Бесконечная историяКукурузаCD15505
Don't Get KilledAndy BreckmanCD14Gadfly-121089
Banking LeftGideon FreudmannCD17GADFLY 204076605220426
Life in the FoodchainTonio K.CD9Gadfly 208076605220822
BreezesKate WolfCD12Gadfly 210
CellobotomyGideon FreudmannCD17GADFLY 502076605250225
For the FamilyStan RogersCD10212
Hit ManChip TaylorCD13220076605222024
Original Flying Machine 1967 (extra track)James TaylorCD10219
Romeo UnchainedTonio K.CD10Gadfly 217076605221720
The Panic Is On: Songs From the Great DepressionDeborah HollandCD10231076605223120
Voices of WinterPriscilla Herdman, Anne Hills, and Cindy MangsenCD16235
AmerikaTonio K.CD10226076605222680
James Taylor and His Original Flying MachineJames TaylorCD9GADFLY 219076605221928
Adobe Dog HouseGideon FreudmannCD15GADFLY 228076605222826
A Streamliner´s DuetJason Eklund & Roger JohnsonCD14GADFLY 230076605223021
OléTonio K.CD12GADFLY 233
Dream LoudJulie GoldCD12239
Endless StoryКукурузаCD14505076605250522
Live Alone! Discovering JapanGraham ParkerCD14GADFLY 238076605223823
Hologram CrackersGideon FreudmannCD17508076605250829
Solo Flight 1975-1980Corky SiegelCD16254076605225421
Ain't No JokeVolebeatsCD15Gadfly 251076605225124
The Invisible ManDon DixonCD11262
Tunnel Into SummerKimberley RewCD13GADFLY 259076605225926
Odd FellowsThe SpongetonesCD12265076605226527
Common GroundTom ChapinCD12271076605227128
Mother EarthTom ChapinCD13803076605280321
Ukranian Pajama PartyGideon FreudmannCD18Gadfly 509076605250928
16 Tons of Monkeys (live)Tonio K.CD12076605227920
On FireBlack 47CD11GADFLY 280076605228026
4 Ever OnSons of the Never WrongCD14282078224660522
My Home Must Be a Special PlaceDavid MassengillCD14281
Blu di GenovaBeppe GambettaCD12513076605251321
Long Story ShortClive GregsonCD15GADFLY 288076605228828
New York TownBlack 47CD12286076605228620
Elvis Murphy's Green Suede ShoesBlack 47CD12289076605228927
Nuthatch SuiteSons of the Never WrongCD17291076605229122
Bittersweet SixteenBlack 47CD16292076605229221
Slade StompBeppe GambettaCD12515076605251529
No Ifs, Buts, MaybesBilly BremnerCD12
Rendez-vousBeppe GambettaCD11516076605251628
Live at Teatro della Corte: The First 10 YearsBeppe GambettaCD14517076605251727
The American AlbumBeppe GambettaCD11Gadfly 518076605251826
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Black 47Black 47CD14Gadfly 272