
Mambo Italiano / We'll Be Together AgainRosemary Clooney10" Shellac2
Mambo Italiano / We'll Be Together AgainRosemary Clooney10" Shellac2
B21465H, P.B.382[none]
A Hundred Years From Today / Do You Know What It Means to Miss New OrleansFrankie Laine10" Shellac2
New Orleans / GranadaFrankie Laine With Paul Weston And His Orchestra10" Shellac2
B25526H, P.B.242
An Orchid For The Lady / Such A NightJohnnie Ray10" Shellac2
B25532H, P.B.244[none]
After You've Gone / A Hundred Years From TodayFrankie Laine With Paul Weston And His Orchestra10" Shellac2
B25538H, P.B.270
I Can Do Without You / Higher Than a Hawk (Deeper Than a Well)Doris Day - Howard Keel10" Shellac2
B25544H, P.B.288
The Voice of Your ChoiceDoris Day10" Vinyl8
BBR 8026
Έξι λαϊκές ζωγραφιές / Για μια μικρή λευκή αχιβάδαΜάνος Χατζιδάκις10" Vinyl16
N 00742R
Chansons polyphoniques françaises du XIVe au XVIIe siècleEnsemble vocal Roger Blanchard12" Vinyl16
N 00994 R[none]
Le Noyé assassiné / Moi, j’fais mon rondPhilippe Clay7" Vinyl2
N 372.190 F[none]
Il peut pleuvoir / C’est comme çaJacques Brel10" Shellac2
N 72.207 H[none]
Si les enfants savaient / En cueillant une rose roseArmand Mestral avec André Grassi et son orchestre10" Shellac2
N 72.257 H[none]
Mouloudji chante...Mouloudji10" Vinyl8
N 76.005 R
2me Série/Récital Nº 2Mouloudji10" Vinyl10
N 76.022 R
Patachou chante aux VariétésPatachou12" Vinyl10
N 76.030 R[none]
Gems of Jazz No. 2Dutch Swing College Band10" Vinyl8
P 10042 R
Voorjaar in het Alpenland / Tiroler feestOlga Lowina10" Shellac2
P 17249 H
Vergeet mij niet / VissersleedDe Straatzangers10" Shellac2
P 17301 H
Zeemanshart / Het steegjeDe Straatzangers10" Shellac2
P 17325 H
Op een zeemansgraf... / Aan de voet van die oude WesterDe Straatzangers10" Shellac2
P 17343 H
Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream) / The Little ShoemakerThe Melody Sisters and Black and White10" Shellac2
P 17350 H
Lucienne Boyer chante ses derniers succèsLucienne Boyer10" Vinyl8
P 76003 R
Let's Have Another PartyWinifred Atwell10" Shellac2
The Black Hills of Dakota / Just Blew in From the Windy CityDoris Day10" Shellac2
Hey There / This Ole HouseRosemary Clooney with Buddy Cole and his Orchestra10" Shellac2
I’ll See You AgainNoël Coward10" Vinyl9
Rozen zo roodMax van Praag & Jany BronVinyl1
Nº3 : Georges Brassens, sa guitare et les rythmesGeorges Brassens10" Vinyl10
N 76.063 R[none]
1 : Sur la placeJacques Brel7" Vinyl4
432.018 NE[none]
Stranger in Paradise / May I Never Love AgainTony Bennett, Percy Faith & His Orchestra10" Shellac2
B 25431 H
À l’Olympia – 3e sérieJuliette Gréco10" Vinyl10
N 76.047 R
Ooh Bang Jiggilly Jang / Ol' Saint NicholasDoris Day10" Shellac2
B21775H, P.B.532