Mighty Music (danish hardrock label)

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
The Hidden Lore Iniquity CD 4 PMZ001-3
Deadly Relics Artillery CD 13 PMZ002-2 7391946081271
Cold Breath Wolfheart CD 9 PMZ005-2 6662410198469
Tales of the Woods... Thus Was Written Thalarion CD 10 PMZ004-2 0666030619751
Soulseducer Guidance of Sin (unknown) 9 PMZ006-2
Soul Collector Panzerchrist CD 8
Four Elements Mysterium Thalarion CD 9 PMZ011-2 6663006197767
Resurgence of Oblivion Beheaded CD 5 PMZ017-3 6661411197068
Deadly Relics Artillery CD 13 PMZX002 6661907196667
Moribund Anasarca CD 11 PMZ016-2 6660712197562
Immortal Unholy Triumph Nephasth CD 10
Torture Test Cronic Disorder CD 9 6660501200169
Tunes of Despondency Thalarion CD 9 PMZ025-2 6660501200169
Room Service Panzerchrist CD 10 PMZ029-2 6662901195267
Iniquity Bloody Iniquity Iniquity CD 15 PMZ032-2 6662102197862
Dying Anasarca CD 10 PMZ027-2 6660501195465
Yellow Acid Rain Sludge CD 9 PMZ026-2
Gehennesis Compos Mentis CD 10 PMZ035-2 6663110200667
Velvet Noise Raunchy CD 13 6660911200162
Pick Up This Sick Child Vicious Art CD 11 PMZ037-2 6662810200762
Bello: Room Service / Soul Collector Panzerchrist CD 20 PMZ033-2 6660606200668
Feral Creation Thorium CD 11 PMZ038-2 6662062661663
Lava Sludge CD 9 PMZ036-2 6662019842060
Himmelfartskommando Panzerchrist (unknown) 21
Funeral Phantoms Exmortem CD 10 PMZ039-2 6660220086662
Code of Conspiracy Submission CD 12
Pale Moon Godheads (unknown) 2
A Lapdance for the Devil Anoxia CD 10 5700907230108
A New Decay Boil CD 10 PMZ47
A Scent of Veracity Eciton CD 11
Delusion Psy:code CD 11
We Are The Sound Siamese Fighting Fish CD 10 PMZ050-2 5700907240701
Særimners kød Vanir CD 11
Edge of the Obscure The Interbeing CD 11 PMZ56 5700907245904
The Battle Of Sinners And Saints Saint Rebel CD 10 PMZ59
Breathe:See:Move Siamese Fighting Fish CD 11
Onwards Into Battle Vanir CD 13 PMZ65
The Eloquence of Silence Ripe CD 12
Embrace Your Demons No Sign of Life CD 10
Duality Chaos Deathronic CD 7 PMZ76
Tûndra Black Book Lodge CD 9 PMZ100 5700907261843
Hollow Man No Man Eyes CD 11
The Awakening of the Beast Mythery CD 9
Nightlights Solekahn CD 8 PMZ87
Metallurgy Meridian CD 10 PMZ91
From Ashes to the Frozen Land Ithilien CD 12 PMZ93
404 B.C. Temnein CD 9 PMZ95
Tûndra Black Book Lodge Vinyl 9 PMZ100 5700907260143
Skeletons Blood Label CD 12 PMZ99 5700907260167
The Fundamental Principles Planet Rain CD 7 PMZ96 5700907260846
Awaiting Dawn Heidra CD 9
All Said and Done A Road to Damascus Digital Media 1
Casta Parzival CD 11 PMZ108 5700907260716
At Your Service Lou Siffer and The Howling Demons Digital Media 12
Now You Know Saint Rebel Digital Media 1
Earth Entangled Aphyxion Digital Media 10
Sea SEA (unknown) 8 5700907261256
Saint Rebel Saint Rebel CD 12 PMZ125
At Your Service Lou Siffer and The Howling Demons CD 13
The Glorious Dead Vanir (unknown) 9 PMZ121 5700907261614
Jærtegn Solbrud CD 4 pmz118 5700907261157
Death Is Righteous Shredhead (unknown) 11 PMZ128
The Kiss of Coatlicue Chabtan Digital Media 11 [none]
Below the Green Tomb of Finland CD 9
Saturn's Return Celestial Son Digital Media 13
Super Atomic Kickin Valentina (unknown) 10 PMZ156 5700907263021
To Beyond Burn the Mankind CD 11 PMZ165
Black Oak County Black Oak County CD 10
The Land of the Dead Evil Drive CD 10 PMZ166
Melt The Ice Away Headless CD 9 PMZ157
Summer Rain Sky of Forever Digital Media 1
Carry On Sky of Forever feat. Bruce Kulick Digital Media 1
Sky of Forever Sky of Forever CD 9 5700907263816
Sky of Forever Sky of Forever Digital Media 9
Tygers of Pan Tang Tygers of Pan Tang CD 11 PMZ 200 5700907263717
A Sun Traverse A Sun Traverse 12" Vinyl 5
Rock'n'Roll Radio Electric Guitars CD 10 PMZ202CD 5700907264141
Look Past the Gore and See the Art Repulsive Vision CD 13 PMZ219CD 5700907264981
Black Path Arvas CD 11
Imaginary Creatures Kickin Valentina (unknown) 10 PMZ209 5700907264516
The Rise Of Starlit Fires Force Majeure CD 8 PMZ225 5700907264837
The Darkside Stass CD 10 PMZ226 CD
Pentateuch Forsaken CD 8 PMZ232CD
Entering Another Measure Black Book Lodge CD 6 PMZ150CD 5700907262598