T.B. Harms (US sheet music publisher 1875 sold to Warner Brothers 1929 sold to Welk Music 1970)

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in 1908, T.B. Harms entered into a partnership with British publishers Francis, Day & Hunter Ltd. to form T.B. Harms & Francis, Day & Hunter, Inc. (two-thirds/one-third share respectively). Fred Day pulled out of the partnership in 1920, after which the company renamed itself Harms, Inc. in 1921. in 1929, Harms, Inc. was acquired, along with several other music publishers, by Warner Bros. who apparently merged them all into Music Publishers Holding Corporation* (aka Warner Bros. Music?) (registration filed Jan 9, 1929)

* reference to "Music Publishers Holding Company" which Warner Bros. formed circa 1928–29: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warner_Bros._Records#Origins
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