Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
1967-1976 The Best Pk Jazz Collective & Ховбай Хвекмеев Vinyl 9 SCL047 [none]
Irsen's Tale Kai Engel Digital Media 9 SCL081 [none]
Well to Hell Voodoo Puppets Digital Media 10 SCL095
Anob: Part I Anob Digital Media 8 SCL180 [none]
Split Voodoo Puppets & Botinki Ra Digital Media 4 SCL137 5054316066897
Mushrooms Says King Imagine Digital Media 9 SCL138 5054316083177
Red-Headed Woman Pk Jazz Collective Digital Media 11 SCL139 5054316088943
Третий тайм Фиорд Digital Media 5 SCL140 5054316090830
Untitled Vol. 2 LP I Killed Digital Media 8 SCL141 5054316094548
Pride intouchwithrobots Digital Media 1 SCL142 5054316094227
Spirit Kit Tigerberry Digital Media 8 SCL143 5054316094234
Where's Satan? (Re-edition 2014) Valery & The Greedies Digital Media 9 SCL144 5054316101482
Paradigm Lost Kai Engel Digital Media 9 SCL145 5054316101581
Black Box Color Kings Digital Media 2 SCL146 5054316112471
Demo High Times Digital Media 3 SCL147 5054316112488
Episodes (Concerto For Two Pianos & String Quartet) King Imagine & Pankifared Digital Media 12 SCL148 5054316124429
Propaganda Break The Bans Digital Media 8 SCL149 5054316127246
Ivana Kupala Night Crossworlds Digital Media 5 SCL150 5054316130208
Миллиарды лет Чокнутый Пропеллер Digital Media 15 SCL151 5054316135364
起死回生 Tigerberry & Haunt Digital Media 3 SCL154 5054316136231
Train In The Woods Hank Hobson Digital Media 4 SCL153 5054316495222
Songs To Mend The Heart Once Been Torn Apart Still Pluto Digital Media 2 SCL154 5054316398462
Rain Catcher Kai Engel Digital Media 9 SCL155 5054316255987
Foreverdark Woods Is Digital Media 3 SCL156 5054316227779
Верните Мите! Митрий Гранков Digital Media 13 SCL157 5054316572718
Lust intouchwithrobots Digital Media 1 SCL158 5054316651475
The Light Side of the Blue Various Artists Digital Media 9 SCL-TM004 5054316574781
The Farewell («The Farewell» LP by Pk jazz Collective is the compilation of songs about love and its faces.) Pk Jazz Collective Digital Media 11 SCL159 5054316920632
Cold Wave Tigerberry Digital Media 8 SCL160 5054316979098
Сжатие и Увеличение Райт Digital Media 3 SCL161 5054316691099
Malignant Cove adcBicycle Digital Media 10 SCL162 5054316980018
Everything So Stoned, Everything Is Bad Helicalin Digital Media 4 SCL163 5054316747826
Magical Inertia (Deadlines´s first album " Magical inertia" is Javier´s and Jordi´s first attempt to make a more sophisticated music but without losing their identity as a pop-rock act.) Deadlines Digital Media 10 SCL164 5054316724520
Сон прошлогоднего снега Павкашавет бантут Digital Media 5 SCL165 5054316780489
Basscoast Artem Bemba Digital Media 3 SCL167 5054316199427
Добро пожаловать в Москвич Pk Jazz Collective & Ховбай Хвекмеев Digital Media 2 [SCL: Netlabel Day 2015]
Dead Brother intouchwithrobots Digital Media 1 SCL168 5054316590224
Pretvaram Osjećaje U Stihove Čopor Digital Media 8 SCL169 5054316444244
Vol.II - Everything We Know is Wrong Sans Nom Digital Media 11 SCL170 5054316991588
Northland Eva Schlegel Digital Media 4 SCL171 5054316828396
My Song Break Your Headphones W.H.W.Y Digital Media 1 SCL-SNG001 [none]
Day & Night Crossworlds Digital Media 12 SCL172 5054316197799
Self-Titled Bright Falls Digital Media 5 5054316633938
где же твои крылья, Чайка смерть в летнюю полночь Digital Media 7 SCL174 5054316391661
где же твои крылья, Чайка [Tape Mastering] смерть в летнюю полночь Digital Media 7 SCL174 5054316391661
RIO Pk Jazz Collective Digital Media 1 SCL-SNG002 [none]
If I Could (Alt. Version) Tigerberry Digital Media 1 SCL-SNG003 [none]
69 Povalishin Division Digital Media 16 SCL175 [none]
Youth Aspirations Pk Jazz Collective Digital Media 10 SCL176 5054316925330
Lo-Fi Fidelity Various Artists Digital Media 8 SCL-TM005 5054316632993
Добро пожаловать в машину Со мною вот что Digital Media 8 SCL177 5054316643067
Бивис и Баттхед, Батхёрт и Брокенхарт Povalishin Division Digital Media 12 SCL178 [none]
Vision N.W.M.A. Digital Media 5 SCL179 5054316358442
We'll Get Ourselves In TV-News Break The Bans Digital Media 1 SCL-SNG005 [none]
непредсказуемость смерть в летнюю полночь Digital Media 9 SCL181 5054316403432
Russian Canon Fake Cats Project Digital Media 18 SCL183 [none]
Welcome Aboard Eva Schlegel Digital Media 3 Netlabel Day 2016 [none]
Отступление Митрий Гранков Digital Media 8 SCL184 5054316780823
We Were Coalmine Canaries notforme! Digital Media 9 SCL185 5054316689874
Sanctuary Artem Bemba Digital Media 4 SCL186 5054316781813
Apple From The Scrapple Scrapple Digital Media 9 SCL187 [none]
No Reason Fodiator Digital Media 9 SCL188 5057302164584
Broken Doll Eva Schlegel Digital Media 5 SCL189 5057302440596
топорная работа почему коммутатор молчит Digital Media 10 SCL190 5057302381585
Love's Secret Pk Jazz Collective Digital Media 10 SCL191 5057302095666
Подмосковные вечера /// Училище Со мною вот что Digital Media 3 SCL-SNG006 [none]
VESNA Ffiper (unknown) 6 SCL192 5057302535414
The Nothing Ethers Digital Media 2 SCL-SNG007 [none]
Cinealarm Artem Bemba Digital Media 16 SCL193 5054316767688