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Only GuitarDavid Qualey12" Vinyl125003
With Friends - For FriendsWerner Lämmerhirt12" Vinyl8SF 8001
Komm in meinen RosengartenElster Silberflug12" Vinyl14SF 5005
Die DritteWerner Lämmerhirt12" Vinyl11SF 5007[none]
Blue MomentMartin KolbeVinyl14SF 5010
Von Frankreich nach AmerikaLe Clou12" Vinyl10SF 5023[none]
Im LabyrinthPeter Finger, Florian Poser12" Vinyl6SF 5031
Zwei GesichterLe Clou12" Vinyl11SF 8012
HandmadeDavid QualeyCD17357.1004.24013357100428
Die frühen JahreWerner LämmerhirtCD16SFR 357.1001.24013357100121
Only Guitar ParablesDavid QualeyCD2335710022
Inbetween TimesWerner LämmerhirtCD12RTD 357.1007.24013357100725
Wie im ParadiesLiederjanCD13LC 49104013357600720
In der Heimat ist es schönWacholderCD15
Collection 1Werner LämmerhirtCD15RTD 357.1012.24013357101227
Collection 2Werner LämmerhirtCD18RTD 357.1013.24013357101326
Looking for YouAllan TaylorCD12RTD 357.6013.24013357601321
3.5 hoursDavid QualeyCD19RTD 357.101424013357101425
Mit Pauken & TrompetenWerner LämmerhirtCD10RTD 357.1016.24013357101623
PebblesKlaus WeilandCD11
Poet WindDavid MunyonCD11357601724013357601727
Powderhouse RoadSteve StraussCD13SFR 357.6019.24013357601925
Moonstruck & No Looking BackChris Jones2×CD12 + 10SFR 357.6020.24013357602021
Colour to the MoonAllan TaylorCD12SFR 357.6021.24013357602120
Peter's FancyPeter RatzenbeckCD15SFR 357.1018.24013357101821
Behind the MixAllan TaylorCD16
Water FallsSara K.CD12SFR 357.6025.24013357602526
Are We There Yet? Live in ConcertSara K. & Chris JonesCD13SFR 357.6030.24013357603028
Solid SilverMike SilverCD12SFR 357.6026.2
Roadhouses & AutomobilesChris JonesCD12SFR 357.6027.24013357602724
Hotels & DreamersAllan TaylorCD11SFR 357.6028.24013357602823
More Songs for Planet EarthDavid MunyonCD13
Seven Leaves in a Blue Bowl of WaterDavid MunyonCD13357603324013357603325
Closer to the Music, Volume 1Various ArtistsSACD17SFR 357.4003.24013357400320
Surrounded by HornsThe TiptonsHybrid SACD9SFR 357.4034.24013357403420
These DaysPaul StephensonCD11SFR 357.6029.2
Pearl DiverDavid RothCD13SFR 357.6031.24013357603127
Late Piano WorksPéter TóthCD6
Just Like LoveSteve StraussHybrid SACD13SFR 357.4036.24013357403628
Bowers & Wilkins: Very Audiophile New RecordingsVarious Artists(unknown)12SFR B&W W011P0020050530001
Closer to the Music, Volume 2Various ArtistsSACD15SFR 357.4006.24013357400627
Hell or High WaterSara K.Hybrid SACD10SFR 357.4039.24013357403925
The Galaxy RecordingsJohan Schenk, Christiaen Herwich, Philippus Hacquart; The Spirit of GamboHybrid SACD25SFR 357.4042.24013357404229
Hell or High WaterSara K.CD10SFR 357.5039.24013357503922
Stockfisch Records - Vinyl CollectionVarious ArtistsVinyl10SFR 357.8006.14013357800618
More PearlsDavid RothCD144013357604124
Plays GershwinThe Bassface Swing TrioCD6
Old Friends - New RoadsAllan TaylorCD12SFR 357.6047.24013357604728
In a Different LightEugene RuffoloDualDisc144013357404427
A Tribute to Cole PorterThe Bassface Swing TrioHybrid SACD8SFR357.4056.24013357405622
A Tribute to Cole PorterThe Bassface Swing TrioHybrid SACD84013357405622
Voyage: D'une Ile a l'AutreLouis Capart & Duo BalanceSACD13SFR 357.4043.24013357404328
The Complete NocturnesFrédéric Chopin; Gergely Boganyi2×Hybrid SACD10 + 11SFR.357.4051.24013357405127
Don't I Know You From Somewhere? Solo LiveSara K.CD15SFR 357.6055.24013357605527
Made in the ShadeSara K.SACD12SFR 357.4052.24013357405226
Leaving at DawnAllan TaylorSACD12SFR 357.4057.24013357405721
Closer to the Music, Volume 3Various ArtistsSACD18SFR 357.4009.24013357400924
Live in BelgiumAllan TaylorBlu-ray14SFR 357.7062.24013357706224
Walk Back HomePaul O'BrienSACD12SFR357.4064.24013357406421
Art of RecordingVarious ArtistsCD14HKMF005
Big ShoesDavid MunyonCD16SFR 357.06058.2
Even Santa Gets The BluesEugene RuffoloCD16SFR 357.4066.2
Hear The Difference!Various ArtistsSACD5SFR 357.9801.24013357980129
Songs for the RoadAllan TaylorSACD5SFR 357.9010.2
Live at Stockfisch StudioBeogaSACD13SFR 357.4053.24013357405325
Northeim | GoldmineDennis KolenSACD11SFR 357.4059.24013357405929
Out of AustraliaCarl Cleves & Parissa BouasSACD12SFR 357.4060.2
In the GrooveAllan TaylorVinyl10SFR 357.8007.14013357800717
Pretty BlueDavid MunyonCD12SFR 357.6072.24013357607224
Red Rock JourneysRalf IllenbergerCD11SFR 357.1020.24013357102026
Closer to the Music, Volume 4Various ArtistsSACD18SFR 357.4011.24013357401129
Beggars, Fools and ThievesMckinley BlackHybrid SACD11SFR 357.4065.24013357406520
Mitten im SturmKatja Maria WerkerCD12SFR 357.6074.24013357607422
Stockfisch Records - Vinyl Collection Vol. 2Various ArtistsVinyl10SFR 357.8009.14013357800915
Beggars, Fools and ThievesMckinley BlackSACD11SFSA4065
FamiliarBrooke MillerSACD11357.4076.24013357407626
Down the Years I Travelled...Allan Taylor2×CD11 + 10357.9013.2
All Is OneAllan TaylorHybrid SACD10SFR 357.4078.24013357407824
Long May You SingPaul O’BrienHybrid SACD14SFR 357.4080.24013357408029
The Stockfisch Dmm-Cd/Sacd Vol. 1Various ArtistsSACD13SFR 357.5900.24013357590021
Will You Come HomeDavid RothHybrid SACD12SFR 357.4079.24013357407923
Analog Pearls, Volume 1Waylon JenningsHybrid SACD12SFR 357.4801.24013357480124
The Best of Inger Marie GundersenInger Marie GundersenCD14STUCD107024716306185308
Closer to the Music, Volume 5Various ArtistsHybrid SACD19SFR357.4015.2
Horse I Used to Ride (Live in 2001)Sara K.CD13SFR 357.9003.24013357900325
Le quattro stagioni / Il grosso mogul / Violin Concerto in CVivaldi, Brescianello; La Folia Barockorchester, Robin Peter MüllerHybrid SACD18357.4086.24013357408623
Sea Of DreamsSteve StraussSACD14SFR 357.4084.24013357408425
The Slender ThreadCarrie NewcomerHybrid SACD13SFR 357.4088.24013357408821
The Stockfisch Dmm-Cd/Sacd Vol. 2Various ArtistsSACD12SFR 357.5902.24013357590229
There Was A TimeAllan Taylor with The Göttinger Symphonie Orchester(unknown)12SFR 357.9015.24013357901520
eine halbe EwigkeitWerner LämmerhirtCD12SFR 357.1022.24013357102224
Art Of Recording 3Various ArtistsSACD14SRM041DMMCD2016070672007
50 Years On The RoadAllan TaylorBlu-ray13SFR 357.7093.2
Behind the MixAllan TaylorCD15
Playing For LuckRanagriHybrid SACD12SFR 357.4096.24013357409620
Mother Nature's RulesPaul StephensonHybrid SACD14SFR 357.4082.2
Fort of the HareRanagri(unknown)12SFR 357.4085.2
Reg MeurossReg MeurossHybrid SACD11SFR 357.4092.2
Audiophile Recordings, Volume 1Various ArtistsVinyl7
Audiophile Recordings, Volume 2Various ArtistsVinyl7