Independent UK record label FRESHLY SQUEEZED MUSIC evolved from the seminal and hugely successful London night, CLUB MONTEPULCIANO which was descibed by Time Out as one of the "199 things you have to do before you're a real Londoner". The club ran for over 11 years and pioneered the UK's emerging Lounge scene during the 90's. As the sound and style went mainstream, the off-shoot label CLUB MONTEPULCIANO RECORDINGS was set up. There followed a series of ground-breaking compilations (the Bongo Beach series, Showgirls & Sugardaddies) featuring the best contemporary lounge music from a collection of like-minded international artists including Thievery Corporation, Nicola Conte, Capsule, Truby Trio, Ursula 1000, Frank Popp Ensemble, Baby Mammoth, Moodorama, Mo' Horizons and Skeewiff. The label also released the debut album from Lemon, a string of sold-out 7 inch singles & EPs and the work of various other acts including Montepulciano.

In 2005 the new label FRESHLY SQUEEZED was established, dropping the second artist album from Lemon and releases from The Voodoo Trombone Quartet, The Pinker Tones and Foxgluv.

With new acts like Product.01, Stereo De Luxe, Dodo, Lodekka and more now signing up and an eclectic label compilation in the pipeline, the label is rapidly forging a unique identity.

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Suzie Q / Voodoo JujuLemonVinyl4ZEST12003P
Voodoo Juju / Suzie QThe Voodoo Trombone QuartetVinyl4ZEST1203P
Suzie QLemon7" Vinyl2ZEST70035027803940390
With a TwistLemonCD10ZESTCD0015027803941229
The Voodoo Trombone QuartetThe Voodoo Trombone QuartetCD11ZESTCD0025027803941120
Sonido Total EP - The Best of The Pinker TonesThe Pinker TonesVinyl4ZEST120075027803940765
Hot TrapProduct.01Vinyl2ZEST70085027803940895
XXX Files / Triple CherryFoxgluv12" Vinyl3ZEST120065027803940666
Bullet RideProduct.01CD12ZESTCD0095027803940925
Medium WaveThe Voodoo Trombone Quartet7" Vinyl2ZEST70055027803940598
Sexuality in the Eighties EPStereo De Luxe(unknown)3ZESTEP011
Hot TrapProduct.01Vinyl2ZEST70085027803940895
Disco Desperado EPStereo De Luxe(unknown)3ZESTEP012
The Phantom EPThe Voodoo Trombone Quartet10" Vinyl3ZESTEP0135050580505322
Electric LoveDodoVinyl2ZEST70145050580506848
EclectrikVarious ArtistsCD12ZESTCD0105050580505858
The Android's Dream EPDodoCD3ZESTEP015
ZESTEP016LodekkaDigital Media4ZESTEP016
Electric Love EPDodoDigital Media3ZESTEP014
Vibrations EPThe Voodoo Trombone Quartet10" Vinyl3ZESTEP018
The Voodoo Trombone Quartet ...AgainThe Voodoo Trombone QuartetCD10ZESTCD023
The Get On EPLodekkaDigital Media4ZESTEP024
White Mink : Black Cotton (Electro Swing versus Speakeasy Jazz)Various Artists2×CD13 + 14zestcd0255050580531291
White Mink : Black Cotton, Volume 2Various Artists2×CD13 + 13ZESTCD0315050580545755
What's Happened to SOHO?The CorrespondentsCD6EP0345050580550490
Long PlayerLodekkaDigital Media10ZESTCD029
Electro Swing RepublicSwing RepublicCD12ZESTCD0325050580557345
What Goes AroundJFBDigital Media2BL2006253610150267412
Crazy In LoveSwing RepublicDigital Media1BL2392573610150604750
Midnight CallingSwing RepublicDigital Media10
Senza ciatuSwingrowersDigital Media1ZESTCD0403610150855718
Crazy in Love REMIXES (Remix Competition Winners)Various Artists(unknown)5BL2740943610150937797
Midnight CallingSwing RepublicCD10ZESTCD048885444227745
Midnight CallingSwing RepublicCD12ZESTCD0483610151797260
(Pronounced Swing Grow'ers)SwingrowersCD12ZESTCD0433610151412170
When I Get Low, I Get HighThe Speakeasy ThreeDigital Media1[none]
Swing BumJFBDigital Media3BL4597253610152732093
Fall (Remixes)Swing RepublicDigital Media4
The Queen of SwingSwingrowers feat. Gypsy HillDigital Media1ZEST 7 054[none]
White Mink : Black Cotton, Volume 3Various Artists2×CD12 + 12zestcd0605050580605169
Copperdollar: The Back of BeyondVarious ArtistsCD15ZESTCD0585050580602311
Pump Up the Jam – Do Not Cover, Pt. 3Swingrowers feat. The Lost FingersDigital Media1BL7558823610155577660
Mr. Sandman (Do Not Cover Part 2) (Swingrowers cover of the widely popular track, merging the classic with a modern spin of electro swing.)SwingrowersDigital Media1ZESTEP051B3610155577219
Do Not Cover EP (Complete Version)SwingrowersDigital Media5ZESTEP0513610156955979
Midnight (Swingrowers halloween single Midnight with impressive singing and prominent brass sections.)SwingrowersDigital Media1ZEST70693610159167119
Electro Blues Volume TwoVarious Artists2×CD12 + 12ZESTCD061
RemoteSwingrowersDigital Media11ZESTCD0703610159676017
Mo' Electro Swing Republic - Let's MisbehaveSwing RepublicDigital Media10
Mo’ Electro Swing Republic - Let’s MisbehaveSwing RepublicCD12ZESTCD0665050580629509
Do Ya Hallelujah?The Swing NinjasDigital Media11BL12894435050580628830
The Road Is Long…DJ Dunya feat. Sam CoenegrachtsDigital Media4BL13219373614591839139
Breakin' Down BluesCharlie BealeDigital Media3BL13457903614592069399
Breakin’ Down Blues EPCharlie BealeDigital Media4
Sing It BackVarious ArtistsDigital Media3BL14020213614592613332
Sing It BackSwing RepublicDigital Media3
That's Right!Various Artists3×Digital Media1 + 1 + 1BL13066473614591692383
The GreatestMarcella Puppini & R.A. the Rugged ManDigital Media2BL15957923614594566636
I’m in the Mood for TroubleMarcella PuppiniDigital Media2BL17010523614595577792
Deja BoozeCharlie BealeDigital Media3BL17238903614595798678
Back HomeVarious ArtistsDigital Media2BL17584413614596112978
Do Ya Hallelujah?The Swing NinjasCD11BL12894435050580628830
SpacefunkShakaDigital Media4BL18826523614597250990
Let’s Go, Vol. 1Various ArtistsDigital Media4BL19216673614597606124
Gotta Get It RightJada Dada DiskoDigital Media2
The Car-Bootleg EPGrinny GrandadDigital Media2
Let's Go, Vol. 3JazzotronDigital Media4ZESTEP0883614972352394
ButterflySwingrowersDigital Media2
Minnie The Moocher (Electro Swing cover of jazz classic 'Minnie The Moocher')PiskDigital Media2BL29444923614975828803
The Complete Blue Cover SeriesVarious ArtistsDigital Media27ZESTLP111
MusiciansSwing RepublicDigital Media4
Keep Your Hands To YourselfGrinny GrandadDigital Media2
Long LegsSwing RepublicDigital Media4
Outsidein (Swingrowers third album, which released in 2018, which blends nostalgic electro swing with modern production)SwingrowersDigital Media10ZESTCD1165050580684867
Flashin' Like Gatsby (Atom Smith and Burkey)Atom SmithDigital Media4ZESTEP1213663729053503
Back in TimeSwing RepublicDigital Media4
Swing RevolutionJazzotronDigital Media12
It Ain't RightPiskDigital Media2
"Blue Cover" Series 2.1Various ArtistsDigital Media5
Bright Like Hollywood (Electro-Jazz)Atom SmithDigital Media4ZESTEP1353663729064585
File Not FoundThe Swing BotDigital Media3
Black Coffee (Electro Swing vintage remix of the classic Black Coffee)PiskDigital Media2ZEST71383663729069351
#1 (January) (Nordic Electronic Jazz)Modal Projekt(unknown)4ZESTEP1393663729065377
TestCut CapersDigital Media1
Dreamland (Say Goodbye Bye Bye)SwingrowersDigital Media1ZEST71503663729084798
Tipsy (I Feel Pretty, When I'm Tipsy)Albert TalesDigital Media1ZEST71533663729086334