Flying Nun Records (New Zealand)

~ Label


Tally Ho! / PlatypusThe Clean7" Vinyl2FN002
Boodle Boodle BoodleThe Clean12" Vinyl5FN003
AmbivalencePin Group7" Vinyl2FN001[none]
CoatPin Group7" Vinyl2
Great Sounds Great, Good Sounds Good, So‐So Sounds So‐So, Bad Sounds Bad, Rotten Sounds RottenThe Clean12" Vinyl7GOOD 001
Rolling MoonThe Chills7" Vinyl3COLD 001
Dunedin Double EPThe Chills / Sneaky Feelings / The Stones / The Verlaines2×12" Vinyl6 + 7DUN 1[none]
Go To TownPin Group12" Vinyl5FN 1967
Louis Likes His Daily DipTall DwarfsVinyl7FNWEE1
Getting OlderThe Clean7" Vinyl3LAST 1
Who Killed Colonel MustardBored Games12" Vinyl4LUDO 001
Clean Out of Our MindsThe Great Unwashed12" Vinyl13BIG 001
Another Disc Another DollarThe Stones12" Vinyl5BUCK 001[none]
Send YouSneaky Feelings12" Vinyl8FEEL 1[none]
Death and the MaidenThe Verlaines7" Vinyl2FN014
Canned MusicTall DwarfsVinyl7FNTIN1
Big StrainThey Were Expendable12" Vinyl6J 1
Beatin HeartsBuilders12" Vinyl17JAN 8
The Last RumbaVarious Artists12" Vinyl11RUM 001
This Kind of PunishmentThis Kind of Punishment12" Vinyl9TKP 001
Yellow Read AloudMarie and the Atom12" Vinyl5YELL 001
FleshChildren's Hour12" Vinyl5
Pink Frost / Purple GirlThe Chills7" Vinyl2COLD 002
Doledrums / Hidden BayThe Chills7" Vinyl2COLD 003
SinglesThe Great Unwashed2×7" Vinyl3 + 2DIRT 001
SinglesThe Great Unwashed12" Vinyl5DIRT 001
10 O’Clock in the AfternoonThe Verlaines12" Vinyl6FN022
A Timeless PeaceThe Rip12" Vinyl4FN023
By NightThe BatsVinyl6FN 024
The FlowerExpendables7" Vinyl2FN025
The EEPPPhantom Forth12" Vinyl10FN027
In Between GearsExpendables12" Vinyl8FN029
A Beard of BeesThis Kind of Punishment12" Vinyl9TKP 002[none]
Ya! Ya! Ya!Children's Hour7" Vinyl2
Tuatara - A Flying Nun CompilationVarious Artists12" Vinyl12FN45, FN 45
The “Lost” E.P.The Chills12" Vinyl6COLD 004
Husband HouseSneaky Feelings12" Vinyl3FEEL 2
And Here Is 'Music For The Fireside'.The Bats12" Vinyl7F.N. 031, FN 031
Hallelujah All the Way HomeThe Verlaines12" Vinyl8FN040
Three SongsTall DwarfsVinyl3FNOT19399601497663
BewitchedLook Blue Go Purple12" Vinyl4LBGP 001
Spit It OutMarie and the Atom12" Vinyl6MATA 002
The “Lost” E.P.The ChillsCassette6MC COLD 004
That's the Short and Long of ItTall DwarfsVinyl12NFNZ85
OddittiesThe CleanCassette20ODD ONE
WheatfieldsThe Weeds7" Vinyl2WEEDO1, WEED OO1
Outnumbered By SheepVarious Artists12" Vinyl13BFM 001
Randolph’s Going HomeShayne Carter & Peter Jefferies7" Vinyl2CJ001[none]
Kaleidoscope WorldThe Chills12" Vinyl8COLD 005
I Love My Leather Jacket / The Great EscapeThe Chills7" Vinyl2COLD 006
Sentimental EducationSneaky Feelings12" Vinyl11FEEL 6[none]
Three Virgins, Three Versions, Three VisionsAxemenVinyl22FN049
DoomsdayThe Verlaines12" Vinyl2FN053
Made Up in BlueThe BatsVinyl3FN 060
Lost Persons AreaDead Famous People12" Vinyl5FN 073
Throw a SickieTall Dwarfs12" Vinyl9FNSICK1[none]
Live Dead CleanThe Clean12" Vinyl6LDC001
Pop LibThe Puddle12" Vinyl7PUD 001, THIS 001
Life in One ChordStraitjacket Fits12" Vinyl4FN 080[none]
River Falling LoveWreck Small Speakers on Expensive Stereos12" Vinyl4
Bird Nest RoysBird Nest Roys12" Vinyl11FN065
Stormed PortThe Rip12" Vinyl5FN069
A Cuppa Tea and a Lie DownThe Able Tasmans12" Vinyl12FN075
Bird-DogThe Verlaines12" Vinyl10FN077
Daddy's HighwayThe Bats12" Vinyl12FN 079
Block of WoodThe Bats7" Vinyl3FN 084
Brave WordsThe Chills12" Vinyl12FN 090
DR503Dead C.12" Vinyl8FN092
Nelsh Bailter SpaceBailter Space12" Vinyl6FN094
Skeptics IIISkeptics12" Vinyl9FN109
DogmaTall DwarfsVinyl6FN98
Hello Cruel WorldTall DwarfsCD22FNCD113
LBGPEP2Look Blue Go Purple12" Vinyl5FNLBGP002
Throw a SickieTall Dwarfs12" Vinyl9FNSICK 1[none]
SlugbuckethairybreathmonsterTall DwarfsVinyl5FNSLUG1
In the Same RoomThis Kind of Punishment12" Vinyl9TKP 004[none]
Daddy's HighwayThe BatsCD17
By NowMassive Stereo Sellout12" Vinyl5FN095
Wet BlanketThe Chills7" Vinyl2FN 097
Expecting to FlyHeadless ChickensVinyl4FN 102
Four SongsThe BatsVinyl4FN 104
HailStraitjacket Fits12" Vinyl10FN105
Grader SpaderBailterspace12" Vinyl3FN106
TankerBailter Space12" Vinyl9FN1079399603020414
EsoterrorBlack Girls Machine12" Vinyl4FN111[none]
Hard Love StoriesSneaky Feelings12" Vinyl10FN112
Hello Cruel WorldTall Dwarfs12" Vinyl15FN113
This Is ThisLook Blue Go Purple12" Vinyl5FN117
The Law of ThingsThe Bats12" Vinyl12FN121
DumbStephen12" Vinyl6FN123
In Love With These TimesVarious ArtistsVinyl13FN 677
Stunt ClownHeadless ChickensCD18FNCD1009399603031223
Odditties 2The Clean / Great UnwashedCassette20ODD2
SnapperSnapperVinyl4FN 110
SeizureChris Knox12" Vinyl15FN 125
Eusa KillsThe Dead C12" Vinyl11FN130
In‐a‐LiveThe CleanVinyl5FN145
The Size of FoodJean-Paul Sartre ExperienceCD8FNCD122
ThermosBailter SpaceCD9FNCD142
A Cuppa Tea and a Lie DownThe Able TasmansCD17FNCD 755026853007527