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parent label:BMG (the former Bertelsmann Music Group, defunct since 2004-08-05; for releases dated 2008 and later, use “BMG Rights Management”)
subsidiaries:BMG Berlin Musik (imprint of BMG Berlin Musik GmbH)
Das Musiklabel
Logic Records (Germany)
Proof! / :chlodwig musik
Sing Sing
renamed from:BMG Ariola Hamburg GmbH (in 2002-01)
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1999Alone: The 8th AlbumModern Talking
1999Alone: The 8th AlbumModern Talking
1999Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of …)Lou Bega
1999Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…)Lou Bega
1999So bist Du (Und wenn Du gehst…)Oli.P
1999 –A Little Bit of MamboLou Bega
1999 –Verdammt wir leben nochFalco
2000Around the World (La La La La La)ATC
2000Around the World (La La La La La)ATC
2000My Heart Beats Like a Drum (Dam Dam Dam)ATC
2000 –Lieber DJKleine Lisa vs. Tekknoheimer & Foggy
2001Die Transsylvanische Verwandte ist da // HeiterkeitPeterLicht
2002Am Fenster 2City
2002Tonight & ForeverB3
2003Free Like the WindAlexander
2003Take Me TonightAlexander
2004 –Benny Goodman’s Carnegie Hall Concert 1938Andrej Hermlin and His Swing Dance Orchestra feat. Dan Levinson
2004 –Geradeaus abgebogenSebastian Krumbiegel
Augen auf!Oomph!
Brennende LiebeOomph! feat. L’Âme Immortelle
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1994 –Stairway to Heaven (remix '94)Far Corporation8:47
1997I Want You Back, I Want Your Heart (original radio edit)Touché3:23
1997Kiss You All Over (club mix)No Mercy5:50
1997Rescue Me (radio edit)Bell, Book & Candle3:24
1998This Goodbye Is Not Forever (original radio edit)Touché3:37
1999All I HaveModern Talking4:24
1999Can’t Get EnoughModern Talking3:39
1999Close to YouKisha3:31
1999Don’t Let Me DownModern Talking4:00
1999Don’t Let Me GoModern Talking3:23
1999Evi's SongKisha3:30
1999For Always and EverModern Talking3:25
1999How You Mend a Broken HeartModern Talking4:18
1999I Can’t Give You MoreModern Talking3:43
1999I Wanna Be in Love With YouKisha3:51
1999I Wish (radio mix)Oli.P3:23
1999I'll Be With YouKisha4:03
1999I’ll Never Give You UpModern Talking3:29
1999I’m So Much in LoveModern Talking3:56
1999It Hurts So GoodModern Talking3:25
1999Just Close Your EyesModern Talking4:21
1999Little Pieces of YouKisha3:42
1999Love Is EnoughKisha3:37
1999Love Is Like a RainbowModern Talking4:00
1999Mambo (The Trumpet)Lou Bega6:01
1999Mambo No. 5 (part of “The Non-Stop Party Album 2” DJ‐mix)Lou Bega3:31
1999Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…) (radio edit)Lou Bega3:40
1999Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…) (extended mix)Lou Bega5:15
1999Mambo No. 5 (Havanna club mix)Lou Bega5:49
1999Never Thought This Could Be LoveKisha3:47
1999On My WayKisha3:41
1999Rouge et noirModern Talking3:18
1999Sexy Sexy LoverModern Talking3:34
1999So bist Du (Classic single mix)Oli.P3:31
1999So bist Du (Cyplex Street mix)Oli.P4:21
1999So bist du (Missing Shots TMTQ cut)Oli.P3:36
1999So bist Du (und wenn Du gehst …) (radio edit)Oli.P3:12
1999Space Mix (the ultimate nonstop mix)Modern Talking feat. Eric Singleton17:15
1999Taxi GirlModern Talking3:11
1999This Is What I FeelKisha3:48
1999Yeah Yeah YeahKisha2:59
1999You Are Not AloneModern Talking3:44
1999 –1+1=2Lou Bega4:04
1999 –Baby Keep SmilingLou Bega3:11
1999 –Beauty on the TV-ScreenLou Bega4:02
1999 –Behind StageLou Bega1:17
1999 –Can I Tico Tico YouLou Bega2:54
1999 –I Got a Girl (album version)Lou Bega3:14
1999 –IcecreamLou Bega3:51
1999 –Lou’s CaféLou Bega0:58
1999 –Mambo MamboLou Bega3:01
1999 –The Most Expensive Girl in the WorldLou Bega3:46
1999 –The Trumpet Part IILou Bega6:05
1999 –Tricky, TrickyLou Bega3:24
2000Es ist geil ein Arschloch zu sein (radio version)Christian3:40
2000 –Lieber DJ (Big club mix)Kleine Lisa vs. Tekknoheimer & Foggy7:18
2000 –Lieber DJ (DJ Highko remix)Kleine Lisa vs. Tekknoheimer & Foggy4:39
2000 –Lieber DJ (EXEtronic remix)Kleine Lisa vs. Tekknoheimer & Foggy4:28
2000 –Lieber DJ (Jupiter One remix)Kleine Lisa vs. Tekknoheimer & Foggy4:59
2000 –Lieber DJ (radio edit)Kleine Lisa vs. Tekknoheimer & Foggy3:22
2001Die transsylvanische Verwandte ist daPeterLicht4:00
2001Die Transsylvanische Verwandte ist daPeterLicht?:??
2001Die Transsylvanische Verwandte ist da (Toktok Remix)PeterLicht5:18
2001Heiterkeit (ekimas Radioversion)PeterLicht4:00
2001Heiterkeit (Mehr Nicht-Mix)PeterLicht5:00
2002Berlin 2City4:22
2002Darf ichCity3:24
2002Dünnes EisCity4:27
2002Fang anCity3:36
2002Flieg ich durch die WeltCity4:17
2002Flugzeug ohne FliegerCity3:33
2002Für immer und immerCity4:05
2002Ich bin ganz AugeCity3:48
2002Nachts wenn wir träumenCity5:04
2002Nie wiederCity4:22
2002Wie duCity4:09
2002Zieh dich ausCity3:17
2004 –aber alles wird wieder gutSebastian Krumbiegel1:11
2004 –An der BarSebastian Krumbiegel4:14
2004 –Bitte nicht den Kopf verlierenSebastian Krumbiegel3:34
2004 –Deine Freundin mag michSebastian Krumbiegel2:33
2004 –denn wir retten die WeltSebastian Krumbiegel1:56
2004 –die Erde wird bald explodierenSebastian Krumbiegel3:04
2004 –Die LiebendenSebastian Krumbiegel3:47
2004 –Die Nacht gehört unsSebastian Krumbiegel5:04
2004 –Du weißt doch, wo ich binSebastian Krumbiegel1:59
2004 –DurchSebastian Krumbiegel2:26
2004 –Gegen GeldSebastian Krumbiegel2:46
2004 –Ich glaubeSebastian Krumbiegel1:03
2004 –Keine ZeitSebastian Krumbiegel2:33
2004 –Komm lass uns gehnSebastian Krumbiegel3:31
2004 –kosmisches GekicherSebastian Krumbiegel0:39
2004 –Lass mich losSebastian Krumbiegel3:02
2004 –Sympathisch, erfolgreich, dynamischSebastian Krumbiegel2:54
Ai no corridaJazzkantine5:16
Around the World (La La La La La) (radio version)ATC3:36
Around the World (La La La La La)ATC?:??
Benutz michJazzkantine4:17
Funk-O-Matic (live)Jazzkantine6:04
Heartbeat OutroATC1:13
Introducing ATCATC0:41
It Ain't Necessarily SoJazzkantine4:07
Just the Way You AreJazzkantine3:36
Let Me Come & Let Me GoATC3:19
Lonesome SuiteATC1:11
Love Is BlindATC3:06
Mein Tag, mein LichtJazzkantine4:14
Mercy, Mercy, MercyJazzkantine & HR Big Band4:28
Mind MachineATC3:41
Mistake No. 2ATC4:11
My Heart Beats Like a Drum (Dam Dam Dam)ATC?:??
My Heart Beats Like a Drum (Dam Dam Dam)ATC3:45
My Heart Beats Like a Drum (Dam Dam Dam) (international radio edit)ATC3:56
Notte d’amore con teATC4:08
Rescue Me (radio edit)Bell, Book & Candle3:25
Sie sieht gut ausJazzkantine4:00
So MagicalATC3:41
Soulpride (live)Jazzkantine5:52
Thinking of YouATC3:47
Thinking of You (Jiggy Joint radio mix)ATC3:34
Why Oh WhyATC3:58
With YouATC3:53
Without Your LoveATC3:25
Wohin du willstJazzkantine & HR Big Band5:01
1999Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of …)Lou Bega
2000Around the World (La La La La La)ATC
2000Around the World (La La La La La)ATC
2000My Heart Beats Like a Drum (Dam Dam Dam)ATC
2002Tonight & ForeverB3
2003Free Like the WindAlexander
2003Take Me TonightAlexander