Kanine Records

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Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Oxford Collapse Oxford Collapse CD 6 KR3
NY: The Next Wave Various Artists CD 20 KR-00012 827175000129
The Izzys The Izzys CD 11
Horn of Plenty Grizzly Bear CD 14 KR-00082 827175000822
Some Wilderness Oxford Collapse CD 10 kr-00042 827175000426
Weapons of Mass Distortion Rockethouse CD 10 KR-00102
Contact Kid Mixel Pixel CD 10 KR-00132 827175001324
Horn of Plenty Grizzly Bear 2×CD 14 + 17 KR-00152 827175001522
A Good Ground Oxford Collapse CD 12 KR-00122 827175001225
Coming Up X's Mixel Pixel 12" Vinyl 5 KAN201
Music for Plants Mixel Pixel CD 10 KR-00212
Trash / Frustration The Whip Digital Media 4
Evident Utensil Chairlift Vinyl 2 KAN291
Does You Inspire You Chairlift CD 11 KR342 827175003427
Does You Inspire You Chairlift Digital Media 11
Jean on Jean Jean on Jean CD 9
Ones and Zeros Monsters Are Waiting (unknown) 5
Two of You Holiday for Strings Digital Media 4
Does You Inspire You Chairlift CD 13 88697 49289 2 886974928928
Dream About Me The Depreciation Guild Digital Media 2
Cameo Zaza Digital Media 6
Season Dreaming Blind Man's Colour Vinyl 10
Cocoon of Love Princeton CD 11 KR462
In Her Gentle Jaws The Depreciation Guild CD 10 kr432 827175004325
Astro Coast Surfer Blood CD 10 KR482 827175004820
Astro Coast Surfer Blood Vinyl 10 827175004813
Spirit Youth The Depreciation Guild CD 10
Astro Coast Surfer Blood CD 10 KR482 827175004820
Blue Lily The Depreciation Guild 7" Vinyl 2 kr511 827175005117
Silver Eternal Summers CD 12 KR562 827175005629
Beauregard Pepper Rabbit CD 10 KR582
Live at Turner Hall Leroy Airmaster CD 10 20101 880074172328
Wooden Blankets Blind Man's Colour (unknown) 6
Friends for Now Young Prisms CD 10 KR592 827175005926
Native Speaker BRAIDS CD 7 KR622
You Are the Beat Dream Diary CD 10
Not Nothing Xray Eyeballs CD 11 KR632 827175006329
Prisoner EP Eternal Summers 12" Vinyl 4 KR67
Prom Grooms Digital Media 11
Red Velvet Snow Ball Pepper Rabbit CD 10 KR682 827175006824
Tarot Classics Surfer Blood CD 6 KR702 827175007029
Live at Google Pepper Rabbit Digital Media 9 [none]
Glossolalia Zambri Digital Media 5
Tarot Classics Surfer Blood Digital Media 11
Splendor Squalor Xray Eyeballs 12" Vinyl 11 KR761 827175007616
Better Luck Next Life Royal Baths Digital Media 9
Better Luck Next Life Royal Baths (unknown) 9
In Between Young Prisms (unknown) 11
House of Baasa Zambri Digital Media 11
The Dawn of Eternal Summers Eternal Summers CD 15
Correct Behavior Eternal Summers Digital Media 10
Chairlift at 6:15 Chairlift Digital Media 6
Yeah Right Bleeding Rainbow CD 11
Yeah Right Bleeding Rainbow Digital Media 11
Early Fragments Fear of Men Vinyl 8 827175009412
Early Fragments Fear of Men CD 8
Interrupt Bleeding Rainbow CD 10
Live in NYC Surfer Blood Digital Media 3
Are You Going to Stand There and Talk Weird All Night? Valleys Digital Media 10
Trip Trap Attack Beach Day Digital Media 11
Trip Trap Attack Beach Day CD 11 KR972 827175009726
Comfort Splashh CD 10 KR99 827175009924
The Blow The Blow CD 10 KR101 827175010128
The Drop Beneath Eternal Summers Digital Media 11
Loom Fear of Men CD 11 KR109 827175010920
Careers Beverly Digital Media 10
Careers Beverly CD 10 827175011521
Native Echoes Beach Day Digital Media 10
Native Echoes Beach Day CD 10 KR117 827175011729
Gold and Stone Eternal Summers CD 10
You Can't Always Be Liked Expert Alterations Digital Media 12
Crooked Cop Single Beverly (unknown) 1
Victoria Beverly Digital Media 1
The Blue Swell Beverly CD 10 827175014423
Fall Forever Fear of Men CD 10 KR152 827175015222
Fall Forever Fear of Men Digital Media 10
Weaves Weaves CD 11
Boronia Hockey Dad Digital Media 11
Boronia Hockey Dad CD 11