Mute Corporation (do not use as release label! US subsidiary of Mute Records Ltd.)

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This is not a label but a corporation. It is the North American branch of Mute Records Ltd.
It is only ever mentioned in the fine print which you should note down in the respective release annotation.

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Strategies Against Architecture IIEinstürzende Neubauten2×CD11 + 1261100-2024596110028
Henry’s DreamNick Cave & The Bad SeedsCD99016-2724596901625
SatyriconMeat Beat ManifestoCD169 61395-2724596139523
Tabula RasaEinstürzende NeubautenCD89 61458-2724596145821
The Sporting LifeDiamanda Galás with John Paul JonesCD10MUTE 61672-2024596167220
FluorescentSteve WynnCD12Mute 61652-2724596165225
Armed Audio WarfareMeat Beat ManifestoCD11MUTE 9002-2
EverymanSimon BonneyCD15Mute 60114-2724596011423
Voodoo PeopleThe ProdigyCD7Mute 7007-2724596700723
Voodoo PeopleThe ProdigyCD7MUTE 7007-2724596700723
Wishful SinkingRosa MotaCD38724596900529
FirestarterThe ProdigyCD4Mute 8001-2724596800126
Jesus Christ SuperstarsLaibachCD9MUTE 9027-2724596902721
Warm Leatherette / T.V.O.D.The NormalCD2MUTE9045-2724596904527
Pink ElephantsMick HarveyCD16MUE9036.2724596903629
Test Anxiety EPToenutCD7musdj15-2
AkathisiaHovercraftCD5MUTE 9029-2724596902929
SacrilegeCAN2×CD8 + 8MUTE 9033-2724596903322
God & BeastNONCD9MUTE 9044-2724596904428
SuspiriaMiranda Sex GardenCD11MUTE 9 61460-2724596146026
InterimEinstürzende NeubautenCD5MUTE 9 61509-2724596150924
On the Wires of Our NervesAdd N to (X)CD12MUTE 9053-2724596905326
Club Off ChaosClub Off ChaosCD8MUTE 9075-2
Words / For an Angel RemixesPaul van Dyk12" Vinyl4MUTE 9079-0724596907900
45 RPMPaul van DykCD129077-2724596907726
Seven WaysPaul van Dyk2×CD11 + 10MUTE 9076-2724596907627
Gold und LiebeDeutsch Amerikanische FreundschaftCD109084-2724596908426
VakioPan SonicCD159049-2724596904923
Delay 1968CANCD79062-2724596906224
Alles ist gutDeutsch Amerikanische FreundschaftCD109083-2724596908327
APan SonicCD17MUTE 9078-2724596907825
Appearance and the ParkKreidlerCD13MUTE 9088-2724596908822
Avant HardAdd N to (X)CD119091-2724596909126
MoistSchneider TMCD9MUTE 9096-2
Spiral ScratchBuzzcocksCD49122-2724596912225
Volume OneEchoboyCD8MUTE 9123-2724596912324
Silence Is SexyEinstürzende Neubauten2×CD14 + 1MUTE 9132-2724596913222
Add Insult to InjuryAdd N to (X)CD12MUTE 9137-2
Analog Worms AttackMr. OizoCD15MUTE 9118-2724596911822
Volume 2EchoboyCD9MUTE 9142-20724596914229
KreidlerKreidlerCD11MUTE 9144-2
PretentiousThe Clarke & Ware ExperimentCD8MUTE 9124-2724596912423
Last Night a DJ Killed My DogMr. OizoCD6MUTE 9136-2
Utopia (Genetically Enriched)GoldfrappCD8MUTE 9159-2724596915929
Columbia EPPaul van Dyk2×12" Vinyl2 + 2MUTE 9160-0
AaltopiiriPan SonicCD17MUTE 9148-2724596914823
Columbia EPPaul van DykCD6MUTE 9160-2724596916025
Astral DreamsLaurent Garnier12" Vinyl4MUTE 9168-0
ZoomerSchneider TMCD8MUTE 9185-2724596918524
They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on TopLiarsCD9MUTE 9187-2724596918722
Spundae Presents Cass (disc 1)Various ArtistsCD12MUTE 9179-2
Loud Like NatureAdd N to (X)CD13MUTE 9194-2724596919422
Fins to Make Us More Fish-likeLiarsCD39184-2724596918425
Dwellers on the ThresholdTarwaterCD12MUTE 9188-2
GiraffeEchoboyCD10MUTE 9191-2724596919125
45/45PoleCD4MUTE 9203-2
Nothing But YouPaul van Dyk feat. Hemstock & JenningsCD6MUTE 9204-2724596920428
Black CherryGoldfrappCD10MUTE 9206-20724596920626
90/90PoleCD4MUTE 9213-2724596921326
Bring ’em InMando DiaoCD129220-20724596922026
Time of Our Lives / ConnectedPaul van Dyk feat. Vega 4CD6MUTE 9225-2724596922521
ReflectionsPaul van DykCD13MUTE 9229-2724596922927
Phoenix AlbumThe WarlocksCD109227-2724596922729
6 Peace EPSchneider TMCD6MUTE 9205-2724596920527
Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost GhostsM83Vinyl13MUTE 9251-1
CrushPaul van Dyk feat. Second SunCD5MUTE 9240-2724596924020
Strict MachineGoldfrappCD9MUTE 9215-20724596921524
Kesto (234.48:4)Pan Sonic4×CD12 + 12 + 8 + 1MUTE 9243
ReflectionsPaul van Dyk2×CD13 + 8MUTE 9248-2724596924822
In It for the MoneyClientCD7MUTE 9252-2
Black CherryGoldfrappCD5MUTE 9253-2724596925324
Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost GhostsM832×CD12 + 5MUTE 9251-2724596925126
They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on TopLiarsVinyl9MUTE 9187-1724596918715
CityClientCD13MUTE 9257-2
...If I Die, I DieVirgin PrunesCD14MUTE 9265-2724596926529
Time of Our LivesPaul van DykCD2MUSDJ 155-2
Perpetuum MobileEinstürzende NeubautenCD12MUTE 9237-2724596923726
Before the Dawn Heals UsM83CD159281-2724596928127
Hurricane BarMando DiaoCD14MUTE 9280-2724596928028
The Other SidePaul van Dyk feat. Wayne JacksonCD79292-2724596929223
M83M83CD14MUTE 9299-2724596929926
The Politics of Dancing 2Paul van Dyk2×CD17 + 15MUTE 9293-2724596929322
Moustache (Half a Scissor)Mr. OizoCD17MUTE 9300-2
Number 1GoldfrappCD59304-2
Number 1 (Club Promo)GoldfrappCD6MUSDJ182-2
BreatheErasure12" Vinyl4MUSDJ 165-0
Union StreetErasureCD119321-20724596932124
Silent ShoutThe KnifeCD59325-2724596932520
We Share Our Mothers' HealthThe KnifeCD5MUTE 9329-2
Give Me a Wall¡Forward, Russia!CD11MUTE 9330-2724596933022
We Are GlitterGoldfrappCD12MUTE 9335-2724596933527
Fad Gadget by Frank ToveyFrank Tovey2×CD15 + 15MUTE 9336-2
The KnifeThe KnifeCD119340-2724596934029
Marble HouseThe KnifeCD6MUTE 9346-2724596934623
Long Before Rock 'n' RollMando DiaoCD5MUTE 9350-2
Let Me Introduce My FriendsI’m From BarcelonaCD13MUTE 9347-2724596934722
Light at the End of the WorldErasureCD129356-2724596935620