Release Artist Format Tracks Date Country Catalog# Barcode
Sunflower The Springfields 7" Vinyl 2 BUS001
Hey Blue Sky! HoneyBunch 7" Vinyl 2 BUS004
Happy Ain't Comin' Home Leatherwoods 7" Vinyl 2 BUS015
Throw Me Out a Line Erik Voeks 7" Vinyl 2 BUS022 [none]
…and I’m thinking The Sneetches 7" Vinyl 2 bus 025 [none]
The Man Who Was Not With It Veronica Lake Vinyl 2 BUS 18
Desire Me and Die Erik Voeks 7" Vinyl 2 BUS030 [none]
From Here to There... Hushpad 7" Vinyl 3 BUS 035
One Hundred Percent Chance of Rain Allen Clapp and His Orchestra CD 11 BUS1002
Hey, Hey Girl Rocketship 7" Vinyl 3 BUS034 [none]
Can We Play Run Around? Milo 10" Vinyl 5 BUS 1004
Hypnotic Suggestion The Apples in Stereo Vinyl 4 BUS044
Knee-Deep In The Rococo Excess Of Tree Fort Angst Tree Fort Angst (unknown) 22 BUS1007
A Gentle Hand to Guide You Along Pencil Tin CD 12 BUS 1010 017533200128
Anorak Twat Eggplant CD 14 BUS1011 017532100221
A Kiss and a Cuddle The Cat's Miaow CD 24 BUS 1015
In the Meantime Beatifics CD 5 BUS1016
Whenever We’re Together Allen Clapp CD 3 BUS055 [none]
Fashion Conscious: The Little Teddy Years Television Personalities CD 21 BUS1017
The Way We Never Were The Beatifics CD 10 BUS1020 825621102021
Something Strange Happens Allen Clapp (unknown) 17 BUS1021 [none]
21st Century Girl Brazzaville CD 14 BUS1037
Are We There Yet? Giz Medium (unknown) 9 [none]