GRP (Grusin-Rosen Productions)

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preceded by the freelance production team named Grusin/Rosen Productions formed in 1972 which produced records for other labels, its founders Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen founded GRP in 1978, which from its onset was associated with Arista via a label agreement known as Arista/GRP. GRP broke away in 1982 to become an independent label. since 1998, it has been a part of the Verve Music Group.

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AngieAngela Bofill12" Vinyl8
GRP 5000
AngieAngela Bofill12" Vinyl8
GRP 99801
LegendsDave ValentinCD8
GRP-D 9519
Browne SugarTom Browne12" Vinyl8
GRP 5003
The HawkDave Valentin12" Vinyl7