Rise Records (US rock)

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MachineUp to HereCD4RISE001
EnduraEver We FallCD6RISE028619981120227
Feel ItLonely Kings / DivitCD8RISE004
VsOne Last Thing / CrosstideCD8RISE009
Seventeen Nautical MilesCrosstideCD10RISE016619981087292
Through the Floods, Not With ThemDualescCD10RISE017
Odd How People ShakeFear Before the March of FlamesCD10RISE02494558159123
EvanesceAnatomy of a GhostCD11RISE021801190115624
Bend/BreakThe Solo ProjectCD12RISE020733792410923
FluidClarity ProcessCD11rise 023619981108423
Casting for FuneralsFarewell My EnemyCD11RISE02961998119881
Small Towns Burn a Little SlowerSmall Towns Burn a Little SlowerCD5RISE030619981129220
The Morning AfterOrange IslandCD5RISE031619981136525
The Dance RiotStill Life ProjectorCD11Rise033619981138420
Killing the PrecedentClarity ProcessCD10RISE032619981143622
The World Needs Convincing of All That It's MissingFive Minute RideCD7RISE034619981143721
Life Before ThisLife Before ThisCD12RISE035854132001011
Scream & ShoutCoretta ScottCD11RISE036854132001028
PlasticPaint By Numbers(unknown)10RISE037854132001035
Where Us Trouble Befalls, and the Secrecy EnthrallsA Fall FarewellCD11RISE038854132001042
Be Mine, ValentineDrop Dead, GorgeousCD6RISE039854132001059
In VogueDrop Dead, GorgeousCD11RISE041854132001073
Excuse Me, I Believe That's My RideTen Falls ForthCD10RISE040
Rumour Has It Astaroth Has Stolen Your EyesCatherineCD10RISE043
Dear Love: A Beautiful DiscordThe Devil Wears PradaCD11Rise042854132001080
Whatever I Say Is Royal OceanDance Gavin DanceCD7RISE044854132001103
The InspirationIt PrevailsCD10RISE045854132001110
This Is Your Way OutEmarosaCD7RISE048635961090823
Downtown Battle MountainDance Gavin DanceCD11RISE046854132001127
Before Their EyesBefore Their EyesCD10RISE047854132001134
The Arcanum OrderAt the Throne of JudgmentCD12RISE049854132001585
The NaturalsCatherineCD10RISE050854132001165
PlaguesThe Devil Wears PradaCD10RISE051854132001172
Aun AprendoEvery Bridge BurnedCD10RISE054854132001219
Rise Records Free Summer SamplerVarious ArtistsDigital Media12
ChangesFor the Fallen DreamsCD10RISE055854132001226
Oh Grave, Where Is Thy VictoryHere I Come FallingCD10RISE05600854132001233
HeatAmerican MeCD10RISE057854132001240
Blessed Be Our Ever AfterBurden of a DayCD11RISE058854132001257
The TideOceanaCD12RISE059854132001271
The FancifulDead and DivineCD11RISE060854132001288
I, ColossusA Different Breed of KillerCD10RISE061854132001295
Relapse ReactTake the CrownCD13RISE062854132001301
Speak (iTunes Version)In:AviateCD7
Welcome to Viper CityReconCD11RISE065854132001332
Dance Gavin DanceDance Gavin DanceCD13RISE067854132001356
Forever Comes Too SoonThe Years Gone ByCD1268
It's Classy, Not ClassicBreathe CarolinaCD11RISE069854132001387
The Dawn of My DeathBefore Their EyesCD10
Someday Came SuddenlyAttack Attack!CD12RISE073854132001424
If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords?Attack Attack!CD8
Your World on FireIn Fear and FaithCD10RISE074854132001431
Ghost TownWatchout! Theres GhostsCD10075
As If Everything Was Held in PlaceOf MachinesCD11RISE076854132001455
Inside OutCatherineCD13Rise077
OneOneThousandBurden of a DayCD10RISE078854132001479
Birth EaterOceanaCD12RISE079854132001486
HappinessDance Gavin DanceCD10Rise080854132001806
HappinessDance Gavin DanceCD10RISE 080854132001806
Apologies Are for the WeakMiss May ICD10RISE081854132001813
RelentlessFor the Fallen DreamsCD12RISE083854132001837
Empire TheoryTides of ManCD10RISE 82
A Dream Is a Question You Don't Know How to AnswerJonny CraigCD10RISE084854132001844
We All Have DemonsThe Color MoraleCD10RISE085854132001851
An AwakeningThose Who Lie BeneathCD10RISE086854132001868
UnconsecratedThe Red ShoreCD19RISE087854132001875
Siberian Nightmare MachineAmerican MeCD10RISE088854132001882
Of Mice & MenOf Mice & MenCD10RISE089854132001899
Heat FetishThe BledCD12RISE090854132001905
UntouchableBefore Their EyesCD11
Throne to the WolvesFrom First to LastCD11RISE092854132001929
With Ears to See, and Eyes to HearSleeping With SirensCD10RISE093854132001936
In Medias ResPMtodayCD10RISE094
Bleeding ThroughBleeding ThroughCD12RISE095016861777920
Carry OurselvesContinuanceCD13RISE096854132001967
Clean HeadOceanaCD4RISE098854132001981
Volume IPiebald2×CD16 + 14RISE097
Volume IIPiebald2×CD13 + 16RISE101
Attack Attack!Attack Attack!CD10RISE102856136002391
ImperialIn Fear and FaithCD13RISE104856136002414
Volume IIIPiebaldDigital Media41
MonumentMiss May ICD10RISE109856136002452
Weight of the WorldThis Is HellCD13RISE103856136002407
Megawacko2.0Abandon All ShipsDigital Media1
Number[s]Woe, Is MeCD10RISE110856136002469
Lost in ExistenceScarlett O'HaraCD10RISE111856136002476
DreamhouseTides of ManCD10RISE108856136002445
The Kids We Used To Be...Your DemiseCD11RISE115856136002513
GeevingAbandon All ShipsCD10RISE113856136002490
Live At Bamboozle 2010 (Live Nation Studios)Jonny CraigDigital Media7
If You Don't FirstTen After TwoDigital Media5RISE114
The Opportunity to BeMy Ticket HomeDigital Media7RISE116
Sweet Talker EPLike Moths to FlamesCD5RISE 119
Revolving Hype MachinesBleeding ThroughDigital Media1