32 Jazz

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Re-EntryHorace SilverCD532005604123200523
Bar WarsWillis JacksonCD832018604123201827
Master ClassHank JonesCD1532022604123202220
FootprintsPat MartinoCD632021604123202121
EpistrophyCharlie RouseCD732029604123202923
Lost in the ShuffleJimmy ReedCD1732040604123204026
For the Love of MonkVarious ArtistsCD932008604123200820
Endgame Brilliance: Constellation & Tune-UpSonny StittCD1532009604123200929
Body & SoulAl Cohn and Zoot SimsCD732017604123201728
The MoontraneWoody ShawCD732019604123201926
My Mother's EyesEtta JonesCD732027
Out of NowhereSonny CrissCD732028604123202824
Dog Years in the Fourth RingRahsaan Roland Kirk2×CD9 + 1032032604123203227
Dog Years In The Fourth RingRahsaan Roland Kirk3×CD9 + 10 + 1332032604123203227
CreamPat MartinoCD1032041604123204125
NaimaCedar WaltonCD1032046604123204620
Head and HeartPat Martino2×CD8 + 332050604123205023
Turkish Women at the BathPete La RocaCD732052604123205221
Sugar SugarThe ArchiesCD20
Just In Case You Forgot How Bad He Really WasSonny StittCD1032051604123205122
Feelin' It TogetherJames MoodyCD632045604123204521
Jazz for a Rainy AfternoonVarious ArtistsCD1132061604123206129
The Man With the Big Front YardYusef Lateef3×CD15 + 8 + 832059604123205924
Jazz for the Quiet TimesVarious ArtistsCD1132097604123209724
A Standing EightRahsaan Roland Kirk2×CD13 + 1432100604123210027
Jazz for the Open RoadVarious ArtistsCD1032101604123210126
The Forgotten AngelClyde McPhatter2×CD19 + 1732089604123208925
The Heavy HitterEddie “Lockjaw” DavisCD732057604123205726
Aces Back to BackRahsaan Roland Kirk4×CD8 + 7 + 4 + 732060604123206020
Laid BackKenny BurrellCD1232064604123206426
Greater Than The Sum Of His PartsEddie Harris2×CD13 + 1532067604123206723
The Sage of TippoMose Allison2×CD19 + 21320680604123206822
We'll Be Together AgainPat MartinoCD732071604123207126
Hey, ChoodRed RodneyCD1032073604123207324
Doin' What She Does BestEtta JonesCD1432074604123207423
Best Of The RestSonny StittCD1232076604123207621
Early On: Evidence / DawnbirdVincent Herring2×CD8 + 832086604123208628
How's Your Mother?Les McCannCD832088604123208826
The ProfessorJimmy HeathCD832096604123209625
The AlmoravidJoe ChambersCD632099604123209922
PinnacleBuster WilliamsCD532147604123214728
32 Gems From 32 JazzVarious Artists3×CD11 + 10 + 1132102604123210225
Mark Murphy SongbookMark Murphy2×CD16 + 1632105604123210522
Jazz for When You’re AloneVarious ArtistsCD1132106604123210621
Warm Cool: The Atlantic YearsChris Connor2×CD20 + 2032108604123210829
Party JazzVarious Artists(unknown)932114604123211420
No Job Too Big or SmallWallace RoneyCD1132140604123214025
Jazz That SwingsVarious ArtistsCD1132122604123212229
SolidWoody ShawCD632153604123215329
Jazz for Those Peaceful MomentsVarious ArtistsCD1032152604123215220
32 LiveVarious ArtistsCD10
In the VanguardBobby HutchersonCD732170604123217026
First LightPat MartinoCD1832103604123210324
I Left My Heart...Red GarlandCD632107604123210720
20 Special Fingers: Much Les / The Catbird SeatLes McCann / The Mitchell-Ruff Trio2×CD6 + 632125604123212526
Little Red's FantasyWoody ShawCD532126604123212625
Alone at MontreuxRay BryantCD1132128604123212823
Jazz for a Lazy DayVarious ArtistsCD932130604123213028
Mingus MovesCharles MingusCD732131604123213127
The Complete Landmark RecordingsRalph Moore2×CD8 + 732135604123213523
Left Hook, Right CrossRahsaan Roland Kirk2×CD10 + 1132142604123214223
The Complete Muse RecordingsDom Um RomãoCD1332145604123214520
Stoned Soul PicnicRoy AyersCD632158604123215824
Solo PianoPhineas Newborn, Jr.CD1132163604123216326
This Bud’s for You…Bud Shank and the rhythm section of Ron Carter, Kenny Barron, Al FosterCD732164604123216425
Another Real Good'Un“Brother” Jack McDuffCD732169604123216920
12!Sonny StittCD732176604123217620
Givin' Away The Store 2Woody ShawCD932180604123218023
Givin' Away The Store 3Pat MartinoCD932182604123218221
Jazz That Swings IIVarious ArtistsCD1032179604123217927
Winter JazzVarious ArtistsCD1032173604123217323
Autumn JazzVarious ArtistsCD10
I Am the WalrathJack WalrathCD1032184604123218429
Spring JazzVarious ArtistsCD1032187604123218726
Every Once in a WhileMorgana King2×CD10 + 1032042604123204224
You Can't Name Your Own TuneBarry AltschulCD632192604123219228
Summer JazzVarious ArtistsCD10
The MaestroCedar WaltonCD1232197604123219723
From the HeartSheila JordanCD12
Jazz for When You're in LoveVarious ArtistsCD1332205604123220521
32 More Gems From 32 JazzVarious Artists3×CD11 + 11 + 1032177604123217729
Breath Of LifeLouis Hayes12" Vinyl632183
HandcraftedKenny BurrellCD532186604123218627
Blues and Other Love SongsCharles BrownCD1032195604123219525
The Almighty BurnerCharles EarlandCD1132196604123219624
Tender MomentsMorgana KingCD1532200604123220026
A Night In TunisiaArturo O'Farrill TrioCD1032202604123220224
Silver in the BronxThe Bronx HornsCD1032213604123221320
As Long as There's MusicDenny Zeitlin TrioCD1032218604123221825