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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Voices On The Eastern Wind Kitka CD 17 756365000222
Beat Generation Mad Trick Emma's Mini Digital Media 13 634479469923
Fall Submissions AntiGuru Digital Media 8
ShaWaza Solace Digital Media 10
Silver Beth Quist Digital Media 11
Ahsas Solace CD 11
Alchemy Cargo Cult Digital Media 15
Shall We Dance Beth Quist Digital Media 9
Baroque Lute Duets Edward Martin and Paul Berget Digital Media 12
Lucidity Beth Quist Digital Media 11
The Siena Lute Manuscript on Steel String Guitar Paul Berget Digital Media 16 876809001162
The Siena Manuscript on Renaissance Lute Paul Berget Digital Media 16
The Gathering Season Solace Digital Media 12
Vadalna Solace CD 8
Masterpieces of the Ukrainian Choral Baroque Kyiv Chamber Choir Digital Media 11
The Depths of a Year Ehren Starks Digital Media 13
Iman Solace Digital Media 10
Peaceful Planet Kourosh Zolani Digital Media 10
Rhythm of the Dance Solace Digital Media 11
Satya Solace Digital Media 8
Beat Generation Mad Trick Emma's Mini Digital Media 13 876809002473
Slowdown Domased Digital Media 8 876809002664
Easterly 6 or 7 Rapoon Digital Media 9 876809001032
The Kirghiz Light (2/2) Rapoon Digital Media 8 876809001001
The Kirghiz Light (1/2) Rapoon Digital Media 10 876809001018
The Kirghiz Light Rapoon 2×CD 10 + 8
Music of Waters Shira Kammen Digital Media 18
Cidar Rapoon Digital Media 9 876809001049
EPROMs Mantic (unknown) 8 belief-eproms
Inside Your Dreams DJ Markitos (unknown) 10 markitos-inside
Eponyms Mantic Digital Media 8 [none]
Eponyms Belief Systems Digital Media 7
EPROMs Belief Systems Digital Media 7
Epic ABA Structure Digital Media 7
Amber Jay Kishor CD 5
Sonate & Partite per violino solo eseguite sul violoncello Johann Sebastian Bach; Vito Paternoster 2×Digital Media 16 + 15
The Concerto Album Johann Sebastian Bach; Lara St. John, New York Bach Ensemble Digital Media 13 lara-bach 876809001667
Sideways mr Epic Digital Media 7 mrepic-sideways
New Memories Domased Digital Media 8 876809002688
Return Back Domased Digital Media 11 876809002671
Holburns Passion Anthony Holborne; Jacob Heringman Digital Media 27 heringman-holburns 876809002237
Ashek Tim Rayborn Digital Media 11
Surrender Hans Christian CD 9
The Path Beyond Tim Rayborn Digital Media 15
Virtues + Vices Edward Martin & William Bastian Digital Media 22 876809002572
El Maestro Luis Milán; Catherine King, Jacob Heringman Digital Media 27 heringman-luismilan 876809002138
Phantoms Hans Christian CD 11 hanschristian-phantoms
Guinevere Jeff Wahl Digital Media 17 wahl-guinevere
Christian Themes in Ukrainian Folk Songs Drevo CD 22
The Castle of the Holly King Shira Kammen Digital Media 15
Tin of Drum Rapoon Digital Media 6 876809000998
SPCTR DAC Crowell Digital Media 2
The Almanac Shira Kammen Digital Media 19
Wild Wood Kammen & Swan Digital Media 16
Streaks and Strokes Falik Digital Media 12
Fallen Gods Rapoon Digital Media 9 876809001025
Vernal Crossing Rapoon Digital Media 9 876809000981
Afterburner Seismic Anamoly Digital Media 8
Dead Man's Hand Seismic Anamoly Digital Media 8
Sweet Rock Candy Seismic Anamoly Digital Media 8
Praise the Lord: Sacred Music of the Late 19th and the Early 20th Century Kyiv Chamber Choir CD 17 kyivchamber-praiselord
Red-shifted Harmonies DAC Crowell Digital Media 3
Chants of the Russian Orthodox Church Monks and Metropolitan Choirs of Kiev Pechersk Lavra CD 26
Traditional Worship Singing of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Kiev Seminary Choir CD 28 kyrivseminary-lavra
The Mechanism of Starlight DAC Crowell Digital Media 3
Electroluv Mr Gelatine Digital Media 16 gelatine-electroluv
Moments of Clarity Joram Digital Media 14
Fruitless Lisa DeBenedictis Digital Media 9
Faces of Epiphany Kenji Williams Digital Media 9
Piano and Cello Works Beethoven; Eric Zivian, Tanya Tomkins Digital Media 17 tomkins-beethoven
Lemuria TranceVision Digital Media 10
Rameau and Couperin: Dances and Suites Jean-Philippe Rameau, François Couperin; American Baroque Digital Media 32 abaroque-rameau
Guitarscapes Jeff Wahl (unknown) 22 wahl-guitarscapes
Tektonik Illusion Kenji Williams Digital Media 6
The Hymns of the Ancient Church Three Holies Church Choristers CD 13
Potemkin Villages c.layne Digital Media 14 clayne-potemkin
I Don't Know What I'm Doing Brad Sucks Digital Media 12
Equilibrium Shane Jackman Digital Media 10
Karooshi Porn Björn Fogelberg Digital Media 12
And Come the Sirens Jade Leary Digital Media 13
ReStrung Reza Manzoori Digital Media 13 reza-restrung
Delirious Human Response Digital Media 9
Lenten Is Come Briddes Roune CD 17
Night of the Black Wyvern Utopia Banished CD 10
Night of the Black Wyvern Utopia Banished Digital Media 10
Electronica Various Artists Digital Media 12
Mozart: 4 Quartets for Strings and Winds American Baroque Digital Media 10 876809003197
Black Cow Jacob Heringman CD 21 heringman-blackcow
In Spite of It All SoulPrint Digital Media 12
Curandero Curandero CD 11
Evolution of the Mind DJ Markitos Digital Media 9
Evolution of the Mind DJ Markitos CD 9
Nocturne The West Exit Digital Media 12
Touch Falling You Digital Media 10
Classical (Magnatune Compilation) Various Artists CD 30
New Age and Jazz (Magnatune Compilation) Various Artists CD 16
World Fusion (Magnatune Compilation) Various Artists CD 15
Analog Disease Dr Kuch Digital Media 9
Happenstance touchingGrace CD 11
The Four Seasons Antonio Vivaldi, Gonzalo X. Ruiz; American Baroque Digital Media 12 876809003180