Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Through Twilight... Winds of Sorrow CD 8 HDR-001
Requiems of a World Lost Ancient Tundra CD-R 8 HDR-002
Lunaric Tide Astral Luminous CD 4 HDR-004
Crépuscule Hivernal sans fin sur les terres de la guerre Neige et Noirceur CD 3 HDR-005
Haunted Memories Immundus CD 10 HDR-006 884501128544
Descending Further Into Nothingness Exiled From Light CD 6 HDR-008 [none]
Wherein Beauty Lies in Depression Various Artists Digital Media 10
Suprême cheminement The Foetal Mind CD 12 HDR-011
Solitude and Suicide Funeral Fornication CD-R 8 HDR-007 [none]
There Is No Beauty Left Here Exiled From Light 2×CD 3 + 6 HDR-013 801655249420
Uruk-Hai / Funeral Fornication Uruk-Hai / Funeral Fornication CD 8 HDR - 015
The Grand Contraction The Foetal Mind CD 11 HDR-016
Mélancolie urbaine Netra CD 7
Melancholy Epiphany: The Trance Formation is Shattered Various Artists Digital Media 11
Conceptual Horizon Ekove Efrits CD 11 HDR-019 830159014579
Drawn to Descend Ov Hollowness CD-R 6 HDR-020 620953433825
Desolation.Dissonance.Delirium Various Artists Digital Media 11
Faces of Insanity Epitimia CD 9 HDR-023 781877004444
Sørbyen Netra CD 12
Subterranean Disposition Subterranean Disposition CD 5 HDR-026 781877007537
Solipsist Anthems Various Artists Digital Media 20
Bardo. Relative Reality Odradek Room CD 7 HDR - 027 781877008411
Oligarchy Lycanthia CD 8 HDR-028
Silentium! Depicting Abysm / Windbruch / Gmork Digital Media 9 [none]
Ghost Light Galaktik Cancer Squad CD 5 HDR-031 [none]
Once Hidden From Sight Vin de Mia Trix CD 8 HDR-033 4627080610415
Nowhere Ekove Efrits CD 10 HDR-035
(Un)reality Epitimia 2×CD 9 + 9 HDR-038
The Harbinger / City in the Sea Lycanthia / Atten Ash 7" Vinyl 2 HDR-V-001
Subarctic Nocturnes: Doomed to Be Various Artists Digital Media 12 [none]
The Hourglass (bandcamp version) Atten Ash Digital Media 8
The Idea of North Norilsk CD 9 HDR - 040 620953518027
Revenant Orphans of Dusk CD 4 HDR-041 4627080610866
The Isolation Splendour Immensity CD 7 HDR-044 4627080610996
Cold Redrafted Negative Voice (unknown) 8 HDR-045 4627080611009
Contagiuum and the Landscapes of Failure Subterranean Disposition CD 6 HDR-046 4627080611030
Nur ein Moment... Frigoris CD 6
Subarctic Nocturnes: Below the Wilted Grove [Volume III - MMXVI] Various Artists Digital Media 15 [none]
Slaves of the Vast Machine Obitus CD 1 HDR049 827166384429
Ingrats Netra Digital Media 10
Le passage des glaciers Norilsk CD 8