Purple Records (releases 1971-1979 , currently sub of EMI)

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1974BurnDeep Purple
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1974AraneaRoger Glover featuring Judi Kuhl1:38
1974Behind the SmileRoger Glover featuring David Coverdale1:46
1974DawnRoger Glover1:20
1974Dreams of Sir BedivereRoger Glover4:39
1974Fly AwayRoger Glover featuring Liza Strike2:22
1974Get ReadyRoger Glover featuring Glenn Hughes2:08
1974Harlequin HareRoger Glover featuring Neil Lancaster1:27
1974HomewardRoger Glover featuring Ronnie James Dio4:14
1974Little Chalk BlueRoger Glover featuring John Lawton3:45
1974Love Is All (video)Roger Glover and Guests?:??
1974Love Is All (“The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast” album version)Roger Glover & Guests3:16
1974Magician MothRoger Glover1:34
1974No SolutionRoger Glover featuring Mickey Lee Soule3:28
1974Old Blind MoleRoger Glover featuring John Goodison1:11
1974Saffron Dormouse and Lizzy BeeRoger Glover featuring Helen Chappelle & Barry St. John1:23
1974Sir Maximus MouseRoger Glover featuring Eddie Hardin2:35
1974Sitting in a DreamRoger Glover featuring Ronnie James Dio3:40
1974The FeastRoger Glover1:48
1974Together AgainRoger Glover feat. Tony Ashton1:33
1974WaitingRoger Glover featuring Jimmy Helms3:12
1974Watch Out for the BatRoger Glover featuring John Gustafson1:42
1974BurnDeep Purple