10 Records

~ Label


Only YouThe Flying Pickets12" Vinyl4
TEN 14-12
Victims of the FutureGary Moore12" Vinyl8
Victims of the FutureGary MooreCD8
  • JP1984-06-21
My Soul Unwraps TonightSavage Progress7" Vinyl2
106 314-100[none]
Stop Wasting Your Time (You Could Be Wasting Mine)The 3 Rockies7" Vinyl2
106 972[none]
Sign of the HammerManowar12" Vinyl8
206 639, 206 639-620[none]
CelebrationSavage Progress12" Vinyl10
206 666, 206 666-620
CelebrationSavage Progress12" Vinyl10
206 666
Joined Up WritingAnne Clark12" Vinyl6
206 671, 206 671-270[none]
My Soul Unwraps TonightSavage Progress12" Vinyl3
601 220
Heart Begin To BeatSavage Progress12" Vinyl2
601 363, 601 363-213
We Want Moore!Gary Moore2×12" Vinyl6 + 4
Empty RoomsGary Moore8cm CD3
Sign of the HammerManowar12" Vinyl8
DIX 10[none]
Lost BoysThe Flying PicketsCD13
DIX CD45012982411120
Electric DreamsP.P. Arnold12" Vinyl3
TEN 29-12
Take It BackThe Pookah Makes 37" Vinyl2
TEN 31
Programme 7Dr. Calculus7" Vinyl2
TEN 32
Sign of the HammerManowarCD8
XIDCD 215012982002120
After the FireRoger Daltrey7" Vinyl2
TEN 695012982006975
Out in the FieldsGary Moore and Phil Lynott7" Vinyl2
107 318, 107 318-100[none]
Fighting for the EarthWarrior12" Vinyl9
206 981-620[none]
Run for CoverGary Moore12" Vinyl9
207 283[none]
Self DestructAnne Clark12" Vinyl3
601 789, 601 789-213[none]
Zero OnePaul Hardcastle / Universal FunkCD8
CDBR 1003
Like I Like ItAurraCD9
DIX 12[none]
Run for CoverGary MooreVinyl10
DIX 16
Run for CoverGary MooreCD10
DIXCD 165012982501623
Under a Raging MoonRoger DaltreyCD11
DIX CD175012982501722
Victims of the FutureGary MooreCD8
DIXCD 20077778643425
Victims of the FutureGary MooreCD8
DIXCD 25012982500220
The Ups and DownsStephen DuffyCD10
DIX CD5[none]
HeavenAnne Clark12" Vinyl2
F-602 046
Run for CoverGary MooreCassette10
OVEDC 2745012981027445
Field Work坂本龍一12" Vinyl2
TEN 112-125012982011269
Treat Her SweeterThe Paul Simpson Connection12" Vinyl2
TEN 59-125012982005961
The Lover in MeSeptember7" Vinyl2
TEN 62[none]
Tell Me (How It Feels)52nd Street12" Vinyl3
TEN 7412, TEN 74-125012982007460
HeavenAnne Clark12" Vinyl3
TEN 79-12
Kiss MeStephen Duffy7" Vinyl2
Walk on the Wild Side (Rap)Gerty Molzen12" Vinyl3
Victims of the FutureGary Moore12" Vinyl8
  • JP1986-03-01
Criminal TangoManfred Mann’s Earth Band with Chris ThompsonCD9
  • GB1986-03-07
DIX CD355012982503528
Heartbeat Away / Out of My HeadOutside Edge7" Vinyl2
TEN 92
Heartbeat Away / Out of My Head / Soldier BoyOutside Edge(unknown)3
TEN 9212
The Pride You HideRoger Daltrey7" Vinyl2
TEN 1035012982010378
Pressure PointsAnne ClarkCD9
  • GB1986-07-28
DIX CD 185012982501821
We Want Moore!Gary MooreCD9
  • JP1986-09-03
What I Did on My VacationIan GillanCD15
  • JP1986-10-22
Criminal TangoManfred Mann’s Earth Band with Chris ThompsonCD9
0777 7 87354 2 7, DIX CD35077778735427
Going UndergroundManfred Mann’s Earth Band with Chris Thompson7" Vinyl2
108 180-100[none]
Over the Hills and Far AwayGary Moore7" Vinyl2
108 757, 108 757-100[none]
What I Did on My VacationIan Gillan2×12" Vinyl8 + 11
302 781[none]
Do Anything You Wanna DoManfred Mann’s Earth Band with Chris Thompson12" Vinyl3
Over the Hills and Far AwayGary Moore12" Vinyl4
608 757, 608 757-213[none]
Pie JesuAled JonesCD14
AJCD 25012982504327
Illustrated Musical EncyclopediaRyuichi Sakamoto12" Vinyl8
DIX 34[none]
CapturedDexter Wansel12" Vinyl10
DIX 36
Scratch & SniffSmith and Jones12" Vinyl18
DIX 515012982505119
Children of the Night52nd StreetCD10
IntentionsMaxi PriestCD12
Music MadnessMantronixCD8
DIXCD 505012982505027
What I Did on My VacationIan GillanCD15
DIXDCD 395012982503924
Perfume From SpainDr. Calculus7" Vinyl2
TEN 1315012982013171
You and Me TonightAurra7" Vinyl2
TEN 715012982007170
Under a Raging MoonRoger Daltrey7" Vinyl2
TEN 815012982008177
Back To BurnT La Rock12" Vinyl3
Rockin' Every Night - Live In JapanGary Moore12" Vinyl8
XID 15012982504112
Hopeless CasesAnne ClarkCD10
  • DE1987-03-16
DIXCD 48077778674023
Wild FrontierGary MooreCD11
  • JP1987-03-18
DIXCD 564988006610675
Lee AaronLee AaronCD11
DIXCD 495012982504921
Friday On My MindGary MooreCD4
KERRY 1645012982016424
Hearts of FireRoger Daltrey7" Vinyl2
  • GB1987-06-22
TEN 1475012982014772
The LonerGary Moore12" Vinyl3
TENT 1785012982017865
Masque: Songs and PlanetsManfred Mann’s Earth BandCD12
  • GB1987-10-16
DIXCD 695012982506925
Take a Little TimeGary Moore2×7" Vinyl2 + 2
TEND 1905012982019005
Wild FrontierGary Moore12" Vinyl8
208 183-630[none]
Lee AaronLee Aaron12" Vinyl11
208 206-6305012982504914
OutlandSpear of Destiny12" Vinyl9
208 282-630[none]
ObviousBlack Britain12" Vinyl10
208 343-630[none]
Wild FrontierGary MooreCassette10
408 183-630[none]
The Loner (Maxi-Single)Gary Moore12" Vinyl3
609 362[none]
Say It AgainJermaine Stewart12" Vinyl3
609 716, 609 716-213[none]
ObviousBlack Britain12" Vinyl10
Aled: Music From the TV SeriesAled JonesCD12
AJCD 35012982505720
The Best of Aled JonesAled JonesCD15
Can’t Wait to See the MovieRoger DaltreyVinyl10
DIX 545012982505416
Hopeless CasesAnne ClarkCD10
DIXCD 48077778674023
Hopeless CasesAnne ClarkCD10
DIXCD 485012982504822
Can’t Wait to See the MovieRoger DaltreyCD10
DIXCD 545012982505423
Wild FrontierGary MooreCD11
DIXCD 56077778600626
Wild FrontierGary MooreCD11
DIXCD 565012982505621
OutlandSpear of DestinyCD14
DIXCD 595012982505928
Wild FrontierGary Moore12" Vinyl6
KERRY 1595012982015922
Never Take Me AliveSpear of Destiny7" Vinyl2
TEN 1625012982016271
The Jack That House BuiltJack ’n’ Chill7" Vinyl2
TEN 1745012982017476
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on MeRoger Daltrey12" Vinyl3
TEN 2025012982020261
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on MeRoger Daltrey7" Vinyl2
TEN 2025012982020278
Rockin’ Around the Christmas TreeMel & Kim12" Vinyl2
TEN 2125012982020964
Hope RoadAnne Clark12" Vinyl3
TENT 1675012982016769