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Any Way That You Want MeThe Troggs7" Vinyl2
POF 010[none]
TrogglodynamiteThe Troggs12" Vinyl14
  • GB1967-02-10
POL 001
Lola / PassportBrincos7" Vinyl2
  • GB1967-05-26
POF 023
Hi Hi Hazel / As I Ride ByThe TroggsVinyl2
  • GB1967-07-15
POF 030
Best of The TroggsThe Troggs12" Vinyl12
FOR 001[none]
Keep On BelievingThe Lovin'2×Vinyl1 + 1
POF 035[none]
Love Is All Around / When Will The Rain ComeThe Troggs7" Vinyl2
POF 040[none]
We're Not Those People AnymoreRifkin7" Vinyl2
  • GB1968-06-07
POF 071
We're Not Those People Anymore / Continental HesitationRifkin7" Vinyl2
  • GB1968-06-07
POF 071
We're Not Those People Anymore / Continental HesitationRifkin7" Vinyl2
  • GB1968-06-07
POF 071
Carolyn / The World Goes On Around YouThe Mirage7" Vinyl2
  • GB1968-12-13
POF 111
Mixed Bag (this is the original 1968 release)The Troggs12" Vinyl12
  • GB1968-12-13
POLS 012[none]
Her EmotionCain7" Vinyl2
POF 054
Another Day Goes By / Look at MeSeth Martin7" Vinyl2
POF 073
I Live for the SunVanity Fare7" Vinyl2
POF 075
On TourThe Troggs12" Vinyl12
Two Sides of a PennyPlastic Penny12" Vinyl11
POLS 005[none]
The First.....Emmet Spiceland12" Vinyl12
POLS 011
Try to Keep It a Secret / Radio CityThe Loot7" Vinyl2
  • GB1969-01-17
POF 115
What a Lovely Way to Spend ForeverSeth Martin7" Vinyl2
  • GB1969-04-25
POF 134
Hitchin' a Ride / Man ChildVanity FareVinyl2
Early in the MorningVanity FareVinyl11
ShipwreckSandy Coast12" Vinyl7
MORS 201
Early in the MorningVanity Fare12" Vinyl11
PAGE ONE 2502[none]
I'm a Gambler / Go AwayLace7" Vinyl2
POF 135
Love Love Love Love Love / Hot Smoke & SasafrassNite People7" Vinyl2
POF 149
Advice / North Canadian ParadiseSandy Coast7" Vinyl2
POF 153
Deep Down Down / Back to the CitySandy Coast7" Vinyl2
POF 161
CurrencyPlastic Penny12" Vinyl9
POLS 014[none]
An Apple a DayApple12" Vinyl12
POLS 016[none]
As I AmChris Britton12" Vinyl13
POLS 022[none]
Hitchin' a RideVanity Fare7" Vinyl2
PO. 1022
My Own ThingThe Des Champ Orchestra12" Vinyl12
POLS 026
Eleanor Rigby / In My OpinionSandy Coast7" Vinyl2
POF 166
P.M.Nite People12" Vinyl10
POLS 025[none]
Don’t You KnowThe TroggsCD2
ESS X 20145017615311402
I CanBlueDigital Media3
  • IE2011-05-01
  • GB2011-05-01
Hurt LoversBlueDigital Media2
  • IE2013-04-21
  • GB2013-04-21
Broken / AyoBlueDigital Media3
  • GB2013-05-16
Instrumentally YoursThe Larry Page Orchestra12" Vinyl12POLS 013