Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Vol 2Oscar Brand12" Vinyl14
Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads, Volume 4Oscar BrandVinyl14
Rollicking Sea ShantiesOscar Brand12" Vinyl14
Marimba Mambo Y Cha-Cha-ChaOrchestra Marimba Chiapas12" Vinyl11
AFLP 1802
Bawdy Songs Goes to CollegeOscar BrandVinyl14
Cha cha chaMemo Salamanca and his Cha Cha Orchestra12" Vinyl12
AFLP 1813[none]
Sing-Along Bawdy Songs & Backroom BalladsOscar BrandVinyl14
Cha cha chaMemo Salamanca and his Cha Cha Orchestra12" Vinyl12
AFLP 1813[none]
Accordion de ParisJo Basile, His Accordion and Orchestra12" Vinyl12
AFLP 1815
A Tropical Affair, Vol. 2Pedro Garcia And His Del Prado Orchestra12" Vinyl12
AFLP 1842
Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads: Volume 6:. Bawdy Western SongsOscar BrandVinyl14
Mallet MagicHarry Breuer12" Vinyl12
Music of the African Arab: Music of the Middle East, Vol. 3Mohammed El-Bakkar and His Oriental EnsembleVinyl12
AFLP 1858
Bawdy Sea ChantiesOscar Brand12" Vinyl14
AFLP 1884, AFSD 5884[none]
Railroad Sounds--Steam And Diesel: The Sounds Of A Vanishing Era[no artist]12" Vinyl5
AFSD 5843[none]
HawaiiJohnny Pineapple and His Islanders12" Vinyl12
AFSD 5850[none]
Swingin' Dixie! (At Dan's Pier 600" New Orleans)Al HirtVinyl12
AFSD 5877
Stereophonic Demonstration RecordVarious Artists12" Vinyl13
AFSD 5885[none]
South Seas AdventureAlex NorthVinyl18
Mallet MagicHarry Breuer And His Quintet12" Vinyl11
AFSD 5825
Swingin' Dixie! (At Dan's Pier 600 New Orleans), Volume 2Al HirtVinyl12
AFLP 1878
PianoDon Shirley12" Vinyl12
AFLP 1897
Demonstration and Sound Effects RecordAudio Fidelity12" Vinyl13
AFSD 5890[none]
The Magic Carpet: Music of the Middle East, Vol. 4Mohammed El-Bakkar & His Oriental Ensemble12" Vinyl12
AFSD 5895
Hamp's Big BandLionel Hampton and His Orchestra12" Vinyl12
ST 90274
Sound Effects in Stereo, Vol. 1[no artist]12" Vinyl50
150 000 FBY
Al Melgard at the Chicago Stadium Organ, Volume 3Al Melgard12" Vinyl12
AFLP 1907[none]
Dances of Port Said: Music of the Middle East, Vol. 5Mohammed El-Bakkar and His Oriental EnsembleVinyl12
AFLP 1922[none]
Pretty Boy FloydDel Serino & William Sanford12" Vinyl11
AFLP 1936[none]
Louie and the Dukes of DixielandLouis Armstrong & The Dukes of Dixieland12" Vinyl12
AFSD 5924
Satchmo Plays King OliverLouis Armstrong & His Orch.12" Vinyl12
AFSD 5930
Percussive VaudevilleHarry BreuerVinyl12
DFS 7001
Per-cus-sive JazzPeter Appleyard12" Vinyl12
Circus Carnival CalliopePaul Eakins12" Vinyl12
AFLP 1958
¡Mexico!Mariachi Miguel Dias12" Vinyl12
AFSD 5957
Strings For A Space AgeBobby Christian & His Orchestra12" Vinyl13
AFSD 5959
The Sound of Magnificent MandolinsDick DiaVinyl12
AFSD 5963
More Best of The Dukes of DixielandThe Dukes of DixielandVinyl12
AFSD 5964
Bossa Nova: New Brazilian JazzLalo Schifrin and Orchestra12" Vinyl12
AFSD 5981
O Ritmo e o Som da Bossa NovaMilton Banana & Conjunto de Oscar Castro Neves12" Vinyl12
AFLP 1984
Fast, Fast, Fast Relief From TV CommercialsBob McFadden / Bryna Raeburn / John Farris / Bob Prescott12" Vinyl33
AFLP 2112
Bossa Nova at Carnegie HallVarious Artists12" Vinyl15
AFSD 6101
Sounds From Rikers IslandElmo Hope Ensemble12" Vinyl9
AFSD 6119
Orgão Samba PercussãoAndré Penazzi12" Vinyl12
DFM 3020
Sound Effects, Volume 4Audio Fidelity12" Vinyl34
DFS 7015[none]
Orgão Samba Percussão Vol. 2André Penazzi12" Vinyl12
DFS 7021
Stereo Spectacular: Demonstration & Sound EffectsAudio Fidelity12" Vinyl40
DFS 7777[none]
AfinalAlaíde Costa(unknown)12
Sambalanço TrioSambalanço Trio12" Vinyl12
Bedouin Sahda (Pretty Dancing Girl)Naif Agby & His Orchestra12" Vinyl11
AFSD 6122
Now, Hear This!Bill Barron, Ted Curson & Orchestra12" Vinyl8
AFSD 6123
UnityWalt Dickerson12" Vinyl2
AFSD 6131
The DragstersJim Messina & His JestersVinyl14
DFS 7037
Ding Dong DollyThe Turtlenecks7" Vinyl2
AF 106[none]
Jazz Tempo, Latin Accents!Sonny Simmons / Clifford Jordan / Prince Lasha / Bossa Três12" Vinyl12
AFLP 2111[none]
Just Jazz!Benny Golson12" Vinyl10
AFSD 6150
Big Bertha Band OrganPaul Eakins12" Vinyl11
AFSD 6145
Exotic Music of The Belly DancerMohammed El Bakkar & His Oriental Ensemble12" Vinyl10
Break It AllLos Shakers12" Vinyl12
AFSD 6155
Thoroughly ModernLester Lanin12" Vinyl13
AFSD 6180
Thoroughly ModernLester Lanin12" Vinyl13
AFSD 6180
How to Blow Your Mind and Have a Freak-Out PartyThe Unfolding12" Vinyl9
The Madam's Piano - More From a Golden Era!Paul Eakins12" Vinyl17
AFSD 6202
…Come Into My WorldFran Warren12" Vinyl13
AFSD 6207[none]
TodayJune Valli12" Vinyl10
AFSD 6214
Wm. Abraham Restum Takes Off on Chitty Chitty Bang BangWm. Abraham Restum12" Vinyl12
AFSD 6219
The Little FlowerFiorello La Guardia12" Vinyl6
AFLP 710[none]
Introducing the HubbelsThe Hubbels12" Vinyl10
AFSD 6221[none]
Music to Moog ByGershon Kingsley12" Vinyl10
AFSD 6226
Bob Azzam & The Great ExpectationBob Azzam & The Great Expectation12" Vinyl10
AFSD 6228[none]
The Definitive Album By Louis ArmstrongLouis Armstrong12" Vinyl10
340 044
Welcome to Our HouseThe Clancy BrothersVinyl11
AFSD 6246
Looking for the AnswerThe Elders12" Vinyl9
AFSD 6247[none]
The GogglesThe Goggles12" Vinyl10
AFSD 6244[none]
Show Me the WayThe Clancy Brothers and Louis KillenVinyl11
Save the Land!The Clancy Brothers and Louis KillenVinyl12
Live on St. Patrick's DayThe Clancy Brothers and Louis KillenVinyl16
  • US1973-03-17
Telly SavalasTelly Savalas12" Vinyl10
AFSD 6271
A Tropical AffairPedro Garcia and his Del Prado Orchestra12" Vinyl12
  • MX1983-07-08
AFLP 5842
Fiesta En MexicoMariachi Miguel DiasCD14
Greatest HitsThe ZombiesHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)20 + 20
  • US2002-03-25
AFZ 001643157200123
The Greatest Drummer That Ever Lived with... the Best Band I Ever HadBuddy RichHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)5 + 5
AFZ 003643157200321
Latin + Jazz = Cal TjaderThe Cal Tjader QuintetHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)8 + 8
AFZ 004643157200420
Greatest HitsRitchie ValensHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)18 + 18
  • US2003-03-25
AFZ 008643157200826
Broken Hearted BluesLightnin’ HopkinsHybrid SACD21
  • US2003-04-01
AFZ 010780014201029
Boogie Chillen’John Lee HookerHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)20 + 20
  • US2003-04-05
AFZ 005643157200529
Man of the World: Reflections on Peter GreenVarious ArtistsSACD15
  • US2003-04-22
AFZ 011780014201128
Tommy TurrentineTommy TurrentineHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)7 + 7
  • US2003-07-29
AFZ 007643157200727
StorytellerDonovanHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)14 + 14
  • US2003-09-16
AFZ 015780014201524
Along for the Ride (Remastered)John Mayall & FriendsSACD14
  • US2003-12-02
AFZ 016780014201623
O Blues, Where Art Thou?Various Artists12" Vinyl15
London SessionsMel TorméHybrid SACD8
AFZ 002
Sonny Clark TrioSonny Clark Trio with Max Roach & George DuvivierHybrid SACD13
AFZ 006643157200628
In Hi-Fi (SACD)Bob JamesHybrid SACD11
AFZ 009780014200923
SCI-FI in HI-FINeil NormanHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)20 + 20
AFZ 012780014201227
Reggae in High‐FiVarious ArtistsHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)15 + 15
AFZ 014643157201427
The CollectionThe SearchersSACD17
AFZ 018780014201821
Live on the BBCDeep PurpleHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)10 + 11
  • US2004-01-20
AFZ 017780014201722
Beatles Songs in Latin BeatsDavid H. Yakobian(unknown)16
  • -2004-03-03
Young MysticBob MarleyHybrid SACD (CD layer) + Hybrid SACD (SACD layer, 2 channels)15 + 15
  • US2004-06-08
AFZ 021780014202125