This is not a regular label page but a list of CDs enclosed with German music magazine Musikexpress from 1996 onwards.

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Note 1: The release dates (mostly) refer to the number of the corresponding magazine issue, i.e. 09/2001, 10/2001... Should this method be retained?
Note 2: "Musikexpress 81", for example, is either a Catalogue-# or part of the release title, not both. We should come to an agreement on this matter.

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Musikexpress 2Various ArtistsCD15
EPCSAMPCD 3478 2[none]
Musikexpress 3Various ArtistsCD14
me / Sounds 3 - 1996 Oktober[none]
Sounds of 96, Volume 1Various ArtistsCD14
Musikexpress Sounds Präsentiert (Sounds) of 97 Vol. 4Various ArtistsCD21
  • DE1997-01-16
Musikexpress 7Various ArtistsCD17