Vagrant Records (Punk / Indie Rock label from the US)

~ Label


Where's Dada?The Surrealists12" Vinyl6VR 0001[none]
Eye Of The NeedleVarious ArtistsCD18VR2828[none]
RackedJ Church7" Vinyl3VR327
In The Days Of The Lightbulb On The WallBlue FacesCD13
Before You Were PunkVarious ArtistsCD12VR330601091033023
Forget the WorldThe HipposCD11VR332601091033221
The Hurt ProcessBoxerCD12VR333601091033320
Five Years on the StreetsVarious ArtistsCD21VR335601091033528
Burning BridgesThe GotohellsCD12
And the Sadness Prevails...No MotivCD11VR337601091033726
Before You Were Punk 2Various ArtistsCD12VR339601091033924
Something to Write Home AboutThe Get Up KidsCD12VR340601091034020
The Get Up Kids / The AnniversaryThe Get Up Kids / The Anniversary7" Vinyl2VR341
Designing a Nervous BreakdownThe AnniversaryCD10VR342601091034228
Promotional CopyReggie and the Full EffectCD14VR343601091034327
It Had to Do With LoveKoufaxCD10349
Never You MindThe New AmsterdamsCD12VR 347601091034723
Another Year on the StreetsVarious ArtistsCD20VR348601091034822
Free Language Demons / Up on the RoofRocket From the Crypt / The Get Up Kids7" Vinyl2VR-351[none]
Beggar's LifeAutomatic 7CD10
Vagrant Records Super Sampler 2000Various ArtistsCD7
Rock n' Roll AmericaThe GotohellsCD110601091051829
Group SoundsRocket From the CryptCD13VR352601091035225
The Places You Have Come to Fear the MostDashboard ConfessionalCD10VR354601091035423
From Here to InfirmaryAlkaline TrioCD12910 353-2601091035324
Diagram for HealingNo MotivCD13VR355601091035522
Stay What You AreSaves the DayCD11422 860 953-2042286095325
Everynight Fire WorksHey MercedesCD11VR356601091035621
EudoraThe Get Up KidsCD17VR357601091035720
The Anniversary / SuperdragThe Anniversary / SuperdragCD6VR 358601091035829
So Impossible EPDashboard ConfessionalCD4VR362601091036222
Another Year on the Streets, Volume 2Various ArtistsCD22VR363
Your MajestyThe AnniversaryCD11VR359
Para Toda VidaThe New AmsterdamsCD10VR360601091036024
Face to Face vs. Dropkick Murphysface to face vs. Dropkick MurphysCD6VR365601091036529
Sorry About TomorrowHot Rod CircuitCD11VR364
Friendships Often Fade AwayAudio Learning CenterCD12VR361601091036123
How to Ruin Everythingface to faceCD15VR366
StereoPaul WesterbergCD13VR369601091036925
On a WireThe Get Up KidsCD12VR370601091037021
The Weekend E.P.Hey MercedesCD4VR-0372-2601091037229
Live From Camp X-RayRocket From the CryptCD10VR377601091037724
Social LifeKoufaxCD11
MTV Unplugged v2.0Dashboard ConfessionalCD + DVD15 + 15VR378601091037823
MTV Unplugged v2.0Dashboard ConfessionalCD15VR378601091037823
StereoPaul WesterbergCD13910 369-2601091036925
Live From Camp X-RayRocket From the CryptCD10910 377-2601091037724
Viva DeathViva DeathCD15VR-0373-2
Under the Tray...Reggie and the Full EffectCD17VR-0379-2601091037922
The Swiss Army RomanceDashboard ConfessionalCD13VR380601091038028
The Swiss Army RomanceDashboard Confessional12" Vinyl13VR380-1
Good MourningAlkaline TrioCD14980 123-80602498012383
Good MourningAlkaline TrioCD12VR381601091038127
Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?.moneen.CD10VR382601091038226
LolaNo MotivCD4
Worse for the WearThe New AmsterdamsCD12VR383601091038325
A Mark • A Mission • A Brand • A ScarDashboard ConfessionalCD15981 055-5602498105559
A Mark • A Mission • A Brand • A ScarDashboard ConfessionalCD13VR-0385601091038523
A Mark • A Mission • A Brand • A ScarDashboard ConfessionalCD13VR-0396601091039629
A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A ScarDashboard ConfessionalCD + DVD-Video14 + 18VIZP-184988002452477
The Fiction We LiveFrom Autumn to AshesCD11VR 386601091038622
In ReverieSaves the DayEnhanced CD12b0001115-12600445050211
Loses ControlHey MercedesCD12VR389601091038929
Come Feel Me TremblePaul WesterbergCD14VR-0387601091038721
Daylight BreakingNo MotivCD11VR388-2601091038820
Guilt ShowThe Get Up KidsCD13VR-0392-2601091039223
Rapid Hope LossDashboard ConfessionalCD39861991
MTV2 Album Covers: Dashboard Confessional & R.E.M.Dashboard ConfessionalDigital Media5
Cope ParkAudio Learning CenterCD11VR394601091039421
Another Year on the Streets, Volume 3Various ArtistsCD15VR-0397-2601091039728
Another InterventionDown to Earth ApproachCD11
Guilt ShowThe Get Up KidsEnhanced CD14VICP-625934988002456697
Ups & Downs: Early Recordings and B-SidesSaves the DayCD19VR-0398-2601091039827
Reality's Coming ThroughHot Rod CircuitCD11
Let It Enfold YouSenses FailCD13VR-0403-2, VR403IN02601091040328
Ups & Downs: Early Recordings and B-SidesSaves the DayCD19VICP-628634988002468218
In Honor: A Compilation to Beat CancerVarious Artists2×CD21 + 21VR-0402-2601091040229
FolkerPaul WesterbergCD13VR-0401-2601091040120
Ups & Downs: Early Recordings and B-SidesSaves the DayCD19VRUK0015060092040013
The Fiction We LiveFrom Autumn to AshesCD11VRUK002CD5060092040068
FolkerPaul WesterbergCD13VRUK003CD5060092040020
Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?.moneen.CD10VRUK004CD5060092040075
Greatest Hits '84-'87Reggie and the Full EffectCD25VR395-2601091039520
Be Bad for MePaul WesterbergDigital Media1601091080355
Soundtrack to a HeadrushEmanuelCD12VICP-629794988002474912
Soundtrack to a HeadrushEmanuelCD10VR 404601091040427
Soundtrack to a HeadrushEmanuelCD10VRUK008CD5060092040129
Songs Not to Get Married ToReggie and the Full EffectCD15VICP-630164988002477609
Songs Not to Get Married ToReggie and the Full EffectCD13VR405601091040526
Blinking Lights and Other RevelationsEELS2×CD17 + 160602498817858602498817858
Blinking Lights and Other RevelationsEELS2×CD17 + 16VR406, VR407, VR408601091040625
CrimsonAlkaline TrioCD13VRUK012CD5060100660097
Live! @ the Granada TheaterThe Get Up KidsCD18VRUK015CD5060100660202
CrimsonAlkaline TrioCD13VR 409 IN02601091040922
Live! @ the Granada TheaterThe Get Up KidsCD18VR410601091041028
Songs Not to Get Married ToReggie and the Full EffectCD13VRUK011CD5060100660080
Time to WasteAlkaline TrioCD3VRUK013CDS5060100660134
Found in the FloodThe BledCD10VRUK021CD5060100660424
Found in the FloodThe BledCD10VR413601091041325