No Mercy, No Fear50 Cent & G-UnitCD19
Get Rich or Die Tryin’50 CentCD190694935442606949354428
Beg for MercyG-UnitCD18B0001594-02602498612286
Straight Outta Ca$hvilleYoung BuckCD1406024986298880602498629888
Me Against YouLloyd Banks & Young BuckDigital Media1
The Hunger for MoreLloyd BanksCD1698630260602498630266
Hustler's Ambition50 CentDigital Media3
Hustler's Ambition50 CentDigital Media3
Hustler's Ambition50 CentDigital Media2
The Massacre50 CentCD22B0004093-02602498804087
The Massacre50 Cent2×12" Vinyl11 + 11B0004317-01075021038905
Outta Control50 Cent feat. Mobb DeepCD206024988530160602498853016
Music From and Inspired by Get Rich or Die Tryin’: The Motion PictureVarious Artists2×12" Vinyl9 + 9B0005605-01602498866061
Window Shopper50 CentEnhanced CD40602498883587602498883587
The DocumentaryThe GameCD180602498806319602498806319
The Massacre50 CentCD210602498851272602498851272
The DocumentaryThe Game2×12" Vinyl10 + 8B0003562-01602498641446
G-Unit Radio, Part 12: So SeductiveVarious ArtistsCD26M21543516620132627
G-Unit Radio, Part 13: The Return of the Ghetto MillionaireVarious ArtistsCD26UR00503760107200501
Blood MoneyMobb DeepCD16B0006375-02602498520673
G-Unit Radio, Part 16: Crucified 4 Da HoodMaseCD24UR00653516620133723
Bulletproof: The Mixtape50 CentCD143760107200648
Pretendant au TrôneTwinkyCD73760107200648
Buck the WorldYoung BuckCD17602517134690602517134690
T.O.S: Terminate on SightG-UnitCD160602517693067602517693067
T.O.S: Terminate on SightG-UnitCD16B001146102
GPGTony YayoDigital Media10
H.F.M. 2 (The Hunger for More)Lloyd Banks(unknown)13
Love Me in the HoodLloyd BanksDigital Media1
Make It StackLloyd BanksDigital Media1
From Paris With Love (DJ: DJ Whoo Kidd)Precious ParisDigital Media11[none][none]
Black BeltGenasisCD24
V6: The GiftLloyd BanksDigital Media15[none]
Sex, Drugs & Hip-HopTony YayoDigital Media11[none]
Pilot50 CentDigital Media1
Winners Circle50 Cent feat. Guordan BanksDigital Media1
Big Rich Town50 Cent feat. JoeDigital Media1
Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win50 CentDigital Media11
Nah I’m Talking BoutG-UnitDigital Media1
Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win50 CentCD + DVD14 + 14904000050864904000050
The Beauty of IndependenceG-UnitDigital Media6855817005669
The Beauty Of Independence (Best Buy Edition)G-UnitCD85817005904855817005904
The Beast Is G UnitG-UnitDigital Media6
Get Low (Remastered)50 Cent feat. Jeremih, T.I. & 2 ChainzDigital Media1
9 Shots50 CentDigital Media1
Royal WednesdayRotimiDigital Media9[none][none]
Too Rich for the Bitch50 CentDigital Media1
I'm the Man50 Cent feat. Sonny DigitalDigital Media1
I’m the Man (remix)50 Cent ft. Chris BrownDigital Media1
No Romeo No Juliet50 Cent feat. Chris BrownDigital Media1
I'm the Man (remix)50 Cent feat. Chris BrownDigital Media1
ThotUncle MurdaDigital Media1
2016 Rap UpUncle MurdaDigital Media1
Jeep Music, Vol. 1RotimiDigital Media8
Still Think I’m Nothing (explicit)50 Cent feat. JeremihDigital Media1
Animal Ambition50 CentCD13
Hands UpUncle Murda & Maino(unknown)1