Underground SymphonyVarious ArtistsCD12
US CD-001
Evil WingsEvil WingsCD9
  • -1994
US CD-003
I Won't Burn AloneWhite SkullCD12
  • IT1995-04-15
I Won't Burn AloneWhite Skull(unknown)13
  • IT1995-04-15
Piece of TimeLabyrinthCD4
US CD-005[none]
US CD-006
Deeper SecretsAcaciaCD9
US CD-008
FantàsiaAltered VisionCD13
US CD-009[none]
Waiting for the PrincessSkylarkCD4
US CD-013[none]
BrightleafEvil WingsCD8
  • -1996
US CD-015
No LimitsLabyrinthCD11
US CD-07[none]
  • XE1997-11-17
No LimitsLabyrinthCD13
US CD-007[none]
Dragon's SecretsSkylarkCD11
US CD-017 DP
Born of the CauldronCauldron BornCD8
US CD-018
US CD-021
Shadows of SteelShadows of SteelCD12
US CD-024[none]
EmbitteredWhite SkullCD11
  • IT1998-06-29
US CD-0208024395000539
Eternal FlameAvalanchCD13
US CD-026
Eternal Flame - La llama eternaAvalanch2×CD13 + 13
US CD-026/027
US CD-029
TwilightShadows of Steel2×CD4 + 6
US CD-030[none]
TwilightShadows of SteelCD12
US CD-030
God of MetalCauldron BornCD8
US CD - 031
AsgardWhite SkullCD4
US CD-034[none]
  • IT1999-03-09
US CD-036
Divine Gates, Part I: Gate of HellSkylarkCD11
US CD-040[none]
Fingerprints of the GodsHelreid2×CD3 + 3
US CD - 045
Fingerprints of the GodsHelreidh2×CD3 + 3
US CD-0458017754901776
...and the Runes Begin to PrayPandaemoniumCD10
MetamorphosisArachnesEnhanced CD5
US CD-037[none]
Facing the StormAmbermoonCD5
US CD-041[none]
The Global VillageMadSwordCD9
Return of the Mountain King (A Tribute to Savatage)Various ArtistsCD15
US CD - 048
Divine Gates, Part II: Gate of HeavenSkylarkCD10
US CD-0508017754901721
Divine Gates, Part II: Gate of Heaven (Limited edition)SkylarkCD10
US CD-0508017754901738
EvilTime MachineCD10
The Damned ShipArthemisCD9
US CD-0578017754902155
The Princess' DaySkylarkCD10
  • XE2001-11-05
US CD-0608017754901936
Aliger DaemonTime MachineCD5
Eden of a Parallel DimensionLandguardCD12
US CD - 0538024395000751
Flagellum DeiSkannersCD9
Wings of ForeverPower Quest(unknown)10
  • XE2002-01-07
A Gate Through the PastHoly KnightsCD12
  • IT2002-01-23
US CD-0548017754901790
Symphonies of SteelExxplorerCD14
  • IT2002-05-31
HMH CD 002
...and Rome Shall FallCauldron BornCD8
  • IT2002-07-31
US CD-0598017754901837
Second FloorShadows of SteelCD11
US CD-0498017754902162
Fist for FightSabatonCD11
El camino del fuegoRata BlancaCD11
  • IT2003-03-31
US CD-0708024395000652
Golden DawnArthemisCD10
US CD-0778024395000782
US CD-0628032790490237
Reason and TruthConceptCD10
US CD-0668024395000690
US CD-0678024395000683
The WizardQueenFinal ChapterCD12
Second SightIntenseCD11
The Secrets of an IslandSix MagicsCD17
US CD-0818024395000812
The Divine CageConceptCD11
  • IT2005-02-28
US CD-0868032790490312
Return to Reality (enhanced)PandaemoniumCD13
US CD-0888032790490435
Back from the HeatArthemisCD10
US CD-0878032790490510
Broken HistoryAdramelchCD13
  • IT2005-10-11
Dreams Under IceTorianCD10
US CD-0828032790490299
The Age of the ReturnMartiriaCD12
US CD-0848032790490398
The Clans Have UnitedSkiltronCD11
  • AR2006-03-01
Son of InfiniteInfinityCD10
US CD-0958032790490664
By the Power of ThunderSteel SealCD9
US CD-0968032790490671
Wild SteelWild Steel2×CD8 + 4
US CD-098/0998032790490718
The Ancient CurseAncestralCD9
US CD - 0928032790490596
US CD-0898032790490534
AnimalSix MagicsDigital Media10
  • -2008-08
Time of TruthMartiriaCD13
  • IT2008-10-13
US CD-1048032790490763
US CD-1028032790490749
Sacred ShiverBlack WingsCD11
US CD-1058032790490770
Divine Gates, Part IV: The Live GateSkylarkDVD-Video10
  • IT2009-03-23
US DVD-0018032790498516
Searching for ReflectionsMethodicaCD7
  • IT2009-09-15
US CD-1138032790490855
UnderworldGreat MasterCD10
  • IT2009-11-06
US CD-0948032790490619
Angel Secret MasqueradeDark HorizonCD10
US CD-1148032790490862
Irae Melanox (deluxe edition)Adramelch2×CD8 + 8
US CD-115, US CD-1168032790490879
Transcending Glory: A Tribute to Crimson GloryWild SteelCD9
  • IT2011-02-14
US CD-1078032790490794
Mystic AlchemyOpening SceneryCD10
  • IT2011-07-20
US CD-1218032790490930
Diabolism of ConversationFury n GraceCD12
  • IT2011-09-16
US CD-1228032790490947
Twilights of SandSkylark2×CD15 + 12
  • IT2012-02-24
US CD-120 A/B8032790490923
Mark of VengeanceMyriad LightsCD9
  • IT2012-06-30
US CD-1258032790490978
Dark Light ShadesDark Horizon2×CD10 + 10
  • IT2012-09-07
US CD-124 A/B8032790490961
SerenissimaGreat MasterCD13
  • IT2012-12-21
US CD-1278032790490992
Crown of Steel (digipak in dvd-pack)Shadows of SteelCD8
  • IT2013-10-21
US CD-1308032790491029
Raw PoetryEternal SilenceCD12
  • IT2014-01-12
US CD-1368032790491081
Chasing ChimeraEternal SilenceCD10
  • IT2015-05-02
US CD-1418032790491135
Angels Are CallingExotheriaCD10
  • IT2015-05-15
US CD-1388032790491104
The Storm & the Horizon (digibook deluxe)Skylark4×CD18 + 15 + 18 + 13
  • IT2015-06-01
US CD-150 A/B/C/D8032790491227
The Prophecy Is BrokenMayaCD9
  • IT2015-07-15
US CD-1428032790491142
The ProphecyArca HadianCD12
  • IT2015-10-15
US CD-1438032790491159
Tragic Soul SymphonyGhost CityCD9
  • IT2015-11-06
US CD-1448032790491166
Of Secrets and LoreKing WraithCD9
  • IT2015-11-30
US CD-1468032790491180
Evening LightsArcanum XIICD7
  • IT2015-11-30
US CD-1478032790491197
In the Name of the FatherEnzo and the Glory EnsembleCD12
  • IT2015-12-24
US CD-1498032790491210
Legions Of The SunFinal ChapterCD8
  • XE2016-01-20
US CD-1558032790491272
MetalheadDark HorizonCD4
  • IT2016-03-05
US CD-1548032790491265
  • EE2016-04-15
US CD-1538032790491258
Eclipse of SorrowSipario Power Metal ActCD13
  • IT2016-05-15
US CD-1588032790491302