The BoxThe Box12" Vinyl9BD-1000
Akimbo AlogoKim Mitchell12" Vinyl10BD 1001
Akimbo AlogoKim MitchellCD10BDCD 1001
All the Time, All the Time, All the Time...The Box12" Vinyl9BD 1003, BD-1003[none]
Shakin' Like a Human BeingKim MitchellCD10Z2 1004061528100429
Shakin' Like a Human BeingKim MitchellCD10
Closer TogetherThe BoxCD10Z2-1005061528100528
Michael BreenMichael BreenCD10
Sous Peine D'AmourMichel PagliaroCD9ALERT 281009-2061528100924
Christmas BluesHolly ColeVinyl3BDS-543
Rockland (Columbia House)Kim MitchellCD10Z2-81010061528101020
RocklandKim MitchellCD10Z2-81010061528101020
The Pleasure and the PainThe BoxCD11783852T061528101426
I Am a Wild Party (live)Kim MitchellCD8CZ2 81017061528101723
Talk to Me BabyHolly ColeCD1D-PRO 210
Girl TalkHolly ColeCD1D-PRO 214
Girl TalkHolly ColeVinyl10Z1-81016061528101617
Girl TalkHolly ColeCD10Z2-81016061528101624
I Am a Wild Party (live)Kim MitchellCD8Z2 81017061528101723
Girl TalkHolly ColeCassette10Z4 81016061528101648
Blame It on My YouthHolly ColeCD10Z21 81018061528101822
Blame It on My YouthHolly ColeCassette10Z41 81018061528101846
Blame It on My Youth (Sampler)Holly ColeCD4D-PRO 216
Christmas BluesHolly ColeCD4Z2 551061528055125
Aural FixationsKim MitchellCD12CZ2-81019061528101921
God WillHolly ColeCD1DPRO-219
Downtown / 2000 MilesHolly ColeCD3DPRO 225
Don’t Smoke in BedHolly ColeCD12CZ2 81020777497564949
Don’t Smoke in Bed SamplerHolly ColeCD4DPRO-233
Blame It on My YouthHolly ColeCD1DPRO-235
The Retail Christmas SamplerHolly ColeCD14DPRO-237
Cry (If You Want To)Holly ColeCD1DPRO 238
Don’t Smoke in BedHolly ColeCD12Z2 81020061528102027
Don't Smoke in BedHolly ColeCassette12Z4 81020061528102041
ItchKim MitchellCD11CZ2-8102477749906693902
Musical TruthHolly ColeCD7DPRO-240
Girl TalkHolly Cole TrioCD10Z2-81016061528101624
ItchKim MitchellCD11Z2-81024061528102423
Greatest HitsKim MitchellCD17
Jersey GirlHolly ColeCD1DPRO-304
Alert's Heat Up Your Holiday: Retail Christmas Sampler, Volume 2Holly ColeCD15DPRO-312
Sound as a Performance ArtHolly ColeCD8DPRO-313
I Want YouHolly ColeCD1DPRO-317
TemptationHolly ColeCD16Z2-81026061528102621
TemptationHolly ColeCD16Z2-8102677749924902802
Greatest HitsKim MitchellCD17Z2-81027[none]
Greatest HitsKim MitchellCD17Z2-81027061528102720
It Happened One NightHolly ColeCD8Z2-81030061528103024
Don't Let the Teardrops Rust Your Shining HeartHolly ColeCD1DPRO-341
FeastPiltch & DavisCD12Z2-81031061528103123
Dark Dear HeartHolly ColeCD12615 281 034-2061528103420
Dark Dear Heart 10 Song SamplerHolly ColeCD10ALAD090197
Onion GirlHolly ColeCD1ALPR011998
I've Just Seen a FaceHolly ColeCD1ALPR091597
RiverHolly ColeCD1ALPR 110397
Treasure 1989-1993Holly Cole TrioCD146152 81035-2061528103529
You Want MoreHolly ColeCD1ALPR040698
Treasure 1989-1993Holly Cole TrioCD14ALPR-091598
Romantically HelplessHolly ColeCD126152-81037-2061528103727
Romantically HelplessHolly ColeCD2315
The Tonight AlbumJohnny FavouriteCD136152-81036-2061528103628
Romantically HelplessHolly ColeCD136152-81037-2061528103727
Romantically HelplessHolly ColeCD12HOLLY-2
Make It Go AwayHolly ColeCD1HOLLY-314
Baby, It's Cold OutsideHolly ColeCD136152810382061528103826
Baby, It’s Cold OutsideHolly ColeCD13UMCF-4571-2
Alert Holiday SamplerHolly ColeCD11UMCF 04900-2
ShadeHolly ColeCD126152810392061528103925
God Only KnowsHolly ColeCD1UMCR05145-2
The Holly Cole Collection, Volume 1Holly ColeCD146152810402061528104021
Rosemount CollectionHolly Cole8cm CD3ROSE 1
The Way It FeelsRoxanne PotvinCD126152810416061528104168
Holly ColeHolly ColeCD116152810418061528104182
Holly ColeHolly ColeCD4UMCR-05755-2
Days Like TheseMichael KaeshammerCD11061528104212
No Love For The PoisonousRoxanne PotvinCD126152810424061528104243
LovelightMichael KaeshammerCD126152810428
KaeshammerMichael KaeshammerCD106152810430061528104304
Steal the Night: Live at the Glenn Gould StudioHolly ColeCD + DVD9 + 1261528-10449061528104496
Kaeshammer Live!Michael KaeshammerCD561528-10439061528104397
Akimbo AlogoKim MitchellCD10Z2 81001061528100122